His Life

Bobby floyd (rab dab)

  Father was. 67 born on june 18 1948 an was rasied right along the ky river in a little town in henry county called lockport where he had 6 childern georgie floyd donna portter kayla miller tasha floyd lester owens an his youngest ashley owens  along wit three grandsons david floyd ben portter an brently owens he had two granddaughters. Skyla miller an kimbley floyd an had to more on the way maknnea downy an hunter owens my father was well respected by his cumminty an can do just about anything he was a vitnam. Vet an passed away in the va hostpial in louisville ky he is goin to be creammatied an have a some awake. For him at the lockport bapsit church  an then his wishes was for his kids to put his ashes in the. Ky river where would. Aways put his trout lines out wit his kids an ggrandkids he was loved by everyone that had meet him an lived a good life he is  greatly missed by his kids an grandkids. Along wit the cumminty of lockport where he had lived his whole. Life he turly was a great man an loving father an grandfather an friend to the locals in lockport