his Life

And now the rest of the story...

Robert Finck was the youngest child of Louis and Betty. He grew up in a loving home with his six older brothers and older sister.

Bob was very attached to his sister. Sissy as he called her which later changed to Sis as she was called by everyone in the family. He was very much the baby of the family. He would not go to bed without first kissing his Sissy goodnight.

When he was seven years old he suffered a major burn to his legs. In case you have never heard the whole story I will tell you. Back then they were heating their water by solar power, running a pipe across the ground to the house. His brothers came home and took showers and used up all of the hot water. Knowing that their dad would be upset that there was no hot water they came up with the ingenious idea to heat up the pipe so their dad would have hot water when he got home from work. The plan went something like this... they would pour gasoline along the pipe then light the gasoline on fire and that of course would heat the water in the pipe. The plan was working nicely when one of his brothers handed the gas can over the flames to another one of his brothers. The gas can caught fire and they panicked and threw the can. It landed, you guessed it, on Bob. Since he was on fire he started running. One of his brothers tackled him and put the flames out. They treated him as they did everyone back then by putting butter on the burns. It took him a very long time to heal and he had to learn to walk all over again. He was pretty proud of the fact that he could remember learning to walk since most people can't. One of his fondest memories of this time is that his brother, Jim, made him a pair of crutches. He said he never was able to use them but they sure were neat.

He grew up in Eureka and started high school there. In his senior year, after his mother's death, he and his dad moved to Redding and he graduated from Shasta High School in 1957. Bob and his dad lived in a small shack while they were building the house that he and Candy share today.

All of Bob's older brothers were in the military and he tried numerous times to join himself. Because of the severity of his burned leg they would not accept him.

Bob worked as a sluice box operator for gold mining at one time and also worked in the forestry and the mill after that. Most of his adult life he worked as a roofer and owned his own roofing company, Quality Roofing.

Bob was married three times, his first marriage resulted in his two oldest daughters, Cindy and Nova. His second marriage added his son Vance and daughters Lorena, Lynette and Ginnie. His third and final marriage to Candy (they say the third time is the charm) added Sondra, April and Monica to the brood. All in all Bob had eight daughters and one son. It was a little bit of a challenge growing up with only one bathroom!!  That was probably the start of all of the remodeling projects.

He is very loved by all of his children and grandchildren and will be missed more than we can imagine.

Now you know the rest of the story.