Shared by Jasmine Vanover on June 18, 2021
From the very first time i met roger he always was so stinking funny he was an amazing guy with a great heart and many jokes to crack i remember sitting in the living room well they packed to move and we were all sitting around talking about the trailer they were moving to and he looked a Connie and said i better not said trailer because she’s gonna beat me as she looked over and said it’s not a trailer is a mobile home and he said same thing right we all laughed so hard because he knew Connie hated it being called a trailer haha, and of course all our visits to the house to just hang out with him and Connie, i can still remember the very last time i saw roger when he swung by my house with Megan and we l sat and laughed in my living room things won’t be the same and this will hurt for a lifetime but I’m hoping that all the great memories the family and everybody has with roger helps bring them peace in there hearts in knowing that he was an amazing person with such a generous soul someone with lots of love and laughs to share. I’m sending all my love to the family and friends of roger! may his memory live on forever.

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