Her Life


You were truly one of the strongest women I know. Your life was far from easy.  The car accident with Dad left you disabled and unable to work.  But, with lots of rehab, you were able to get around pretty good.....still doing housework, laundry and cooking for all of us.

You fought many health issues.  You totally amazed the doctors more than once. You would get pretty bad, but wouldn't give up, you fought back with everything you had in you. More than once the doctors would call all of us in....saying it didn't look good......but.....they would be wrong, and you would pull through it all.

Then came the last days.  You were fighting hard....Donna, Anna and I were there with you through it.  We told you that we knew you were tired of fighting, and that it was slipped away, laying there looking so peaceful, and finally at rest.

I miss you so much Mom.  I still remember me, you and Donna....sometimes Anna to, sitting in the kitchen laughing.....and not one of us what we were laughing about. Those memories, and others keep me going.  I love so much Mom.....and miss you more than words can say.

Rest in Peace my sweet angel.....we will never forget you......ever.