Shared by Anna Eisenbraun on March 4, 2019

I remember you smiling and laughing over the silliest things with me.  Like when we were on our way to West Virginia and stopped at a rest stop.  I started laughing over the Snickers candy bar because I was over tired.  You started laughing with me to the point that you were having a hard time walking.  We laughed about that for many years!  

I miss you so much, Grandma.  I think of you everyday.  I will be going through something and you will pop into my mind all of a sudden.  I will smile and try again.  I will say something like I never heard you complain.  A few minutes later, I will remember something you said many years ago.  I lean on you and paw so much even though I know you aren't physically here anymore.  I love and miss you more than my words could ever describe.  

I love you always and forever!

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