his Life

Samson - A Spiritual Father

Samson…a spiritual father, a bosom friend, a guide, a counselor and a patient listener…He was a gem of a person. His love for the faith had no boundaries. Each moment he lived had a purpose and he strived hard in all that he did, with determination and courage in his heart, to fulfill his endeavours and achieve his goal which was to share the message  of Baha’u’lláh.  Samson had a charisma which attracted our hearts; his smile reached his eyes for they had a soft glow in them while his sincere words reached your soul. His warm hugs made you forget all your worries and his thumps up and five would encourage you to go forward and never lose faith in God.

Samson was someone who had an intense knowledge of the faith and of its history. His spiritual friend was Mullah Husain and like him, he would set off in the quest for thirsty souls. Whether early in the morning or late at night, whether by car, on bicycle or on foot, he would overcome the obstacles and would make it a must to travel from cluster to cluster and locality to locality so as to help in the core activities, especially to lauch children and junior youth classes which were of utmost importance to him.

In the path of service, he would not fear to approach strangers. In St Aubin for instance, he would gather children playing on the streets and affectionately initiate casual conversations with them. Later on, he would visit the parents and invite their children for classes. The responses were mostly positive and while the classes were done, Samson, together with some Baha’i friends would visit the parents and share insights with them. This is how Ruhi and regular home visits started. Furthermore, he was of moral support to many teachers and would accompany them in their classes, always optimistic, encouraging and believing firmly in Divine assistance and blessings.

It is on the 22nd of October that our beloved Samson left the physical world. He silently retreated, leaving behind him memorable memories and a path to be followed. The children classes that he cherished are yet to be undertaken and continued. Samson peacefully took off on the wings of Eternity, with a radiant heart. As he always said: “Tout korek la” We shall always remember him smiling and loving for Samson was a gem of a person. We love you Tonton Samson…you will always be in our hearts and in our prayers…Thank you for your love, your sincerity, your support and your devotion.

By Vidushi Keenoo