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December 6, 2022
Happy Birthday Eve in Heaven! I can only think of you dancing around in your corduroy pants with a big smile on your face.
December 7, 2018

Happy birthday Shane. I miss you so much bro. So many memories fade with time, I'm glad for this website. It's funny how a memory will instantly hit you. You know, when something you forgot about totally, suddenly comes back to you. How can I forget about that scavenger hunt though?         Okay. So, one day Shane took me over to some kid's house that I didn't know. He didn't tell me what we were doing or anything. We get to this kid's house and including Shane and I, there's 14 kids. Shane is the only person that I know there. We split the group into two teams. Three cars on each team and they start making a list of items to aquire. Items such as.... A garden gnome, pink flamingo, basketball net, garden hose, McDonald's playhouse ball, Publix crate, metal trash can ext... First team to collect all the stuff and bring it back to this kid's house wins. So Shane and I jump into his cavalier and start searching for the stuff on the list. I tell him to stop and I get out and run up on top of some SUV and start taking their basketball net while Shane runs and grabs the garden hose off the side of the house. Eventually we meet back with our team and we have everything we need, except a metal trash can. "Where can we get one?" "We searched everywhere"! Someone says "River Ridge." We drive there, grab the trash can and returned to that kid's house. Our team won! The other team starts showing up and there's so much stuff out in front of this kid's house! His Dad come out and is like... "What the hell is all this shit?" "Get it the hell outta here now!" So they decided, that it would be a great idea to set all of the crap up in this kid's yard that nobody liked. So at 1:30 am we decorated this kid's front yard with so much shit! Someone from the other team grabbed a hundred pound ceramic deer! We placed that right in front of the front door. Then we all got back into the cars and someone rang the doorbell. We waited for the front door to open, honked the horns and drove off laughing so freaking hard!!! Man! I miss you so much! I cherish these memories of you and forever wear them in my heart.

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