Posted by Lisa Greenwell on October 21, 2014
Hello. it's been a long time since I've talked to u. I wonder what u are up too, and if u ever watch me. Was u there waiting for Gary? I'm back doing what I love again, working with adults with disabilities, but I guess u already kno that huh. To me u will always be in plainview. I have so many memories there. I will never forget that big cookout at ur house there, everyone was there, mom, missy, Gary, Tooter, Mickey... Etc.. One of the only times everyone was together. It was a great day... I wish we could go back to then. Anyway, just thought I would leave a note, been thinking about u.
Posted by Theresa Jones on August 25, 2014
Well today you are on my mind more then ever.Theres so much I need to talk to you about and theres noone i can talk to because its something that only you would be able to help me fix.well as you can see TT is a jr and Dami is a freshman boy are they growing up so fast.I miss you mom and i wish everyday that you was still here with me so tell dad i said hi and i llove and miss him very your baby daughter Tooter
Posted by Theresa Jones on July 2, 2014
HI mom its been 3 long years since you went home to dad theres not a day that goes by that you and him arent on my mind.sometimes i think its still a dream and i wake up and relize thatspease its very much true.please keep watching over me and everyone .Miss and love you both.
Posted by Theresa Jones on November 21, 2012
Hey Mom How R u doing?we all r good.well as u know it the night before Thanksgiving and of course im cooking,Its just the same here with out...Theres not a day that goes bye that your not on my mind i miss u dearly.But i kno your happy and healthy up there with Dad,please tell him hi and that i love him and miss him.Kisses to you both and I love you both .Love Tooter
Posted by Balinda Springman on November 21, 2012
hi grandma, i cant believe its been over a year since u have been gone. words cannot express how much i wish i cud hear ur voice. i miss u sooooo much. i know u are where u want to be in papas arms. but i wish u were still here with me. i love u grandma!! and please give papa a big kiss and hug for me and tell him i love and miss him too.
Posted by Maggie Booth on September 4, 2011
Hi Sharon. Just wanted you to know I have always liked you. People thought it was funny that a first wife and a second wife could get along.. :) but I think we did a good job of being friends. I know you are missed by many.
Posted by Shauna Walker on July 7, 2011
Hi grandma just wanted to say I love you. Its not going to be the same with out you here. I will always cherish my memories of staying up late with you at the dinner table having our late night talks. Tell Grandpa hi for me and I love and miss him too. - Shauna
Posted by Theresa Jones on July 7, 2011
Hi mom just wanted to say i love you very much and im really sorry for everything i have done wrong in my life.I promise if i havent done anything to make you proud of me i will make sure that your last wishes in life are seen through.Tell Dad i said hi and i love him as well.
Posted by billie ward on July 7, 2011
Hey there lady just a few line to say that i love and miss u so verymuch u was my side kick for a very long time and i going to miss u i going to mis the coffee at the table until 12 midnite and our long talks love u lots..........Billie Jo.........

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