Posted by Nik G on April 23, 2021
He was a really good guy very knowledgeable and always willing to help R.I.P we'll see u again soon in Heaven! Your fellow McGraw Glass coworker
Posted by Errol Lewis on April 11, 2021
Dear Shawn, I remember when I first became a Steward you greeted me with a hand shake and said welcome. I will miss our light skin verses dark skin jokes. You helped me in a lot of ways becoming a better Rep and facing challenges. You will be missed by many people. RIP BRO!!!!!
Posted by Bryant Jones on April 9, 2021
My Brother forever my heart is so heavy with grief in tears as I write this, I can't even remember when you, Flynn, Dad Lary, and Mom Maxine weren't a part of my . We both always said even though we didn't see each other that much like when we were young our Love for one another would never be lost you were a big part of my life. Our last conversation on March 7th was so deep and meant so much to me too as we both made a promise to get together soon I could never imagine that would be our last conversation but I'm so grateful for it and also sad. I Will Always Love You With All My Heart R.I.H. gone to soon ️
Posted by Keitrin McCurtis on April 9, 2021
We send our LOVE and sincere condolences to the entire family during this difficult time. You will remain in our prayers.

Keitrin, Kristal and Keith Early
Posted by Stacy Hawkins on April 8, 2021
Searching for the words that can truly encompass the man that you are. So many stories and testimonies that remains consistent to the legacy you leave behind. There will never be another you...... My prayers are for your family’s strength and peace. To know you is to know how much you loved and appreciated your family. Thank you for all your love and support... like many I reached out to you to send prayers and well wishes; you turned and told me how proud you were of me and as always encouraged me to keep up the good fight . Thank you and continue to watch over all of us...... Love Always “Lady Rage”!
Posted by John Avery on April 7, 2021
Shawn, I so wish I could have more conversations with you my friend...

I opened my State Farm office on 12/1/2004. Shawn became a client a short time later and he and Shirley remain clients to today. I am blessed to help a lot of folks, but with Shawn, he provided so much more to me in return. 

We had many deep and memorable conversations over the years on some tough topics facing our nation. I wish many more could have the type of conversations we had together - it would do wonders for our country - I learned so much.

Our most recent conversation involved a discussion on the George Floyd tragedy. To understand the depth of our conversation, I am a white guy from a small town in SW Michigan - call it Mayberry. As many of you already know, Shawn grew up in Detroit. We came from very different backgrounds and were able to have raw and real conversations. He would challenge me to just say it - whatever it was and we would have a meaningful conversation from there. Our last conversation like that lasted almost two hours and taught me a lot. I will miss those conversations with my friend.

We also had some great conversations on lighter topics. We both grew up in the 80s and shared a love of basketball. We had a long conversation about Detroit High School basketball in the 80s. Shawn was a helluva player and played against great competition in the 80s for sure. He lamented about knee issues and wished the medical technology of today had been available back then.

Shawn had such a love for his family - his love would come through the phone every time we talked. His love for Shirley is something we all wish and strive for in our relationships. He was so proud of his kids and grandkids as well.

He ended every conversation we had the same way - "I appreciate you." Shawn, not nearly as much as I appreciate you. Thank you for being such a great friend. Our world lost a great man. You will missed by so many, but your impact on me and many others will stay strong. 

Thank you my friend - Rest In Peace.

Posted by Zenobia Green on April 5, 2021
Thanks for adopting me as a lil sis being there for me and my family you will always be in my heart big brother , all I can do is laugh at the thought of hearing your voice telling me to stop crying , you not gone no where. you still here with us , rest up my dear big brother rest up , my heart hurts so bad . guess you made sure I remember you 3/28/2021 now I no that you will always party with me my big brother love you and family until next time we tuning up bro
Posted by Edward Ingram on April 5, 2021
Thanks for being a great friend and Committeeman, you were always there to answer a UAW question. Pittsburgh Steelers fans around the country will miss your support.
Posted by Rosiland Johnson on April 5, 2021
Cousin Shawn, there are many memories of great times I’ll treasure. You are loved and will be missed.

Cousin Tim
Posted by Jeffrey Greer on April 5, 2021
This has been quite difficult. I haven't just lost a friend but an Brother and a Teacher. When Shawn spoke it was always a Teaching moment. I learned alot from Shawn and appreciate and will miss our Long conversations about Family and the missing time away from them. He would always say take your family time, it is importart because life is short.... Shawn was a True Protector of his family and Loved you all so dearly. May my Brother rest easy..... Much Love from my Family too yours!
Posted by Kalvin Kinsey on April 4, 2021
To my first cousin I will miss the talks we had and most of all the times u made me laugh. I remember u always  Tease me and Kevin about my mother last name when she became a kinsey. And u will say Gail may be a kinsey but she always will be a Early. I remember that time u took us to play basketball and u always talking about your jumper, Is better than Michael Jordan. Lol. Love u cuz . Go steelers tell grandma eve we all miss her specially kj
Posted by Gerald McMurray on April 4, 2021
   You were a source of pride to your family, and a beacon of strength and hope for all those who would lean on you for guidance when they needed questions answered. This is the task of a leader on your job because you had a seat at the table; but aside from that- you were one who easily made friends with your intelligence , wit , and a easy smile.... bless you, you will be missed. Wish I had spent more time with you cuz. R.I.P.
Posted by Tanisha Henderson on April 4, 2021
I'm speechless can't hardly watch this. Holding back the tears looking at all the photos shows just how much you ARE APPRECIATED.Some even made me think of how silly and comical you were. Reminding me of the last time you were in my presence I was fixing up some shrimp tacos. We laughed and joked about them. Wish I had the chance to to say the words to you............. LOVE YOU FRIEND, BROTHER, COMMITTEEMAN, PROBLEM SOLVER, PLEASANT PERSON TO HAVE IN MY LIFE AT WORK, ADVISOR, AND UNDERSTANDING MAN FOREVER! AND I WILL REMEMBER TO DO WHAT YOU SAID IF IM FEELING TROUBLED ON MY JOB. I KNOW YOU WILL LISTEN.
Posted by Taz Early on April 4, 2021
Shawn you were a amazing person. You always had a smile and said hey cuz how you been. We laughed and hugged. Family over everything. You will be missed. I send my love to your beautiful wife and family. Until we meet again. Always love you cuz.
Posted by Latees Johnson on April 4, 2021
Shawn Im deeply saddened by this as we all are... The first time I met you I felt like you were part of my family, and not just via UAW... anyone around you could feel right at home with a comfort of knowing that things could go either way - but YOU made it ok, and THATS WHAT IM GOING TO MISS... see you on the other side fam,
Posted by Nicol Betts on April 4, 2021
Rest in Gods loving arms
Posted by Chris Sikon on April 4, 2021
You always helped me when I was struggling with severe illness and struggling to keep my job. You saw something in me others didn't and always told me I would get better someday, and I did. You were a light for me during some trying times and you set the example of how a union official should conduct him or herself. Thank you for all you did for me Shawn and may God Rest Your Soul.
Posted by Eleanor Caddell on April 4, 2021
My Dear Sweet Cousin Shawn
I will always remember your smile, your love, and the beautiful light of God's love that surrounded you. Your dedication and committed love and presence to your family and friends on this earth will never be forgotten and will forever be loved and cherished...Into Paradise Sweetheart❤
Always with Love Eleanor
Posted by Tonya Elder on April 4, 2021
Our journey together goes back 28 years starting at McGraw to Warren Truck. From a co-worker you became a friend and a brother to me. My heart is so heavy right now. The last conversation we had I remember you calling while I was at work and I didn't want to answer my phone because I knew that you would have me in tears talking about Parrish but I'm glad that I did because I was able to hear your voice one last time and hear your words of wisdom(God always knows) and then again the last text I received from you checking on me, encouraging me to keep my head up. That's the kind of guy you were always thinking of someone else. You were the best. I'm going to miss our talks, your sense of humor, your crazy jokes, your big bear hugs, and that smile of yours. Rest In Heaven My Brother.
                 Love, Tonya
Posted by Lashawn English on April 3, 2021
From the very first time, I met you. You always had words of encouragement. You weren't like the other union men. You respected me from the moment we met to the point you respected my opinion. And I appreciated yours. We developed a great friendship. You always help me as well as I help you with union issues. I know your family and your union members will miss an outstanding leader and person—your friend President LaShawn English UAW local 1264.
Posted by Michelle Byrd on April 3, 2021
I met you 26 years ago at McGraw and you taught me so much about the plant life. From McGraw to Warren Truck, you were always like a brother to me. I'm going to miss those bear hugs and you harassing me for your favorite candy,your smarties Rest easy Shawn Early, we love you. 
Posted by Vera Gojcaj on April 3, 2021
Wish you were still here. Wish I could see you walking thru body shop like u always did waving hello or greeting someone with a handshake or hug. I always had so much respect for you and hate I never told you that. You always stood your ground no matter What or Who!! You were a real man and a leader. We will never forget your sense of humor or your quick witty come back remarks. I know you will be one of Gods most greatest angel’s. We will never forget you my friend 
Posted by Victoria Leaks on April 3, 2021

To My Dad

The Teachings, The Blessings you helped provide me, The Lessons were all worth it!!!! You Grew me into the woman I am today!! A Strong Warrior!!! Your Encouraging Words, Our Talks, Your Jokes, The love you give to all of us Family, Friends, and the Hearts that you have touched will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN❗️❗️I will miss your laughs and genuine smile you always showed during family time. I remember you said to me “Never make a decision based off your emotions”. I Felt That❗️❗️I will live on with this meaning for the rest of my life and I will continue to make you smile. To My Guardian Angel My Dad Shawn Early
Posted by Grungy Paul on April 3, 2021
Man...bruh, I'm glad I had the privilege! Cuz, you exemplify what a man is. I've watched, I've listened, I've laughed (silly mf) and mostly I've learned. You were family, a friend, a mentor and regardless of how much time passed between us crossing paths, we didn't skip a beat. Gonna miss crossing paths - I have the memories tho.
Love you cuz!
Posted by Ron Early on April 3, 2021
Shawn you were more than a cousin to me, you were my older brother. I know you're in a better place but I'm so heartbroken and sad. You were always there for me when I needed anything, whether it was advice or a shoulder. You encouraged me to be the best version of myself and I'm forever grateful for the time we spent together. Laughing and joking, playing ball or just watching the game with you are moments that I'll cherish forever.
Posted by Monique Dotson on April 3, 2021
Shawn my dear brother

My heart is so heavy, you were my husbands friend but you were my brother. You told me what i needed not what i wanted to hear. You are one of the most solid men i know. I will remeber all the good times. We love you Shawn Early, Uncle Shawn as the kids would say. I can still hear your voice.

We Love You Much!!!!!
Jeffery Dotson
Monique Dotson
Christian Neely
Posted by Kevin Kinsey on April 3, 2021
To my first cousin and big brother thank you so much for being in my life. We had alot of great times together, such as you coming to pick me up just go to riding or to visit family or just to talk. I'm so glad we were close and we had each other back no matter what. I will never forget all the jokes and we making each other laugh all the time. I know one thing Shawn you was family and I will never never forget. Love you cuz and go steelers. ❤✊
Posted by Shelonda KING on April 3, 2021
Continue to rest peacefully my sweet cousin. You'll be truly missed with love.

The King Family
Posted by Clarence Presley II on April 3, 2021
A friend and a brother, you will forever be missed. I will cherish the times we spent together growing from boys to men. Our last conversation you prayed for me now I’m praying for you; may God hold you under His wings and welcome you into heaven. In Jesus Name Amen .

Love, Fugie

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