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March 9, 2022
I am so grateful to have been able to know Shirley over the years. I strive to live as she did with each day being an adventure and joy!  Thank you for these remembrance events each year so I can realign with all that is Shirley

Lived Life as an Active Participant

March 18, 2019

I don’t remember Shirley ever being on the sidelines. She was an active participant in whatever event she was attending. She and Grant were often part of Jacques family occasions from the time I started dating Brian John in 1979 until the last few months of her life. She always jumped in with both feet like she didn’t want to miss out on any excitement! The attached photo is from our family album of the Jacques’ 1983 4th of July Party games and epitomizes Shirley in my mind: “Let’s do it!” Rest in peace, Shirley, until we meet at that ultimate Party!

Christmas letter

March 9, 2019

I always look forward to getting her Christmas letter  since she was a good friend of my grandmas she will be greatly missed. 


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