Shu Geng
  • 75 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 3, 1942
  • Place of birth:
    Chongqing, China
  • Date of passing: Jan 1, 2018
  • Place of passing:
    Davis, California, United States
Isaiah 40:31, "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

We are grateful for your thoughts and kind of memories of our father and would like to invite you to celebrate his life on January 9th, 2018 in any or all of the following events in Davis, California:

10am - 12pm: Viewing at Smith Funeral Home, 116 D Street

1pm - 2:30 pm: Memorial Service at Davis Chinese Christian Church, 536 Anderson Road

3:00 - 3:30 pm: Burial at Davis Cemetery, 820 Pole Line Road

4:30 pm: Dinner, Davis Chinese Christian Church, 536 Anderson Road

In lieu of flowers, please feel free to donate to either Davis Chinese Christian Church,, or China Soul for Christ Foundation,

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Yida Ren on 25th March 2018



Mr. Geng has many titles through his life, “teacher Geng”, “Professor Geng”, “Dean Geng”, “grandpa Geng” that I called him when I was a kid and saw his silver hair. But among all people that I familiar with, he is the only one that has been honored “the Mister” title. In China, this title not only represents superb academic status and professional achievements, but also affirms a lofty noble character.
I have received countless unconditional favors from Mr. Geng and his family ever since my childhood. He always cares about my growth, but sometimes I did not seriously appreciate his help. I feel regretful and should  treasure the time with him more. I hope I’m not disappointing him who is watching from heaven.
It has been three months since I saw his face the last time. He lies peacefully in Davis, smiling just the same as 20 years ago. His appearance still keeps showing in my mind. Now, let me be like my parents and my teachers, call you respectfully by saying: Mister Geng, thank you!
May God bless Mr. Geng and his family.


This tribute was added by Annie Duan on 2nd March 2018


This tribute was added by andreaette cole on 24th January 2018

"I am not a relative, friend, or acquaintance but I'd love to offer words of encouragement to both the family and friends at a most difficult time. Revelation 21:3, 4 assures us of a time when all things will be made new again. Sickness, pain and death will all become things of the past that will never be brought to mind again. I pray you will find a measure of comfort in your most precious memories."

This tribute was added by Jinya Qiu on 14th January 2018

"Dear Brother Prof Geng,Today is the 2nd Seven Day you left us.  I miss you very much. I felt you are living among us when I watched a record of an interview designated to you by UCD for Outstanding Retired Professor in 2012. I looked like a student in your Statistics class when I listened to your 55-min interview. It satisfied my heart and soul. The link is in this Memorial website as:"

This tribute was added by longsheng fu on 12th January 2018

学生:傅隆生、李瑞  敬上"

This tribute was added by Minghua Zhang on 11th January 2018

"The message is from Vice President Xianlong Zhang at Huazhong Agriculture University, China.


华中农业大学永记耿旭先生!    耿旭先生精神永存!

                                  张献龙, 华中农业大学副校长"

This tribute was added by Yu Guan on 10th January 2018


This tribute was added by Terry Wade on 10th January 2018

"I am deeply moved reading these comments about Prof. Shu Geng, who lived a remarkable life. I send my condolences to Elvin, Joy and Carolyn. Shu may have been the hardest working, most rigorous and visionary person I have ever met. Growing up with his son Elvin, I remember being astounded that he would go back to his office to do research after dinner, nearly every night, sometimes on a red moped bought during the energy crisis of the late 1970s. By the time Elvin and I were in college, Shu had transcended disciplines, examining bold and difficult scientific questions, for which he was widely recognized. Years later, I chatted with him at Elvin's wedding, and he was visiting from China, where he was launching ambitious new initiatives. I would often tell friends overseas about the incredible arc of his life story, tales of his scrappy resilience growing up in Taiwan, his full life in California, and then the chapter in China. He was incredibly energetic, interested in big ideas, and, in my mind, unflappable. I am saddened by his loss. May he rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Bing Zheng on 10th January 2018


This tribute was added by P J on 10th January 2018

"...the tent of God will be with mankind.....and he will wipe out tears and mourning will be no more...Revelations 21:3,4. May the family find comfort in God’s promise to mankind."

This tribute was added by Minghua Zhang on 10th January 2018

"This message is from Professor Qifa Zhang



     1982年我到Davis做访问学者,与荆家海、林德光、王祖旺等先生一起四人合住320 K street公寓。耿先生经常来看望我们,给我们介绍学校、导师、Davis、以及美国社会的情况,对我们尽快地熟悉环境,进入学习生活帮助很大。他多次邀请我们到家中做客,汪师母及他们的一双儿女都给我们以热情的接待,使我们倍感温暖。他多次在我们居住的公寓与大家聚餐,给我们以家人和兄长般的情谊。他还多次于重要节日带我们到华人教堂,让我们结识了很多的朋友。
     耿先生是我重要的人生导师之一。我在遗传学系学习,师从Robert Allard教授。耿先生是农学和牧草系教授。Allard教授是长辈,大权威。但作为后辈的我感觉得到,他们两位彼此非常尊重。虽然我们在不同的系,在学业和科学生涯的关键时刻,耿先生给我提供了重要的帮助和指导。1983年,我从访问学者转为博士研究生,他给我出谋划策,并向学校写信推荐。我修过他讲授的“生物统计”课。这是一门公认的不好教的课程,在很多学校都教得很枯燥,不受学生欢迎。而耿先生却将课讲得别开生面,引人入胜,从课堂上我学到了如何将实验设计与数据分析融会贯通而不是死板教条的道理。同学们普遍认为,这是我们Davis讲得最好的课程之一。令我感到非常幸运的是,耿先生是我博士资格考试委员会的委员,也是我博士论文的指导委员会(guiding committee)的老师。资格考试后,我还有幸被耿先生邀请以RA的身份参加他的课题做了半年研究,在该研究中提出了以回归变参来分析作物品种稳定性的方法,成果以本人为第一作者、耿先生为通讯作者于1986年发表在Theoretical and Applied Genetics上,这是我科学生涯的开篇之作。此后,将这一方法应用到加州棉花18年品种实验的大数据分析,我们又合作在Crop Science发文一篇。这段经历给我感受最深的是,如何认识和理解实验设计和实验数据,如何做出恰当的分析,统计学知识何以在遗传分析中正确应用,这些认识使我受益终生。Davis几年的学习,我自认收获丰厚,其中耿先生的教诲是不可或缺的要素。
     耿先生一直关注华中农业大学与UCD的合作,2005年耿先生组织了一支以Dr. Gurdev Khush为领队,包括Associate Vice Chancellor Allan Bennett和Vice Provost William Lacy在内共17位知名专家组成的阵容强大的Davis代表团到华中农业大学召开双边学术交流研讨会。耿先生亲自在会上作了报告,为两校在生物技术科研和人才培养方面的合作献计献策。这次会议对两个学校的发展都产生了良好的作用。
     我与耿先生最后一次相见是2015年8月,其时耿先生受孙其信校长之邀正在创建西北农林科技大学中美食品安全联合研究中心,受聘任该中心的主任。8月20-22日,我在杨凌参加第16届全国植物基因组学大会,参会专家中有我邀请的一位来自Davis的Jorge Dubcovsky教授。那天晚上其信校长召集Davis校友小聚,耿先生热情洋溢地展示了他制作的该研究中心的宣传册,介绍了他志在打造世界一流的食品安全研究中心的设想和计划。老骥伏枥,雄心犹存,令我十分敬佩和钦慕,并期待不久的将来与先生再次相会。


This tribute was added by Rowland Breidenbach on 9th January 2018

"Shu was valued friend and colleague in Plant Sciences.  He will be missed.  I interviewed him for the Emeriti Association. His interview may be found at"

This tribute was added by Elisabeth Montgomery on 9th January 2018

"To all loved ones and friends of Shu Geng: I felt a light heart today in Shenzhen when I looked at this outstanding man's memorial picture.  We living are in shock and grief at his sudden departure. But I smiled through my tears while bowing to him because his life was so full, so vibrant, so kind and good. What a great legacy he leaves us. Professor Geng could accomplish the feats of many and to do so, he never thought of retiring! He straddled continents and universities with ease as he developed his great mission of green technology for China. He was a Systems Thinker and modeler and therefore led us all to think about life's most wicked problems and find answers if we keep focused. Personally, I had the opportunity to work with him on a book with Dr. Eugene Tssui and Michael Deng, architects. Professor also paid us the highest honor in the Education Bureau when he gave the keynote speech at the Dragon & Eagle Dialogues, a Nanshan district event hosted by students attending our Yucai High International Department. He inspired a whole generation of young people that day with his charisma and confidence in the bright future ahead. We will carry on his work and never stop fighting for the good of Earth and humanity."

This tribute was added by Wen闻 Hai海 on 9th January 2018

"沉痛悼念 深情缅怀 耿教授一路走好
我和耿教授是上个世纪八十年代认识的。当时他在UC Davis教书,我在UC Davis念书。虽然我和他不是一个学院的,但我们都知道有一位非常关心中国和中国学生的华人教授。记得他当时经常去国内,是时任农业部长何康的常客。我担任过戴维斯加州大学的中国学生学者联谊会会长,自然跟这位关心中国学生的教授有不少来往。
北京大学 海闻"

This tribute was added by Dongsheng Wang on 9th January 2018

90年我从大陆来美国戴维斯做访问学者, 耿教授经常在戴维斯华人教会主持证道,还与黄明明教授每周举办学生学者团契.在他们深入讲解圣经和见证的帮助下,团契的学生学者深入学习圣经,认识了主基督,并获得新生.他的这些活动都给我留下深刻的记忆与感激! 在此,沉痛悼念耿教授!
王东生全家 2018年1月8日."

This tribute was added by Carol Huang on 9th January 2018

"2018 年的第一天即将结束的时候,得知我们敬重的耿教授回天家了。 令我难以置信, 欲与其他姊妹求证,却已近深夜。 明明前一天才刚刚道过“新年好”的啊!
27年前在您客厅查经的情景仿佛还在昨天. 记得第一次参加团契时, 您问大家什么是爱, 大家各有不同的解读, 我以当时最为堂皇的说法答道 “爱是给予,不是索取”。待大家各抒己见后,您让大家翻开哥林多前书十三章四到八节:“4愛是恆久忍耐,又有恩慈;愛是不嫉妒;愛是不自誇,不張狂, 5不做害羞的事,不求自己的益處,不輕易發怒,不計算人的惡, 6 不喜歡不義,只喜歡真理;7凡事包容,凡事相信,凡事盼望,凡事忍耐。 8愛是永不止息。”并认真地为我们讲解。从此这段经文就深深地植根于我的心中。
您,就是这样,用一种大家能听懂并接受的方式, 引导这些曾经的无神论者却又饥渴慕义的迷途学者去领悟神的大爱和旨意。没有刻板空洞的说教,因为您懂得这些慕道友。我也不曾忘记那些时日,您为我们打开家门,每到周五师母一个个接我们到家里团契,还有丰盛的茶点。那时你们的孩子还在上中学,那是一种怎样的承诺啊。我还记得您那时很喜欢诗歌《野地的花》。我钦佩恩主赋予您的口才和文才。这些天再次细听您二零一二年八月五号题为《起来》的讲道,明白了您是通过用 心 去体会,读懂他人心中所想,从而帮助他们站起来。这就是爱。您告诉我们真正的跌倒是信心的消沉,最终的跌倒是死亡,而最终的起来是复活。 从爱中站起来,在盼望中前行。感恩在慕道时遇到了您。
如今您已安息主怀中; 愿主继续安慰和保守耿师母和全家。

This tribute was added by Qingtao Zhang on 9th January 2018



回忆耿老师对我这个不起眼的、一身毛病的弟兄的诸多帮助和提醒,想起马太福音25:40 主的话语“这些事你们既作在我这弟兄中一个最小的身上,就是作在我身上了”。保罗也这样勉励弟兄们:“所以,我亲爱的弟兄们,你们务要坚固,不可摇动,常常竭力多做主工,因为知道你们的劳苦,在主里面不是徒然的。(林前15:58)”我也亲眼见过耿老师为吸毒的青少年(由于父亲多年醉酒后对母亲家暴而沉溺)按手祷告;耿老师那柔软的心肠,如基督的心肠,如牧者的心肠;怜贫惜弱也是基督当年在地上所行过的,耿老师在效法基督,悲悯着被困苦和罪错缠绕的同胞……主必纪念您流着泪播过的种子!《马太福音》记载:有好些税吏和罪人来,与耶稣和他的门徒一同坐席。法利赛人看见,就对耶稣的门徒说:“你们的先生为甚么和税吏并罪人一同吃饭呢?”耶稣听见,就说:“康健的人用不着医生,有病的人才用得着。经上说:‘我喜爱怜恤,不喜爱祭祀。’这句话的意思,你们且去揣摩。我来,本不是召义人,乃是召罪人。”【太9:10-13】,在完美圣洁的上帝眼中,世界上没有一个人是完全“健康的”,也没有一个人是完全的“义人”。事实上,在上帝面前我们统统都是罪人,每一个人都先需要主作他的医生。网友“另外世界”提到,要做基督徒,先得以病人的资格进来(谦卑己心),然后才能以护士的资格去帮助人(作光作盐)。


“那美好的仗我已经打过了,当跑的路我已经跑尽了,所信的道我已经守住了,从此以后,有公义的冠冕为我存留。”【提后4:7-8】忽然觉得耿老师就像是现今时代中华民族的使徒保罗:主动的担当、旺盛的精力、坚定的信心、活波的盼望、无私的大爱、渊博的学识、奔波的一生、全然的摆上,带着常常的喜乐,捎给处处的平安……就连中等的个头,诸多特点何其相似乃尔!横跨两千年历史长河,他们身上还有这么多共同点,是因为他们身上都内住同一个圣灵,都结出了圣灵的果子。圣灵在两千年前做更新、带领与拯救的工作,今天仍然在做。两千年前,主把保罗从亚洲差到欧洲,带给欧洲满满的祝福,以至于著名的历史学家汤因比说:“今天的欧洲文明,全在当年上帝的使徒保罗所乘的船上。”感谢主在两千年后,把耿老师这一代福音与爱的使者们赐给了中国!“我靠着那加给我力量的,凡事都能作﹝腓四13﹞。”圣灵的风先从亚洲吹向西方,现在又吹回东方,正在复兴东方,圣灵以其不息的脚步在引领人类文明的进程:福音在西方似乎是“夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏”,甚至带给人们“无可奈何花落去”的叹息;基督信仰却正在东方冉冉升起,又带给我们“似曾相识燕归来”的惊喜。耿老师在演讲中,常常引用中国古典文献中的名句,就像一些学人认为的那样,儒家的关切与基督的关切还是有着共同取向的,在伦理道德方面的相通相近就更多了。正如一位哲学家所说的,世界上的水固然很多,但最终却都是相通的(南山一樵)。相信学过水循环的同行们都能理解这句话。不过,虽然有相通之处,但救赎的路只有信主耶稣一条:“除他以外,别无拯救;因为在天下人间,没有赐下别的名,我们可以靠着得救。”(《使徒行传》 4:12)


只有信了主耶稣,我们的灵魂才能去天国、得永生,也才能见到我们所深深缅怀的耿老师!耿老师在地上奔忙一生,他在天家一定盼着今后更多亲朋来天家团聚、叙旧、拥抱!这也是耿老师最大的心愿(之一)。耿老师一定不忍心他所认识的任何一位朋友被扔在火湖里(启20:14;启19:20)受那可怕的永刑!“主所应许的尚未成就,有人以为他是耽延,其实不是耽延,乃是宽容你们,不愿有一人沉沦,乃愿人人都悔改。” 【彼后3:9】


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This tribute was added by Ke Han on 9th January 2018


很多关怀。记得为了建立Solano Park的学生查经班,耿教授连续半年多,每周五晚上来我们家带领聚会,手把手地教导我们如何服事。后来我能走上全职服事的道路,也是深受耿教授的影响,他是我的第一个引路人。


This tribute was added by Terri Barry on 8th January 2018

"Carolyn, Joy, and Elvin, I am so sorry for your loss. I feel fortunate to have known your whole family. I owe my career to Shu, really. His broad-thinking and multi-disciplinary approach to research was invaluable to helping me develop as a scientist. I could not have asked for a better mentor.
Warmly, Terri Barry"

This tribute was added by Clark Liu on 8th January 2018


This tribute was added by Diana Geng on 8th January 2018

"My family and I are still in shock at the sudden lost of our beloved Uncle Shu. I didn't grow up in Davis with the rest of the Geng clan, but I always felt their love and support. It seems that my uncle touched many lives in his lifetime - inspiring his family, friends, students and colleagues. I've been following the comments left on this website, and it brings me great joy to know his legacy will continue on through the rest of us especially my amazing cousins, Elvin and Joy.

My uncle allowed me to become the person I am today. He gave me the opportunity to achieve my goals by taking care of my family when I couldn't. He is a kind man with a generous heart. I am sad my son will never get a chance to meet his great Uncle Shu, but he will know my uncle's spirit of love.

Rest in peace, Uncle Shu. You have made your mark on this world through God's strength and grace. It's what we all aim to do with our limited time here on Earth. May the next step in your journey with our Father be as glorious as this one."

This tribute was added by Linxia Liang on 8th January 2018

"A Message from the Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor: In Memoriam of Emeritus Professor Shu Geng

January 5, 2018

On behalf Global Affairs at the University of California, Davis, I offer my condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Professor Shu Geng for their great loss.

Professor Shu Geng was born in Hebei Province, China in 1942, obtained his Ph.D. in statistics at Kansas State University in 1972, and became a member of the UC Davis faculty in 1976. For over three decades, he was a professor in the department of plant sciences at UC Davis and served as associate dean of the College of Agriculture for three years.

Professor Geng was elected to both the American Society of Agronomy and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, with 139 publications in quantitative genetics, climate change modeling, sustainable agriculture and food security.

As a leader, teacher and mentor, he dedicated his efforts to US-China relationships that both fostered individual careers, strengthened relations with alumni in Asia, and forged institutional bridges between UC Davis and numerous Chinese institutions.

Professor Geng was the founding dean of the Peking University Graduate School of Environmental and Urban Studies in Shenzhen. He was the founding director of the Sino-U.S. Food Safety Research Center in Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, which is a collaborative endeavor with UC Davis. He was also acting chief editor for the Journal of Integrative Agriculture by China Academy of Agricultural Sciences for over 10 years, making significant contributions to its becoming the SCI journal.

Professor Geng has been guest professor, or held visiting professorships to several institutions including Hebei Agricultural University, Zhejiang University, Peking University, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Science, Ningxia University. He served as an advisor or senior advisor to iCapital International LLC, Tenet Financial Corporation, Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Zone of China, Hebei Provincial Government, National Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone, and University Outreach and International Programs at UC Davis. Professor Geng also served as a Board Member to the US-China Foundation for International Exchanges.

A true leader, Professor Geng worked tirelessly as an ambassador of UC Davis, building relationships between UC Davis and China. He is leaving a legacy that inspires so many lives and collaborations. All of us at UC Davis Global Affairs offer our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of one of our own, Professor Shu Geng.

Joanna Regulska

Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor of Global Affairs
Professor or Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies
University of California, Davis"

This tribute was added by Guangjun Li on 8th January 2018

"98年到01年我们在Davis 期间,耿教授和耿师母给了我们很多教导、鼓励和帮助。一起在小组查经和在耿教授家party的情景历历在目。我们的二女儿在Davis 出生,月子里耿师母常常送来好吃的饭菜,现在好象还能闻到那清肫牛筋的香味。后来我们的父母来小住,耿教授更是热情关心他们,让我们第一次接触到基督教的父母对基督信仰留下了非常好的印象。若是耿教授知道我妈妈后来受洗归在主的名下,一定会非常开心。现在我们也人到中年,耿教授的美好榜样更是激励我们更加努力地向着标杆直跑。盼望在天家再见的时候,我们一起同享主的荣耀!
单国民 李光军"

This tribute was added by Jianmin Huang on 8th January 2018

"沉痛哀悼敬爱的耿教授:记得我第一次见到耿教授是1986年9月初我刚到戴维斯,耿教授来看我的室友,他的学生。虽然我与耿教授的专业不同,在学求上没有太多的交集,但我与所有与他接触过的学生学者一样,也得益于他的帮助与提携。例如,2012 年6月耿教授邀请我在他任院长的北京大学深圳研究院环境与能源研究学院作了一堂关于美国饮用水的管理的讲座。时光匆匆,永远怀念您的学生,建民敬上。"

This tribute was added by Adam Liu on 8th January 2018

"I had the privilege and honor of meeting Dr. Geng and 师母 in Davis, US and Kunshan, China on numerous occasions.  Dr. Geng’s commitment to food safety is an inspiration for our family business in China.  We share that vision and it is our commitment to carry on Dr.  Geng’s work in China.

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”  - 1 Corinthians 15:58  

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." - 2 Corinthians 1:3-4"

This tribute was added by 鸣锐 许 on 8th January 2018


学生 许鸣锐敬上"

This tribute was added by minwei chai on 8th January 2018


This tribute was added by UM Algae on 8th January 2018

"We from the Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Malaya, wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Professor Dr Shu Geng.
We had the privilege and pleasure to work with Prof. Shu Geng in a project that was very much in his interest, that is, concern for the environment. He was a source of inspiration, especially to the younger members of our group. His wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with intriguing and mind-searching questions that he directed to us, provided a great learning experience for all of us here in Malaysia. Always alert and looking for solutions – a truly great scientific mind.

Always remembered by us – Siew-Moi Phang, Nik Meriam N.S., Noor Zalina M., Hui-Yin Yeong, Cheng-Yau Tan; 8 Jan 2018"

This tribute was added by Linxia Liang on 8th January 2018

"惊悉耿旭教授不幸去世的噩耗, 深感悲痛和惊愕。 我与耿旭教授交往多年,十分敬佩他治学严谨和诚恳待人的品格,我担任南京农业大学校长和中国农业科学院院长期间,耿先生为推进中美农业科技合作和交流、培养农业科技人才不辞劳苦,频繁穿梭于中美之间的各个单位,他是中美农业科技合作的重要见证人和推动力量。他的去世,使我们失去了一位可信赖的朋友,是中美农业科技合作工作的重大损失。我们将永远缅怀耿旭教授为中美农业科技合作作出的杰出贡献,在他开创的合作基础上,把中美农业科技合作推向新的起点。

中国农业科学院原院长: 翟虎渠"

This tribute was added by Ting Feng on 8th January 2018


This tribute was added by Yan Liu on 8th January 2018





This tribute was added by Qingtao Zhang on 8th January 2018


This tribute was added by Xiaoiying Liu on 8th January 2018


This tribute was added by 郑祥洋 曾文娟 on 7th January 2018


This tribute was added by Sakda Jongkaewwattana on 7th January 2018

"I'm a student of Prof.Geng. He is kind and supportive. He is  a great man that I've ever worked with as his student."

This tribute was added by 陳 正改 on 7th January 2018


敬祈   耿旭教授  往生淨土、蓮品高升。

台北   陳正改  Joe.C.K.Chen

This tribute was added by 标 穆 on 7th January 2018


This tribute was added by Minghua Zhang on 7th January 2018

"This is from Northwest A&F University


This tribute was added by Shen-Lin Lin on 7th January 2018

"一早打開郵箱,竟然有李國權老師的e-mail,看到是函轉型式,只有一條 "Davis enterprise" 的link,就按下去,映入眼簾是耿老師的照片。由於睡眼惺忪,未看清旁邊文字,心想  耿老師又有豐功偉業事蹟上報,可是,為何用黑白照片,而且文章表頭怎麼是那個字,這時完全醒了。又打開李老師另一封e-mail,終於確定為何報紙的網頁用黑白照的原因。忽然想起,兩個月前耿老師暨耿師母與我們在台中短暫相聚的照片都還沒傳送給老師與師母,這時,又接到慧玲老師的訊息告知耿老師逝世,提醒照片整理。下午,到研究室的電腦中,從相片庫中找到2017年,11月7日的照片,看到耿老師的笑容,彷彿又聽見他那堅毅的聲音。
其實11月7日與耿老師的會面真是偶然,當日,慧玲老師到霧峰農業試驗所參加一項研討會,發現該項研討會由中央氣象局禮聘的顧問專家竟是耿教授,原本耿老師伉儷因行程緊湊,未安排到台中。在慧玲的電話連絡下,當日研討會結束後,由慧玲開車載耿老師與耿師母到台中大里李國權老師家中與我等會合,隨後前往大里小春餐廳晚餐。晚餐時,參加人員為 耿旭老師及耿師母伉儷,李國權老師及李師母伉儷,林慧玲及謝慶昌伉儷,然後,還有林深林總共七人。餐敘中,耿老師伉儷與李老師伉儷是近半世紀的好友,雖然李老師不喝酒,耿老師一杯啤酒與李老師一杯茶,也可算把酒言歡。因為耿老師伉儷須於隔日搭機離台,不能在台中久停,所以由慧玲老師送去高鐵站搭車,而李國權老師伉儷也陪同送達高鐵站。當日很可惜只取到15張相片,現在存於Google雲端硬碟,連接網址為:

照片獻給 耿師母與家人


This tribute was added by shunichi nakada on 7th January 2018

"Dear Dr. Geng, you gave me an opportunity to study in UC Davis, which was an important step in my life. With your warm and friendly support, I had really precious period in Davis, not only for what I have learned, but also my first experience to live in foreign country. I regret I could not visit you to show my appreciation for a long time. I will miss you!"

This tribute was added by Yangping Xu on 7th January 2018

08年两个年轻人在北京裸婚,耿教授回国刚好到教会做礼拜,于是也参加了我们的婚礼还有一些勉励的话。倍受鼓励。耿教授和师母都给人很亲切的感觉。 求神安慰耿教授家人的心。将来天家再见!

春洪 杨萍 敬上"

This tribute was added by Mei Zhao on 7th January 2018

时间飞逝。我回想起三十多年前在Davis 读书时,有幸在中国教会认识耿教授及全家。虽然我不是读耿教授教的专业,又只是个本科生,他在教会里和学习上给了我很多帮助。记得有一次他还花了一天的时间开车带我去Chico State 看学校。让我很感动。
他在学术上的成就,在教会里的leadership 让我敬佩不已!


This tribute was added by chuan zhou on 7th January 2018

"耿老师的音容笑貌时常在脑中浮现,先生渊博的学识、崇高的奉献精神、谦卑的处世态度、宏大的人生格局时刻激励着我们。永远怀念先生!  周川敬上"

This tribute was added by Judy Jernstedt on 7th January 2018

"Please accept my sincere condolences on this sudden and tragic loss.  Shu was his usual jovial and enthusiastic self at the Plant Sciences holiday party less than a month ago, dispensing advice, wisdom and optimism for the future. This is the way he lived his professional life and how I will always remember him.  
Judy Jernstedt
Professor, Plant Sciences (and Agronomy and Range Sciences with Shu before that)"

This tribute was added by Howard Liu on 7th January 2018

"Dr. Geng by far has the biggest heart and passion for anything once he's engaged in. Truly an honor to have known you in my life and thank you for being a loving friend. You will be missed but not forgotten. May you rest in God's arms and till we meet again. With loving heart and prayers to your family."

This tribute was added by Chris van Kessel on 6th January 2018

"With great sadness did I learn of Shu sudden passing. Shu was a great colleague in the department of Agronomy and Range Science and later in the department of Plant Sciences. He was highly committed and tireless, in particular after he retired as a faculty member, in promoting collaborations between UCD and Chinese institutions. Shu will be dearly missed and his contributions to UCD will never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Yu Zhan on 6th January 2018


This tribute was added by Charles Raguse on 6th January 2018

"As member of the Agronomy Department, long ago and thereafter, I saw the respect accorded Shu, personally and for his professional contributions as a colleague.  May I offer my deepest sympathy to his family in this time of sudden and great loss.  There is a Chinese proverb: Life is a journey, death is returning home."

This tribute was added by 晰莹 吴 on 6th January 2018

"新年伊始,有消息从远方来,耿教授匆匆离去?!震惊所以认识他的人! 印象中他身体很好啊,没有老年人常有的那些慢性病啊。想写点儿什么,又见到众多的纪念文章已经说出了我的心声。仅献上我早年的记忆花絮:

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