Let the memory of Simbo - a beautiful and loving wife, mother, grandma, sister and friend be with us forever - Amen
  • 80 years old
  • Born on March 11, 1936 .
  • Passed away on November 5, 2016 in Perth, Australia.

This memorial site was created in memory of our beloved wife, mother, grandma and sister - Simbo Ayonrinde, née Kuku. 


She lived for those she loved, and those she loved will always remember.

Thank You
The Ayonrinde and Kuku families would like to thank our friends and families all over the world for the comforting messages and boundless love following the passage to glory of our wife, sister, mother and grandmother.  You remain our 'family in-love'.


Posted by Hadiza Yunusa on 11th March 2018
We miss you heaps mummy. May Allah grant your soul in perfect peace From the Yunusas
Posted by Femi Sosanya on 11th March 2018
Dear Mummy; Remember you today on your Post Humous Birthday. Blessed are the memories of our beloved Aunty . May your soul continue to Rest In Peace.
Posted by Olusoji APAMPA on 11th March 2018
Dear Auntie, You are always remembered, always missed, your impact in our lives continues to endure .... Thank you Lord for bringing Auntie this way.
Posted by Ade Ayonrinde on 11th March 2018
Dear Mum, Happy Birthday. You are forever loved, forever missed, forever a shining example to us. Forever on our minds, in our thoughts, in our dreams.......Forever mum...Forever.... Love, Adegboyega and Family
Posted by Deji Ayonrinde on 11th March 2018
Happy Birthday Mum! You are sorely missed with every breath and heartbeat. Your boundless and selfless gift of love lives on with the most beautiful and appreciative memories. With unending gratitude, thank you for being our Mum. We shall strive to do you proud! Never forgotten and always loved, till we meet again xxxx Your sons Oyedeji, Oyekunle, Oyekoya and Adegboyega.
Posted by Oyekunle Ayonrinde on 9th November 2017
Dear Mum, You are always on my mind. I miss you lots. It’s really hard not having you around, being able to ring you up to just talk; to share about my life, my family and your grandchildren; to seek your counsel, your thoughts and advice, but don’t you worry. You did a great job. You nurtured me through and now it is my turn to be the best parent that I could ever be. That is a promise. I remember the pet names you gave to the grandchildren. You would be really proud of them. Thank you for your generosity that permeated throughout your life; your patience; your kindness; your encouragement. You provided so much of life’s guidance to make me the person I am today, always leading by dignified example. You taught me love, courage, integrity and also hope. You taught me faith and encouraged me to make mine real and personal. I continue to thank God for you. Mum it’s now one year on and You are and will always be forever missed. Kunle
Posted by Alla Turlakow on 7th November 2017
Thinking of you Simbo at this time, and your beautiful family. You will always have a special place in our hearts. With love, Alla (nee Turlakow), Horacio and family. xx
Posted by Allen German on 6th November 2017
Not only a beautiful woman but a gentle and radiating soul. Bless you from Allen & Sylvia.
Posted by Femi Sosanya on 6th November 2017
So sweet are the memories of time shared with you dear mummy. May your soul Rest In peace
Posted by Yemi Babalola on 5th November 2017
Dearest Aunty, it's been a year since you transitioned to your eternal home in Gods presence, I keep your memory very much treasured and alive in my heart , and miss you dearly. Thank you for the legacy of love, unity , peace , strength and beauty you left with us. I pray God continues to uphold and keep your family and loved ones you left behind and may you continue to abide in eternal rest.
Posted by Wale Lagundoye on 5th November 2017
Mummy , your memories linger , never to be forgotten , a flame that burns bright in the heart. Our thoughts are with Daddy , “your boys “and the entire family , May Almighty God continue to protect and guide them . Amen
Posted by Bayo Williams on 5th November 2017
Mummy your memory continues to linger, your legacy always shining through the boys, you are and will always be missed. Thank you for being a mother to all.
Posted by Anthony Obuaya on 5th November 2017
Very sorely missed. We all give gratitude to the Almighty for the privilege of her exemplary life on earth. May His Grace give us all the spiritual strength and healing so we can forever celebrate a wonderful soul.
Posted by Yetunde Teriba on 5th November 2017
She continues to rest in the bosom of the Lord. It is well with loved ones.
Posted by Odessa Adebayo on 5th November 2017
My dear Aunty Simbo, I can't believe it is already one year ago that you departed to be with the Lord. We miss you so much but we know you are in a better place with our Lord Jesus Christ. You ran an outstanding race here on earth and you finished strong. The impeccable legacy you left behind continues. You will always be remembered in our hearts. We love you so much but we know that God loves you more. Continue to rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Posted by Deji Ayonrinde on 26th March 2017
With love to, and in memory of all mothers on Mother's Day *"My Mother." by Ann Taylor (1782-1866)* Who fed me from her gentle breast, And hush'd me in her arms to rest, And on my cheek sweet kisses prest? My Mother. When sleep forsook my open eye, Who was it sung sweet hushaby, And rock'd me that I should not cry? My Mother. Who sat and watch'd my infant head, When sleeping on my cradle bed, And tears of sweet affection shed? My Mother. When pain and sickness made me cry, Who gaz'd upon my heavy eye, And wept, for fear that I should die? My Mother. Who drest my doll in clothes so gay, And taught me pretty how to play, And minded all I had to say? My Mother. Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, Or kiss the place to make it well? My Mother. Who taught my infant lips to pray, And love God's holy book and day, And walk in wisdom's pleasant way? My Mother. And can I ever cease to be Affectionate and kind to thee, Who wast so very kind to me, My Mother. Ah! no, the thought I cannot bear; And if God please my life to spare, I hope I shall reward thy care, My Mother. When thou art feeble, old, and gray, My healthy arm shall be thy stay, And I will soothe thy pains away, My Mother. And when I see thee hang thy head, 'Twill be my turn to watch thy bed, And tears of sweet affection shed, My Mother. For could our Father in the skies Look down with pleased or loving eyes, If ever I could dare despise My Mother.
Posted by Tope Iyore on 11th March 2017
Dear Mummy, On what would have been your 81st birthday, we remember you fondly and remain thankful that the Almighty gave us the opportunity to be part of your life and also that you were a part of ours. Rest blissfully in the bosom of the Lord. Charles and Tope Iyore
Posted by Femi Sosanya on 11th March 2017
My dearest big Aunty; Good thoughts about you today; on your birthday. You are very missed and very loved. May your sweet soul continue to rest in peace in the bossom of the Lord. God bless you.
Posted by Deji Ayonrinde on 14th February 2017
Prayer of Love As we meet others today, let us look at each one with eyes of love. Let us listen with ears of love, speak with a voice of love, and touch with hands of love. Grant us grace to embrace all people with understanding, patience and tolerance. Through the changes wrought by time and circumstances, let us see the Christ in every face and hear the Christ in every voice. May we know when to speak and when to keep silent. May we freely express our divine heritage in the truest manner possible and may we allow others the same freedom. Let our faith be strong in every circumstance, and when our faith seems to waver, uphold us with your gracious loving spirit. May our thoughts create the wonder of your world, our words demonstrate our love for you and our actions bring glory and honour to your Name. We thank you God, for all the wonderful people who fill our world and with whom we share in the marvellous experience of life. May we be worthy of this love and may we reflect only your light, your love and your wisdom to them. So be it. Praise Be! (From Waves of Spirit by Eileen Caddy)
Posted by Tito Adebajo on 16th January 2017
Dearest Mummy, Though its very long I last saw you, memories don't fade especially when they are linked to long lasting genuine smiles. You were one in a million and I so much believe the legacy you left behind would last for ever. Kindness was your password. When I heard you were 80 yrs old, I said 'No' !!! I believe your real kindness made you looked so young. You will be missed. Almighty God will comfort the rest of the family in Jesus name. Amen Love from all the Adebajos
Posted by Foluso Tade on 20th December 2016
Dearest Grandma, You will remain in our thoughts always. Your experiences and stories of life travelling and working around the world with Pa have helped inspire and guide us in our current move to Germany. We will always remember your endless joy and countless kind words. For me, Christmas with you and the whole family, has always been a particular joy and the fond memories of it will be everlasting. Your sincerely, Foluso Tade and Franziska Wessels
Posted by Alla Turlakow on 11th December 2016
Dear Ayonrinde family We have been very saddened to hear of the recent passing of Simbo Ayonrinde, dedicated mother of our childhood friends from Larundel Deji, Koya, Kunle and Gboyega and dear friend of our late parents Tamara and Jurij Turlakow. We remember Simbo's always elegant style, particularly when she and Kola graced us with their presence at our wedding, where Simbo danced with much refinement to the raucous swing band. Simbo has generously left us with some lovely items over the years by which to remember her, including beautiful purple Nigerian kaftans and a stunning white crotched bedspread which we cherish. We will always remember her tinkling laugh, beautiful smile and warm and very caring nature. We send our sincerest condolences to the Ayonrinde family for their great loss. With love Horacio, Alla, Pascal and Olivia Correa.
Posted by Deji Ayonrinde on 5th December 2016
As the sun set........................... ..........We watched dolphins playfully jump in and out of the water...…...gymnastic displays with big splashes and continuously enlarging ripples…….....in the meadow nearby, butterflies fluttered between colourful and fragrant flowers…..effortless, soft, gentle and beautiful……a squadron of squawking cockatoos flew overhead....gradually fading silhouettes on the horizon....a distant kookaburra's laugh punctuated the air........and as shadows grew longer and the golden Australian sun set, so did yours……ever so beautifully…........…to rise again in His eternally beautiful garden.
Posted by Mary Skinner on 26th November 2016
All the members of the Mothers' Union at St Cecilia's Anglican Church, Quinns-Butler are very sad to hear of the passing of Simbo. Simbo has been a much-loved member of our group for several years, having originally come from Nigeria. She was a quiet, faithful and gracious lady, often dressing in her national style with flowing robe and turban. Simbo was a good cook and very artistic - we especially remember the beautiful bead flowers that she made for one of our projects. We send our deepest sympathy to the members of her family. She will be greatly missed.
Posted by Idowu Oshibodu on 24th November 2016
Dear Aunty Even though we hadn’t spoken for quite a while, my memories are full of moments re-living your smiles and loving kindness as we all grew up. My abiding memory of you was my 3 day holiday with you in Abeokuta and those amazing cookies! I can still taste those cookies today. We love you aunty, but God loves you more. We comfort ourselves with the assured knowledge that you rest eternally in the bosom of the Lord. May your gentle soul rest in Peace. Idowu Oshibodu
Posted by Vinita Baravkar on 24th November 2016
Sending our deepest condolences to all the family. Simbo's beautiful warmth, love and laughter will live on in the hearts of all those she touched. Peace to her departed soul and may God give strength to all the family at this time of loss. Sending love and warmth with love All The Chopra Family
Posted by GOPAL CHOPRA on 23rd November 2016
Dearest Auntie Simbo With a warm heart and smiles we remember you, your spirit and your kindest of laughs. I still hear your laugh today and your welcoming smile and hug when we came running in from our childhood exploits in the yard. You will be remembered with love and we pray and wish you a peaceful journey into the light. You have left us with thoughts of kindness and love Yours Gopal,, Mridula, Prem, Vinita, Hari and Narinder Chopra
Posted by Tope Erinosho on 23rd November 2016
Dearest Mama, We remember growing up and the times me and my sisters got to spend with you, especially one Easter weekend where we got to enjoy lots of homemade treats. These are memories we'll always cherish. You were a kind, loving, amazing, and special person. We miss you, but are comforted by the fact that you are resting peacefully in God's loving arms. Tope, Bola, Biso, & Tomiwa
Posted by Leke Ayonrinde on 19th November 2016
Dear Mummy, I glorified God for a glorious life you have lived on earth. You have forfeited God's purpose; How? 1. You have sought God first throughout your journey on Earth. 2. You have reproduced for God's Kindom to continue. 3. In your lifetime, you have received grandchildren. 4. Above all, you have not buried any of us your children And grandchildren. But forever it is still in my memory "The Homemade Biscuits" always fresh from the oven with the sweet smell. We love you, but God loves you more than we do. MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE IN JESUS NAME AMEN. From Oyeleke Ayonrinde and Family.
Posted by Adesina Adesanya on 18th November 2016
Mummy sun re o. Thank you for the care, love and support to us in the years since we arrived in Australia in 1996. The memories of these and your many other acts of kindness will remain evergreen in our minds. To Baba and your children/grandchildren, we pray that the lord will grant you the grace and fortitude to bear the loss. Eku ilede. Eyin Mama a da o. With love from the Adesanyas.
Posted by Damilola Sanni on 17th November 2016
Took me quite a while to find the courage for words, I was hopeful you were simply taking a nap and very soon my uncles would call me later to tell me I was right... but that is not happening... I take solace in knowing that heaven has welcomed you back to the fold, one of its most priced angels, constantly spreading cheer and joy, always nurturing even to smallies like myself. I'm so grateful to have been touched by you . I'm still coming to learn those complex cross stitches and embroidery patterns o... :--) Love and Miss you plenty grandma...sun re o mama...
Posted by Richard Oluwafunmilade on 15th November 2016
Glory to God for a life well spent, God has taken her so she can be closer to him. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. May you rest in the bosom of Almighty God.
Posted by Seye Adegoke on 15th November 2016
Big mummy, God just needed you to come home, Yes we know it has made the family sore. You will always be remembered every single day, From the smile on your face to the things you would say. Seye Adegoke & Family.
Posted by Lanre Wals on 14th November 2016
Aunty Simbo you were a very loving jewel that touched the lives of many people positively. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Good night Aunty till we meet again in eternity. Olugbenga Kolawole Ashiru.
Posted by Wale Lagundoye on 14th November 2016
The life of one we love , goes on through the all the lives its ever touched . Our prayers and thoughts are with your family in their time of sadness . May you find comfort in fond memories and reflections of a life fulfilled .May your Soul Rest in peace , Amen, Wale on behalf of the Lagundoye family
Posted by Tope Iyore on 14th November 2016
Mummy, We would chat and laugh and you would ask after all of the family. ' Se alafia ni Simi ati Reme, Baba won nko' . You made us feel so special. Thank you for being a great mother and we are sincerely thankful that we knew you. I will miss our chats about various recipes. I will miss your gentle smile and your gentle nature. You remain in our hearts with love. We pray that God bless and keep you in His care We would rather have you here with us but we know that God Loves you best. In the knowledge and faith that Heaven has gained an angel we say Mummy, rest in peace. From Charles and Tope Iyore
Posted by Mojisola Kufo on 14th November 2016
Mummy, you were an inspiration to everyone around you, you were gentle and loving. I love the beads you made for Folu and was hoping you would make one for me when I come to Australia (Moji).... We will miss chatting with you on Skype. Sleep in divine peace mummy, till we meat to part no more. Biyi and Moji Kufo
Posted by Ibitola Adegoke on 14th November 2016
My sister, Mrs S. Olasimbo Ayodele Ayonrinde, the second daughter of Pa Abudu and Bukunola Kuku was a very loving, trust-worthy, humble and kind person. She loved me so much and even extended that love to my family. She would never forget the birthdays of my children and grandchildren. She cared so much for us and always on our neck for our progress. She was such a reliable sister that I could share my deepest secret with. She had soothing words that could heal any wound. She had a special way of scolding when one is at fault; she could be called 'mama my dear'. In fact the children always look forward to their special gifts from Australia. I could vividly remember how she sent me pocket money every month when I was in the boarding house at Ijebu-Ode; she was then working with Barclays Bank, Ibadan shortly before she went to join her husband, Dr Akolawole Ayonrinde in India. I could keep on writing several pages on but one thing I am happy about is she had Christ in her life before God took her away on 5th November 2016. Sista mi, Omo borogun l'aseso Omo siwosiwo l'asowo Omo b'aregba sowo bi ole laa ri Omo babalowo lowo terutomo ni ma ki ni. Omo arugudu l'eso Omo alaya bi agbo aparo agba aparo ti nke kija ti nke karakara mo oloko. You lived a good and exemplary life. You left a good legacy. You had Christ in your life. What else! You had fought a good fight and won the race. That biblical crown of glory is waiting for you. So that infectious smile is gone, the innumerable phone calls (sister re from Australia) are gone. You will be forever missed. Omo Balogun Dodondawa, Sun re o!!!
Posted by Bayo Williams on 14th November 2016
Dear Mummy, I know so much about you and the beautiful life you lived and the legacy you left behind because i knew your children. They truly reflect all that embodies you. I rejoice in the long, healthy and testimonial life you lived. You are forever cherished. Rest in peace in the bosom of your creator. One of your 'FEGO' children, Bayo Williams.
Posted by Ola Odutola on 14th November 2016
Dear Aunty, I will always love you for being my Aunt. These are the many reasons I will miss you so much: Your Spirit. Your aura has always been gentle, peaceful, loving and kind. This inspires me because I know that you have not been excluded from the problems of this world; but chose to be at peace regardless. Your Presence I loved being around you because it was so easy and nurturing to be around someone so beautiful in spirit. Your Kindness I truly can’t remember you ever saying an unkind word about anyone. You chose to see the best in people. Your Nurturing and Counsel You were a great mother and I am so proud of how you raised your four sons. Even the bible says that in the multitude of council there is safety. You taught me that a secret to raising successful children is love and encouragement. As we discipline, we love and encourage 10 times more. When I think of the words that you have said to me through the years, I hear: "We are so proud of you; We love you; How are you doing?" These were words that inspired me to do better and to be a better person. More, it inspires me to say those words to others. It encourages me to choose to see the beauty in this world and to do right by others. Your Pumpkin Soup When we visited in 2011 (I cant even believe it has been that long), I was really happy to see that you ate a very healthy diet and had a good exercise routine. You introduced me to what I order when I go to restaurants - Pumpkin Soup. But, none of the soups I've had taste as great as yours. Lol. Your making me feel so loved and valued. I think you have given me the greatest gift I could ever want or rather, what I desire most out of life - To be loved and cherished. Thank you for loving and cherishing me; for making me your daughter and being there for me. Rest well, Sweet Aunty!
Posted by Ken Morrison on 14th November 2016
A beautiful soul at peace With love Ken and Margaret Morrison
Posted by Odessa Adebayo on 13th November 2016
Aunty you will be forever missed. I thank God for having you as my aunt. I remembered the first time I met you in 1977 when you came to our house at Ilesa when we first came back from the United States in 1977. You looked so muck like my Mom. You treated me like a daughter because you had 4 boys. You were so warm and very kind. I enjoyed your company every time my family and I came to Ibadan and Abeokuta to visit. I enjoyed the time I came to spend time with you in Ibadan for a week. You took good care of me and made me feel at home with the boys. You taught me how to bake cookies. You were an excellent baker. The memories I have of you is not only of an aunt but a.mom. You always cared about my well being and you kept in touch with me even when I travelled to the US and you were in Australia. You called me at least once in 2 months and sent gifts to me on my birthday and my children's birthday. My emtire family got to love you. My children use to says " that grandma looks so.much like our grandma (that is my Mom)". You were so generous, kind, loving, caring, affectionate to me. I love you so much Aunty and I truly miss you. Thank God for giving me an Aunt like you. You will always remain so special in my heart. I still have the pearl necklaces and earrings you gave to me at my 50th birthday. I will always cherish it. I may not see you again here on earth but we will meet in heaven in future. You have gone to rest in the Lord. You have finished your course and you lived a good life and left a good legacy behind. May your soul rest in peace. Adieus!!
Posted by Judy Calvert on 13th November 2016
Simbo was a much loved member of St. Cecilia's church, our Mother's Union and St. Mary Magdalene Church. Simbo, you lived your Faith courageously with a quietness and a smile for all. Your love and pride in your family new no bounds, a private person and a giving person. Now at rest in Glory with God. May your Soul rest in peace, until we meet again. Sincere condolences to Kola, Deji and Families. With much love Judy Calvert and the St. Cecilia Family.
Posted by Olasunkanmi Manuel-Oni on 13th November 2016
Humble, gentle, kind and hospitable are just some of the innumerable virtues mama was blessed with. She respected all and sundry without regard for creed, class or colour. This was how she came across to me even as a growing lad in my early teens about 45 years ago. Mama, you were an inspiration and a pleasure to know. We miss you dearly! Rest in the bosom of Jesus Christ, sleep well, mama, good night Mummy Olasimbo Ayonrinde.
Posted by Segun Ashiru on 13th November 2016
Our late Aunt, Mrs Olasimbo Ayonrinde was very kind, caring, full of love, accommodating, motherly and very prayerful. She was such a pleasant person to emulate. She was very cheerful without a moment of losing her temper. We thank God she lived to a ripe age and was a fulfilled wife, mother and grandmother. She would surely be missed. Good night aunty and rest in the bossom of the Lord. Segun & Bosun Ashiru
Posted by Gbemisola Obafemi-Ajayi on 13th November 2016
To God be the glory for a life well spent, rest in peace mummy.I will always remember your love, kindness and support, when i was a student nurse at UCH Ibadan. You brought me up like a daughter you did not have. Your marriage with my brother has been my model and inspiration. Your advice and guidance helped me to keep my marriage during my trying periods. You invited us to Australia several times now i regret postponing it every year. We love you but God loves you more. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace. The Ayonrinde family thank you for given us four great men. Brother mi, e ku ara fera ku. May the Lord strengthen and comfort you and the great men and grandchildren. Good bye sweet mum.
Posted by Olaide Awe on 13th November 2016
A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul has ascended to heaven. We part with our beloved mother n grandmother in pain. May God give her eternal life. We love you but God love you more than we do. Rest In Peace mama Deji. Very truly yours, Oyesunbo Olaide Awe (nee Ayonrinde)
Posted by Anthony Obuaya on 13th November 2016
To our beloved Mama You were a living exemplar of the finest qualities of womanhood. A mother to so many apart from your own biological sons. You will be sorely missed but we all take comfort and solace in our experiencing of your uplifting love for all during your sojourn on earth. We bid you farewell with heavy hearts.
Posted by Ogun Oluwagbenga on 12th November 2016
Rest in peace Mummy, am happy u were part of my life as a little boy while growing up, and now that am a man, I never get to see up till the time u left us. Am sure heaven must be beautiful now, since they got you. From Lekan Omo Iya Ibadan.
Posted by Gordon Allen German on 11th November 2016
I was deeply privileged to have known Simbo, She was a deeply gentle woman whose many family members and friends spanned at least three continents; so she was an international woman. But for all that, she remained personal, humble, and always smiling, Her gentleness was of her heart - as was her smile. No-one who met her failed to feel cared for by her, nor did they leave her without feeling betterment. Now that she is gone there is, of course, sadness, but mixed with that is knowledge that through knowing her my world (and that of others) is a better place.

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