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गतासूनगतासूंश्च नानुशोचन्ति पण्डिता
The wise grieve neither the living nor the dead. There was never a time when you and I have not existed nor will there be a time when we will cease to exist (2.11,2.12)
  • 55 years old
  • Born on March 13, 1964 in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • Passed away on June 8, 2019 in Anaparti, Andhra Pradesh, India.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Srinivas Koka, 55 years old , born on March 13, 1964 and passed away on June 8, 2019. We will remember him forever.

He passed away in his childhood home writing the 80th sloka of the Vishnu Sahasranamam in his journal. Everyday for the past ten years, he wrote one sloka of the Sahasranamam and reflected on its meaning

His last Vishnu Sahasranam verse: https://imgur.com/a3HKTKu

We request all family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to post any pictures, stories, and memories you have of Srinivas to memorialize this great man. 

Posted by Anirudh Koka on July 17, 2019
Written by Jagannadha Rao Koka, Srinivas Koka's father Personification of all great qualities the parents look for in a child as go;den steps for a positive development to shine as a star in his travel through this complex and complicated journey of life, have started blossoming from day one, Srinivas has opened his eyes and had glimpse of the world into which the God Almighty brought him. As months baby, he displayed a smile on his face always like live photograph. I do not remember even a single day where he disturbed the sleep of anyone with his crying. As he grew into childhood the three most important qualities of a good child, namely, obedience, respect, and loyalty were his spontaneous flashes of sensibilities is handsome physical features and all pleasing facial expressions were the center of attraction for all those who came in contact with him. He was smart and elegant and used to walk in a royal style which prompted me to see him in police/army dress. Friendship was his way of life and he was really a friend in need for many. His memory was permanent and live. Even after a long gap he remembered each friend not only by their name but also each of their family members. Sunk in an ocean of grief, Father
Posted by Naren Koka on July 4, 2019
I am the most fortunate to be your brother, and the most unfortunate of all brothers to lose you so early. Everything I see here reverberates with your smile. So many people that you brought joy to, showed up in tears on your ceremony. I wanted it to be the best ceremony, just like in your style. But still can't accept it's your ceremony. I was the happiest person on May 15th, as we laid plans for our future together in India. Now I am the saddest person completely lost without you. You are loved by so many people. I don't know how you were able to touch so many hearts in a little time. I want to see you alive everywhere. I want to scream at the top of my lungs - I love you annayya! and I am sorry for all my mistakes - yours Thammudu.
Posted by Vishal Sameera Gaurav And... on June 26, 2019
We consider ourselves fortunate to have met and spend time with Srinivas - an amazing “instantly lovable” person: full of life, practical approach, filled with gentle kindness, a fantastic sense of humour and a forever radiant smile. Will miss and fondly remember our philosophical discussions over a melon martini or two! Our prayers, thoughts and warm hugs are with you Ramani, Anirudh and Ananya. Much Love from Vishal, Sameera, Gaurav and Ritika
Posted by Katy Hansen on June 21, 2019
Dear Koka Family, It is with sadness that I learned of the passing of your husband/father. My main memory of him is the pride he had in Ananya and her gifts and talents. When Ananya joined the tennis team, he did his best to come to her matches and support her and our program. The other memory that I have is that he was a man of great kindness. Any interaction I had with him was one of joy and caring. The world is a better place because he was part of it and it will not be the same without him. However, I also know that his wonderful spirit will be reflected in his children for years to come. Prayers to you all during this time.
Posted by Lallitha Immaneni on June 20, 2019
Dear Srinivas, We are all blessed to have known you! Your kindness and smile will be forever etched in our memories. You and Ramani have raised two beautiful children Anirudh and Ananya.. I am sure you will watch over them as their guardian angel. Rest in peace my friend.. Lalitha & Venkat Immaneni
Posted by Millicent Owusu on June 20, 2019
We will always miss Srini. His sudden departure hit us so hard. He was gentle, warm, personable and very peaceful. His joy was infectious and his family, Ramani, Anirudh and Ananya are very special to us. Srini, we will always remember you in our hearts. Farewell good friend. From Emmanuel, Millicent, David and Samantha.
Posted by Tiags T on June 20, 2019
Hi Ramani, Anirudh, Ananya, Please accept our deepest condolences of your loss. Srini, I always remember you as a happy, smiling and caring person. Rest in Peace. Tiags & Sudha
Posted by Aamina Ahmed on June 19, 2019
Dear Mr.Koka, I remember clearly when you would come to watch the high school tennis matches that Ananya and I would compete in as doubles partners not too long ago. You would enthusiastically wave at both of us, and show us support with your cheers and encouraging words, it was always hopeful to see you cheering for us. Even though I only had the pleasure of meeting you a few times, you always showed me kindness and I know you have left a tremendous impact on many people. I have had the honor of becoming close friends with Ananya, and without a doubt, Ananya is the beautiful and wonderful person she is today, largely because of you. There are many people who miss you, but most importantly, there are many people that will continue to love you.
Posted by Umabharathy Natesan on June 19, 2019
My dear Annaya, I still cannot believe you are no longer with us… I will miss you. Thank you for being the most caring person I've ever met, for accepting and loving everyone, and for being someone who impacted the lives of so many. Someone so special can never be forgotten. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Jayamani Manickam on June 19, 2019
Srinivas, You have been the first in most of my life, first and trusted friend at ASU, my first car drive is with you, my first movie is with you, my first job fair is with you, my first camping is with you, you and Ramani are the first person to talk to Bharathy, first person to host us after marriage, first Diwaly (thala Diwali) after our marriage is with you, you gave the first food to to my kids, you are always first to us..... But why you want to be the first one to leave us. There are so many memories wavering in my mind, but don't have strength to list them all. How can I explain why our kids were born exactly 365 days apart. God wanted us to celebrate on the same day wherever we are. You are the only person I can call at anytime to get Peace of Mind. Now my heart is broken to Pieces. Why did you leave us. You sent the message last Diwali that we should plan our retirement together and stay together. Why did you leave us I pray God.... Please send Srinivas just for one more minute and we want to be blessed by him again. Srinivas, your ever smiling face is always in my heart. Bless us from your home in Heaven.
Posted by Godena Shravan on June 19, 2019
Written by Swayam Athamma. Srinivas, Manasu ninda neevu vunna nee gurinchi cheppalantey matalu karuvayipoyayi. Nee Chinna Pillavadi Manastathvam, Nee Chinnanati Cheshtalu, Nee Pedharikam, Nee Prema, Nee Navvu Mukhamu ani ma kallaku kattinattu kanipisthunayi. Prathi pata lo nuvve, Prathi manchi matalo nuvve kanipistunnavu. Whatsapp tho oka group chesi andaru manavalle ani bandhuvulanu okati chesi andaram okkey degara kalisi matladukuntunnatlu chesi neevu matram evariki andanantha dooramga vellipoyavu. Nee nishkramanam memu bharinchalekapothunamu. Ee bhadanundi therukune gunde dhyryam Annaki, Vadinaki ivvalani bhagavanthudini korukuntunnanu. Samudhramu madya vunatlunna Ramani ki athma sthyryani, shakthi ivvalani aa devudini korukuntunnanu. Anirudh ki, Ananya bhadhyatha mariyu Neevu vadili vellina baruvu bhadyathalanu, Aasayalanu dhairyam ga yedurukogala Shakthi ivvamani aa bhagavanthudini korukuntunnanu. Itlu, Swayam Athamma
Posted by Radha Varada on June 19, 2019
Dearest Bavagaru, My personal ode here just for you, flowed out from my heart without ado. Lament not I will for one who, did his utmost for all & for me too. Forever I will remain your "Maradalu-pilla" Nobody has that privilege but you "bava" So much banter we shared and enjoyed, While lots of respect we always buoyed. Fond memories of you I shall always carry, Laughter you taught me since my sister you did marry. Subtle humor and deep affections, Touched everyone that had your Acquaintance. Family values from you I learnt, Devotion to elders you always meant. From you we had lots more to yearn, So guide us from your abode in heaven.
Posted by Vijay Kumar on June 19, 2019
Dear Srinivas, I refuse to say that I will miss you for you will always remain with us for the rest of our lives. The fond memories and common interests we shared will always linger pleasantly. Though our paths never crossed until we became co-son-in-laws, what got us really connected was the realization that we had attended the same college and boys' hostel during the same years (1979-80) at Andhra Loyola Vijayawada. That was followed by another realization, while driving around in Dubai listening to my car audio, that we loved the same oldies telugu music. I'm so glad I got you a copy of those songs last year, which you said you had really enjoyed. How about our common fondness for a quite evening with some exotic "Blue Label" reminiscing about all those good old days ? Then there was the trip to Napa valley in year-2000, with just born baby Ananya, when you went out of your way (as always) hired a Ford Expedition to drive the entire family up there for some wine tasting. Oh what experiences ! So with all those good times & many many more, how can one ever miss you ? You will never be missed, for you will always be with us. Cheers my friend.
Posted by Rahul Mittal on June 19, 2019
Dear Mr. Koka, You were an amazing host when I visited Ananya last winter. You put so much efforts into making my trip memorable, planning the trip to Grand Canyon, going to the drive through with the Christmas lights, showing me how to fly your drone and making me feel at home and feel loved. I looked up to you as a father figure. Our conversations were so interesting, talking about India, technology among others. You will forever be missed, and I wish I could tell you how much I admire you. Ananya is my best friend and I’ll always take care of her as she goes to do amazing things! May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Debbie Burke on June 18, 2019
John and I are so saddened by Sri’s passing. A kinder, gentler man there has never been. Sri lit up the world with his presence and passed on his wonderful smile to everyone he came in contact with. We watched him be a wonderful father, a loving husband and he delighted us at every neighborhood get together. We miss you already and we are praying for your family.
Posted by Ann Pinkwasser on June 18, 2019
David and I are so saddened to hear of Sri's death, as is the entire neighborhood. This man always had a smile on his face and a quick hand shake no matter if you were in a car on in the yard. One of the nicest most kind man I have ever met. Always asking how things were going and if we needed help with something. What a fabulous man and neighbor. We will miss him but will also keep his kind spirit alive with acts of good deeds and a helping hand..
Posted by Deb Althoff on June 18, 2019
Oh, Sri, how I will miss your presence in our yoga classes. THANK YOU for the light you brought with you every time you showed up on your mat. THANK YOU for sharing the wisdom of Sanskrit words with me and for helping me with pronunciation. THANK YOU for the respect and reverence you brought to our yoga practice, that is mostly nonexistent in my western students. Your respect and reverence toward me as your teacher was such a gift, and one that I didn't always feel worthy of in the beginning. THANK YOU for helping me be a better yoga teacher. I will miss you sleeping in savasana! I already miss your kind presence. To the family of Sri ~ I am so sorry for your great loss. I can only imagine the depth of your sorrow. Sri was a beautiful soul and left such a beautiful impression on us all. God's blessings to you all.
Posted by Ashwin Waghray on June 18, 2019
You always were and will continue to be treasured; with your pleasant kind and jovial ways in every thought of you. You have immensely contributed to our spiritual learning with your deeds and examples that you used in Tatva Bodh years ago on how the mind and body are to be separated.On how perceived identity is different from real Identity. I recall speaking to you on the annual day a few weeks ago and you pleasantly reminded me of something over 10 years ago with your sharp memory and quick wit we smiled for a long time thinking of how clearly you remember all that. Your energetic optimism is worth emulating . Love regards and Strength to Ramaniji,Ananya and Anirudh.
Posted by Shyla Ganesan on June 18, 2019
Srinivasji, I wake up everyday hoping that this is a dream! You have been a great support to not only your family but also to the family and friends near you. As a supporter of our Dance school, you were full of enthusiasm and wonderful comments which only makes one strive one step better. You have always shared a smile a kind hello with everyone which definitely makes ones day better. You are dearly missed Srinivasji!!!!
Posted by Anirudh Koka on June 18, 2019
Written by Papai Athamma Sreenu my Dear You are a diamond, that has the values immeasurable and immense. What a wonder you never know a single word to chide other's feelings! You watch your kith with an unfathomable-esteem of a magic spell, The stylish touch, you give, on your kin explains an enchanting entice. Oh dearest guy, we cannot bear the total eclipse and eerie silence you created, Nor we can try to fill the gap by any elegant ancillary other than thee. For me you are forever a chubby cheeked, chivalrous, cheerful-chocolate child, The gospel of your absence is so bitter and pungent that cannot be tolerated. You always treat the simple sentence I scribbled down as poetry rich and worthy, The lines I draw, you always admire as pleasing polished picturesque artistry. Hence onwards from whom I abide such applaud and uplift that fortify me, How can I fill up the void created by you, the golden, glorious and glamorous guy? How weak is the human power when misfortune falls like a tempest upon a family ship Cannot drive it back and try to be with our loving one whom we need in our group indeed. You, when breathed your last, it was not the oxygen of the colossal cosmic atmosphere, But it was the panoramic tempest that devoured the jovial zeal from the fabulous family If I turn aside and fall in slumberous sleep to feel the fact as an evil illusion of frightful nightmare, And wake up to see you among our team for full life time to keep us all laughing and rejoicing! But the fearful fact reappears, in a stubborn dreadful void, dragging away our loving lively deity God! I need not be pardoned, if I rebuke you rudely for grabbing him physically from our sphere! Ever yours, Papai Athamma
Posted by Viswanath Trivedi on June 18, 2019
When Rajashree and I think of Srinivas so many warm memories flood our minds. Many of our 'firsts' and cherished experiences have been with Srinivas and Ramani. The first time I met Srinivas was at the Student Recreation Center, Arizona State University around 1991-1992. Srinivas greeted me with his trade mark open-hearted greeting and welcoming smile. Both of us were trying to tone ourselves up before our respective weddings in the ensuing summer of 1992. From then on, we used to exercise regularly together before we left for India to get married. When I returned back from India with my new bride, who would it be but Srinivas again who was the first to greet us at the apartment complex exclaiming “welcome to Bharath Bhavan,” (he did not know that we were coming that day, and for those who are wondering, since our apartment complex had around 500 Indian students residing, it was informally known as Bharath Bhavan). In no time Rajashree and Ramani became close friends, doing everything together. They learnt knitting together, they studied for the GMAT together. Srinivas, ever enthusiastic, planned many activities that we did together—we went to the neighboring Kiwanis park together, we watched movies together, we had dinners together. We celebrated our first Deepavali together, the wives in traditional Indian finery, and treated ourselves with ice cream at the neighboring Dairy Queen. Neither of us could swim. However, it was Srinivas’ encouragement and support that gave us the strength to try our hand at tubing down the Salt River in Mesa. Thanks to Srinivas, that was again a first for us. We had innocent and carefree fun as we tubed down the cool waters as the hot Arizona sun beat down on us. We have not gone tubing since leaving Phoenix, and now we may never again do so—Srinivas is no more. We saw our first snow (actually it was a patch of ice by the road, but that was our first experience with snow and the fact that what we saw was only a patch of ice was only a minor detail that we ignored) as we went towards Flagstaff. Again, it was thanks to Srinivas, Ramani and Sathyanarayana. We did not have a car, so if not for Srinivas, who invited us to join them that day, we would not have had that unforgettable experience. It was only last Fall, that Srinivas phoned us and said that their family would be visiting us. We were thrilled that we would be seeing our friends from the old again after nearly 18 years. Now, it was the four of them and the three of us. It was a brief visit, but the same warmth was still present. It was as if time had stood still and we effortlessly picked back from where we left off after leaving Phoenix. And now, Srinivas is no more. We have seen very few people who are as genuine as Srinivas was. He wore his heart on his sleeve. What you saw is what you got. No artifice. He was a friend for life, loyal. It is rare in life to find a friend such as he. Maybe it is for these reasons that God wanted Srinivas to be by him and thus called him back so prematurely. We will sorely miss him. The hole he has left will never be filled. Stay strong Ramani, Anirudh and Ananya. Srinivas was a great human being.
Posted by Ananya Koka on June 18, 2019
dear Adji , The truth is, I’m scared to live in a world without you. For the past eighteen years, you have shielded me from the evils of this world and shown me that there is light in even the darkest of tunnels. You taught me that true love is rare, but when you find it, it’s unconditional and all-encompassing. With you, I didn’t need to find it. Everything that I am today is because of you and everything that I will become will be for you. I will forever be grateful that I grew up with you as a father, and I am honored to have had the privilege of knowing you. While I am not the perfect daughter that I was in your eyes, I will strive to be as close to that person as I can be. I’m still in shock & my heart aches knowing that I’ll never come home to you again, but I trust that this is God’s plan. All that I can do now is fulfill your dreams and make you proud. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for the endless piggyback rides, thank you for dropping/picking me up from every dance and sangeetham class, thank you for always waiting at the airport gate with a big smile on your face, thank you for staying up to make sure I come home safe, and finally, thank you for teaching me that family always comes first. I’m not ready to say goodbye and I’m heartbroken that I’ll never get the chance to watch your newest drone videos of the lake or get to take part in your Sunday pujas again. You are my hero and best friend, and everyday, I will try to emulate your kindness, integrity, diligence, and amiability. My heart is shattered but still, I feel your warmth. A world without you will never be the same, but your journey here is over and for that, all Amma, Anirudh, and I can do is be happy that you are at peace. I miss and love you with all my heart. Rest In Peace daddy 06/08/19 Love, your chinna thalli
Posted by Mogilisetty Naidu on June 17, 2019
Written by Sri Mogilisetti Venkateswara Rao. I am just the trasliterator. Srinivas, Nee gurinchi cheppaalante maatalu chaalavu. Nee maanavatha dhrukpadhamu, udhaara hrudhayamu, bhandhu preethi ena lenivi. Nee pasithanamloni chilipi chestalu, nee chilipi panulu, nee paathasaala vidhyaabhyaasamu, nee home sickness, engineering kaLasaala pravesamu, america prayaanamu naa kaLLaki kattina dhrusyalu. Avi ennatiki kanumarugu kaavu. Neevu maa madhya lEvane vishayaanni evaramU jeerNinchukolEkapOthunnAmu. Nee nishkrmaNamunu bharinchagala manO sakthini nee thalli-dhandrulaku prasaadhinchamani dhaivanni praardhisthunnanu. Neevu vadhali veLLina baruvu bhaadhyathalani sweekarinchi vijayavanthamuga konasaagimpagala aathma sthairyamunu sakthini sreemathi Ramaniki prasaadhinchavalasinadhigaa bhagavanthuNNi praardhisthunnanu. Nee aasayaalanu phalapradhamu chEsE viDHamuga nee santhaanamaina Anirudh Ananyala budhi vikaasamunu, sugmamaina maargamulanu andhincha valasinadhiga dhavanni praardhisthunnanu. Nee aathmaku saanthini kalugachEya valasinadhiga bhagavanthuNNi vEyi vidhaluga vEdukontunnanu. itlu, nee chitti maamu.
Posted by Baby Jyothirmayee on June 17, 2019
My dear Annaya I dont know how to start. You are not just my annaya , You are everything to me. You were and will be always with me and will protect me. You changed your college to be with me when I had to join my college which was co-education. You gave me everything I liked, without asking. When I wanted to learn Kuchipudi dance, I very well remember you used to take me to Rajahmundry by scooter. When I had to go to Naliya you accompanied me to that godforsaken place. Apart from our chidhood, we stayed together for 2 years plus at Hyderabad. They were the sweetest moments of my life - you, me and Manganath. The Dilkushes you brought, the omelettes we ate of the broken ration eggs, the cement ladden clothes you used to come back in from work and the roaming around we did were unforgettable. You were there with me when ever I was in need. Many were not happy when I started Sandesh Education , as there was no prior announcement , But you are the only person expressed your happiness and said I kept the name Sandesh afloat, which was coined by you after the debacle of Sandesh Data Systems. Annaya , I love you. You are still with me and will be with me.
Posted by Seetha Immaneni on June 17, 2019
Dear Srinivas, You are a great friend. I always recall the moments that we spent in Anaparthi, kakinada, godavari pushkaralu, in shravan's marriage and in sireesha's marriage. Always you used to tell jokes and make us laugh. You brought all of us together in C n M. I used to enjoy the songs and comments that you were posting.Once you told that all cousins can call you "Annayya", except myself. Yes I am your "Maradalu". The way you wished me in Hyatt Regency,Dallas is unforgettable. You are everliving in our hearts. Don't want to say ............Bye..........Be with us.
Posted by Shailaja Golla on June 16, 2019
Whenever i think of you I remember your Hyderabad years. Your visits were never silent, your aura was so strong that you filled the place with smiles, long hours of memorable chats and laughter. You in your early 20's had an magic which only few of your age had. Kids adored you, your aunts loved you to the core, you were your uncles best friend and a confidant of your cousins. Your absence has created an irreparable void in our lives. I still feel that its a horrible nightmare and I would wake up with your good morning message. Alas, we can't reverse the time. Though we miss your presence, I now realise that you are more than your physical self. You are and you will always live in the lives you touched, the love you have spread and the bridges you have built to bring people together. It's not about how long a person stays on the earth, it is about how much difference he makes in his near and dear people's Life that makes him a Chiranjeevi.
Posted by Haritha Mogilisetti on June 15, 2019
Dear Srinivas, You are the most beloved nephew of our family, which says everything about you. You have always been a great host inviting family and friends from all over the world. We will cherish all these loving memories forever! Through your daily reflection of a Vishnu Sahasranama sloka, you have sent a great message to all of us about the true meaning of life. Thank you for bringing all of our cousins and family together under one umbrella! Your love and legacy will continue through your wonderful children who will make all of us proud!!
Posted by Nagaratnam Pokala on June 14, 2019
Srinivas, you are so affectionate and loving towards all. Your love is unmatched. You brought the familiies and cousins all together. We try to continue your legacy. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You taught me how to love everyone and appreciate everyone. Thank you. You are with us forever.
Posted by Vaishnavi Koka on June 14, 2019
Pedanana, you were always the life of the party. Capturing beautiful moments from behind the lens of your camera, highlighting every single person in the room. I’m grateful to have had you so close to home my whole life and thankful for all the memories we’ve had in both the US and India. You are forever with us and will live on through all of the family you brought together, your beautiful children, and the impact that you’ve had on each and every one of us.
Posted by Mogilisetty Naidu on June 14, 2019
We miss you dear Srinivas. We miss your jovial light hearted kalupugolutanamu. You tought us essential social skills. You were there for all the fun summer days we had in Anaparti. You were there when I was scared of ragging. You brought us all together in cnm WhatsApp group. It makes the oceans shrink. My first swim is because of you. Thanks a lot for the lovely memories. Thank you for being a huge communicator of our family across generations. Rest In Peace.
Posted by Godena Shravan on June 14, 2019
We Love you and We will Miss you Srinivas Bava - A Happy, Optimistic, Successful, and an Affectionate Son, Husband, Father, Friend and Cousin.
Posted by Kotesh Rao on June 14, 2019
A Great Man, adorable Loving Cousin We LOVE U Srinivas
Posted by Anirudh Koka on June 14, 2019
Adji, I cannot begin to thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for being my foundation, my rock. Everything I have ever accomplished is because I have stood on the shoulders of a giant. You supported me in everything that I have tried to do, and everything that I will accomplish in my life will be because of you. I will never forget the sacrifices that you made, all because you loved us more than anything in the world. I will always admire your strength, bravery, stubbornness, tenacity, kindness, tenderness, bhakti, leadership, and how much you genuinely care about every living thing around you. You have made an impact on so many people throughout your life, and I hope I can become even half the man that you are. I wanted to tell you that I love you immensely, and that I feel like there is a hole in my heart that can never be filled. However, thanks to you, I now understand that the real you isn’t the cold body that I cremated, but the vibrant, infinite, blissful God that resides in all of us. You are God, and I know you came to this realization at the end. You will always be with me, Ananya, Amma, and everyone else that you have touched in your life. I will always find strength in you, and I hope to keep making you proud.

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