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Howl At The Full Moon

February 12, 2012


Every Full Moon I look up to the sky and smile knowing how we had our favorite times laughing and acknowledging the effects the Full Moon had on us... (SMILE).  I love remembering how you would come out at night on the patio or in the driveway and HOWL at the moon knowing I'd be in the window looking at how giddy we would get.  They aren't the same, but I will always remember them with you.  Hope you look down and smile too.

"Winnie"   (SMILE)     

Happy Birthday Stan!

December 2, 2011
Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday To You

Today is a special day to remember, year 2011 and the day is December 1st…today is so very special because I will be celebrating your birth ~ Giving thanks to the creator up above for making no mistakes when he created you…now you can do all the thanking in person, up close and personal ~

Even though it feels like yesterday when you had to go on a journey far away…the love and memories you left behind, will always be with me, in my heart to stay ~

I know you would’ve probably celebrated today with Winnie your wife…some nice jazz music, some salad, a home cooked dinner and dessert, all by candle light ~ Or even gone out with my mom & friends to a casino…then win like crazy, take all the casino’s money, smoke a cigar and then say “I’m ready let’s go” LOL! ~

No matter how you look at it you would’ve been celebrating it along with ice cream and cake some place…so there are no room for these tears of mine that are now rolling down my face…I shall wipe these tears away, go clean my face because I believe you are truly in a better place ~

I will turn my frown upside down, and look up into that bright light, because I know that’s YOU smiling down ~ I hope you continue to visit anytime you please, I say this in prayer, with hands folded tight, down on bending knees…

Happy Birthday Stan the man!

Love you, your daughter Shanie 


My First Apartment in Recovery!!

January 20, 2011

Stan stopped by and Victor took this picture of us sitting in front of the fire place, my apartment in recovery!!!

One Year Sober

January 20, 2011

Once Again My Dear Friend Stan Celebrating another accomplishment with me!!!

Peggy's GED Graduation

January 20, 2011

This was one of my happiest moments and Stan was right there to share it with me!!!!

January 18, 2011

My Mom sent me this picture via email after she had told me about Stan illness progressing. Why were they going through this? Why now, why at all? Why was this happening to them? Why couldn't Stan had come into her life a very long time ago? I was torn up inside because I didn't understand,why?

 I was trying to think of what I could do with this picture. I had it, a mug and mouse pad! Right away I got on website and uploaded the picture to be transfered to a coffee mug for his or her tea. The mouse pad was for my Mom to take to work and that way she'd always be able to look down and see the happiness in their faces to have known the love that they both shared. If my memory serves me I wrote this in the frame of the border of the picture... My Love, My Life, Always! I wanted to write more but there was a limit on how much you could write. I had to shorten it and this was fitting for the occasion. I had it sent directly to her. I could only pray that it looked nice. I told her to look out in the mail for something from me..and like always she said "Lisa you didn't have to do that, you have thoses kids to take care of you shouldn't have." Yeah yeah I know but see, I could afford it and from the tears that were rolling down her face ( I could hear through the phone) I knew it was worth every dime. My Mother even told me one day that Stanley asked her where was the picture, because he couldn't see it. ; ).  That also let me know that it was worth it. Stan I hope you enjoyed the picture and got to use the mug! Mommie I hope it contuines to make you and or your heart smile on the days you can't. Stay strong!


January 18, 2011

Mommie I never noticed it until I just looked closely at this picture. You and Stan have the same teeth! Isn't that funny! I love and miss you both so much!


January 18, 2011

I wasn't able to make it to New York to be here for this but My Mom was so happy. She was like a teenaged girl over the phone. Now I see the smiles, Oh God..Stan you have no idea how happy you made her! Thank you for coming into her life. Thank you for sharing your life with hers!

God bless you and keep you in his arms until the day you see your blushing bride again! (not too soon please)

I love you Mommie!!! You deserved all the happiness that Stan brought to your life. Don't feel cheated be blessed! You were and still are! Love your daughter Lisa

In Memory of Stan

January 12, 2011


You can shed tears that he is gone ...
Or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes ...
And pray that he will come back,
Or you can open your eyes ...
And see all that he has left.
Your heart can be empty ...
Because you can't see him,
Or you can be full of the love ...
That you shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow ...
And live in yesterday,
Or you can be happy for tomorrow ...
Because of yesterday.
You can remember him ...
And only that he is gone,
Or you can cherish his memory ...
And let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind ...
Be empty and turn your back,
Or you can do what he would want ...
Smile, open your eyes, love, and go on!
Peggy Jean


January 4, 2011

To my husband Stan... I LOVE YOU !

The first time I said those words to you I couldn't believe they were coming out of my mouth.

And I was so sure I would never say them again... because love... it never lasted, so I stopped trying... or at least I tried to stop trying... but you wouldn't let me.

CRAZY... considering you were just as scared as I was... that's right, you heard me... I said it... you were scared (SMILE).

You decided I was worth the risk... and, you convinced me to take that risk with you... THANK YOU !

So, we held hands, and we took a leap... we got married, against all odds...

You gave me the courage to love again, against all odds...

Everything we did, was against all odds...

But, somehow we made it work.

Was it easy?  Not always... but, my God, Stan it was worth it.

Someone recently asked me what I thought you would want...

I know you would want me to be strong, and to keep on going, and I will because I have to... for you.

But, I won't think of you as gone forever... you've just taken a journey, and I'll be joining you one day to take that honeymoon we were unable to take on this earth.

I Will Never Stop Loving You!


This is for you Stanley Jones ~ GOD needed You

January 3, 2011

 Pray Until Something Happens”

For; Stan "Dad" by w/ love: Lashan Lopez “Shanie”


Stan, if you ever had or have any doubts about any & everything…

no matter what it’s about, I want you to PUSH “Pray Until Something Happens”


This world was not made in one day and your health didn’t change in one day either…

so remember all things are possible if you just PUSH “Pray Until Something Happens”


Stan ask GOD to take care of you, you have to believe that GOD will see you through…

But never lose Hope and keep your Faith in Jesus and PUSH him with all your might…

You have a lot of fight in you; you have to PUSH and “Pray Until Something Happens”


When you get tired, you may want to give up, you may even want to throw your hands up...

Stop! Don’t do it, unless you’re throwing your hands up to praise and seek GOD…

Just put your hands together and PUSH “Pray Until Something Happens”


You may even be feeling a lot of pain right now, you may even feel weak, it’s OK to cry…

Just let it out and yell out to the LORD because he hears your cries, you just have to believe that he will deliver, you will come through, just PUSH “Pray Until Something Happens”


Thank GOD for your Past, Present and Future for he is always there for you…

You may even get sleepy and rest your head; you might see a bright light in front of you…


You say in a loving voice “Now hold on one minute, I am not done here yet, I got a lot more fight in me, I will not be afraid to join you one day, but not today! I have belief I’m on a longer journey” then wake up, and PUSH “Pray Until Something Happens”


Miracles do happen more than anyone knows with the sole force of GOD, The LORD & Jesus Christ, just never stop PUSHing for victory for you are blessed within thee…


Your Guardian Angels are by your side even when one of them are not in your sight… Winnie was chosen as your Guardian Angel and believe me she is warding off all evil, she will be by your side always with no hesitation…she will walk beside you in desperation…


For you are loved and I know you will be at peace because we will ALL PUSH with you for a breakthrough, there is nothing to hard for our GOD, I truly believe & trust that GOD will see you through.  Just keep your head up as high as you can hold it, your heart open as wide as you can and your Faith and Hope alive always, so you can receive GOD’s blessings


Stan don’t forget to keep fighting that battle, don’t give up, a change is not impossible…

In Jesus name, PUSH “Pray Until Something Happens” AMEN


written on 9/17/2010

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