My Mother Stella Majecki, Zukowski

My mother Stella was a very special lady and always had encouraging words not only for me but for everyone she met.  My first serious memory of a discussion I had with her was when I was four years old during the WWII war years.  I can still see us standing in the hall bathroom on the third floor of 1242 Pinchot Pl. Bronx, NY.  I was dressed in my favorite Navy uniform with my sailor cap and mom was explaining the very serious Military need for scrap rubber to help fight the war and everyone was asked to make a sacrifice to help our troops.  Mom explained that my rubber pacifier would surely be a big help.  Wait a minute, my most favorite 4 year old friend could help win the war?  Ouch, this would be difficult, but winning the war had to be done, so reluctantly, I pulled it from my lips and handed it to mom. To this very day I still remember how proud I was when we won the war over Europe in 1945.

Now on with my mom's story. 

Polish Polka Time.  From early 1949 until the mid 60's mom had a her own Sunday morning radio program.  Click for the rest of her story.

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