Stella's Polish Polka Time Program

Shared by Ray Zukowski on 22nd October 2017

Welcome to all of you who have used a link on your smart phone or computer to reach my mom's story and to hear her Polish Polka Time program.  Click PLAY to get started.

If you're interested in having a Niche Face created, please give me a call at 850 865-4045.  I would also be happy to help you learn all about and how you and your family can start saving those memories from past Photo Albums, Scrapbooks and old Movies.

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Meeting Aunt Stella again as an adult.

Shared by Ray Zukowski on 1st February 2014

Story shared by niece Tina Zukowski Connolly,
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I met Stella as an adult in the early 70s at her nephew Jan's wedding.  It was nice to get reacquainted.  I saw her again in a mall in NJ while we were both testing a product for a company.  I found out she didn't live too far from my mother-in-law, so we made a date to meet at my mother-in-law's apartment.  My grandmother and my Uncle Vincent (Ray's dad) also came with me.  They hadn't seen each other in many years (Stella and Vincent were divorced in 1958).  We then drove to my house and had dinner.  My Uncle (Vincent) and Stella had a bit of catching up to do, which they did during a nice walk they had together. It was a very cordial and joyful time.  

The last time I saw Aunt Stella was in Las Vegas at a family reunion in 1998. We all met Kassie Wells who married Ray in 1999.  The whole family was together, including my father John.  We will all treasure those memories.

May she rest in peace with her loved ones in heaven.

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