Posted by David Gargadi on May 25, 2021
Daddy, your legacy will live on. I find it a little bit awkward talking about you in past tense. I still listen to a lot of the conversation I had with you, especially during your last days on earth, the words are evergreen and loud. Reality always dawn on me , when I realize those things you were passionate about are left undone...even things that pertains God’s kingdom. Rest on sir!
Posted by Rifkatu Mshelia on May 25, 2021
Remembering you....
Daddy today is exactly a year since you left the earth, but your memory is still fresh in my heart. When I think about how much I miss you, I start to feel sorry for myself. I miss your guidance, your advice, and your support. May the good Lord continue to grant you eternal rest.

(Japheth Johap- Security)
Posted by Rifkatu Mshelia on May 25, 2021

In the evergreen and fresh memory of my beloved husband and friend Elder Stephen A Mshelia.......
Steve my love, it has been one year since you took your last breath and departed this sinful world but for me it is so fresh as if it were just yesterday. “The life of mortals is like grass; they flourish like a flower in the field and no more” Psalm 103:15.
My heart aches and bleeds every day. Since you left, it feels like you took all my strength, courage and you left it is a weak, powerless, and helpless creature. I feel empty and without strength to carry on. The world seems to be crumbling down on me with nowhere to run to. Every day I think of every moment we have spent together. I try not to, but I cannot, it is so lonely and scary with no one to share. In Christ alone my hope is found. My comfort comes from knowing that the Lord is faithful to His words. I have learnt to trust in God and lean of the everlasting arm of Jesus.
God is work in my life moment by moment assuring me of His presence. In times of fear, He assures me not to be afraid. He will hold me with His victorious righteous hand. He has promised never to leave nor forsake me. The Lord has taken over as a loving father of the fatherless and a husband of a widow which I am now one.
The legacies and virtues you taught us will continue to flourish in our hearts. The moments of life we have shared can never be forgotten.
(Gloria S Mshelia)
Posted by Hyeladzira Mairiga nee Ms... on May 24, 2021
Dear Daddy, it's been the most difficult one year ever. I still wish this was a bad dream I can wake up from. In all God has been faithful in keeping us. I cherish the memories of you and the legacies you left behind. I think of you everyday. You truly are missed. Always in my heart.
Posted by Richard Francis Mshelbar... on May 24, 2021
It is a year now since you left us,
A year I wish can be reversed,
So that with hindsight,
We can say our goodbyes

Oh how I miss you
Those jokes at the dinner table
As we watch a game of tennis
As we talk on the phone after a game of football....

It's okay to miss you,
It's okay to cry.
Just know I'll never forget you..

Sometimes I sit and wonder
If you are standing by my side,
Giving me the courage
To carry on with pride.

I'll hold onto our memories,
Until this life is done.
In my heart is where I'll store them,
Continue to rest on sir.
Posted by Adoniram Cham on May 21, 2021
Baba you came and you conquered, I will really mis those your smile's, I remember vividly when I called you on your sick bed and you told me I should not bother to come, that you will soon be leaving the hospital, little did I know that you are already announcing your departure to glory. Baba rest well till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Rifkatu Mshelia on April 21, 2021
Dear Daddy,

I was at the airport on Friday and the thought that we will not be able to talk before and after my flight crossed my mind and the tears came as I sat quietly waiting for the boarding call. Today, I looked around the house and the thought that you will never get to physically drop by when in town to see me made me so sad. I just wish I would wake up from this nightmare. I remember all the times you would visit Kano and I would hang out with you and mummy, it was such a blessing. I remember how you would call to ask if I was coming to Jos for the weekend as you knew someone that was heading that way as you would rather I come with them than use public transportation. You always looked out for us and protected us. Going to ECWA Unity church has been hard as there has never been a day the tears did not roll down during the church service, I see your sitting spot in the church and it hurts that you are not the one sitting there. Last Christmas, New Year, your birthday, our birthdays , Easter and your wedding anniversary were just not the same. Life will never be the same. God in His infinite wisdom took you to a better place.

My father, my are loved and sorely missed.
Posted by Richard Francis Mshelbara on April 19, 2021
Last year I missed your wedding anniversary and we talked on the phone that day and I promised not to missed this years anniversary, you send some pictures you took in the church, alas the Lord called you back home. Even though you are not around we still remember today with nostalgia.
Posted by Esther Mshelia on April 15, 2021
Dear Daddy,

Though you left us almost a year ago, every day still hurts as if there is a knife in my chest. People have said to me, "time heals all wounds", however, from losing you, what I think time does is it reduces the tears, as the pain for me is still very fresh but even the tears haven't stopped as they come and go like they did at Easter. I did not realize how much of an imprint you had made on me...I see and feel you in the littlest things - being in the house, turning on the security lights every night, tending to your beloved flowers, going on a work assignment and not being able to update you on how I'm faring, using your designated flask, seeing a game of tennis on tv; I see you in the big things too - watching mummy everyday, making decisions, celebrating the holidays especially Christmas which you loved so much, attending Sunday service and Bible study, being part of the Church Building Committee, the projects we handled together, remembering the values you instilled in me/us. I've had uncountable dreams of you doing different things but somewhere in those dreams I felt the hurt of knowing you won't be there when I wake up. I've not been the same since May 23rd, 2020, and I struggled so much at some point, I still do but I trust God's promise to be reunited with you someday and although I wish that day would be today, I've resolved to patiently wait so others too can be saved...I know it's what you would want as you lived beyond yourself....Thank you for being a stellar example of what a man should be, you set the bar real high.

Rest on daddy....I love you and miss you every single day. 
Posted by Richard Francis Mshelbara on April 12, 2021
Of a tender heart and generous spirit, that touched others goes on forever.
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.
When I think of how I will miss you, your advice, support, guidance, friendship.......
I start to feel sorry for myself, then I think of about all those people who never got the priviledge to meet you.
I felt sorry for them.
A heart of gold stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove that he only take the best.

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