This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sunday Ifeanyi Ekeukwu. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Nomawethu Denga on June 9, 2021
Dear Lumka and children
Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories. I can only imagine what you are going through but I know that through it all, God has been and still is with you. May His peace that surpasses all understanding be your strength and comfort...always.
Posted by Lumka Ekeukwu on April 14, 2021
It is difficult to describe just how much your gesture of support in our time of need means to us. To have a reminder from the people that care for us that we are not alone in our grief is immeasurable. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your condolences. It is only with the help of the wonderful people in our lives that we will be able to get through this. May the Lord Almighty bless you. Thank you so much, I really appreciate. 
Posted by Mantombi Nodu on April 13, 2021

I pray that God will comfort your family, watch and guide them in this difficult time.

May the giver of Life comfort us in mourning.

May the one who heals, heal us all.


Posted by Nomawethu Denga on April 6, 2021
Your passing came as a shock to us. It is so hard to accept that we’ll never see you again. We admired your young family for years as you walked into church every Sunday. You were a loving and caring husband to your beautiful wife and good father to your children. May God give them strength and guide them during this time.
Your sweet, gentle and humble being will be greatly missed by us.

Lala kahle our gentle giant.
Lala ngoxolo our dear brother in the Lord.
Hamba kahle son of the living God.

Zamile and Nomawethu Denga
Posted by Ndu Okaro on April 5, 2021
Dear Ifeanyi, the news of your passing came as a real shock to us, you were a young man with a big and generous heart, i pray the lord grants you eternal rest in his kingdom and watches over your lovely wife and kids.

Ndubuisi and Ifeoma Okaro
Posted by Onela Otito Ngoqo on April 4, 2021
I had a wonderful nwanne nna.. {uncle} One who really never grew old.The feeling of sadness is beyond my grip .I didn't expect you to leave this mortal realm this soon. A man is mortal but the love for them is immortal. Though you are not present here with all of us ,but your memory is stored in our mind .... all i can say is goodbye for now nwanne nna ...{uncle} .Until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand

Love from: Onela ♡
Posted by HOPE EKEUKWU on April 1, 2021
Where do I even begin?
Oh what a kind hearted man you were daddy. So selfless and caring. You cared for your family, friends and the community you grew up in. Never thought I would be writing a tribute for you at 16, but it was truly a shock when I heard you were gone and it still is. You completed a piece in my heart; you still do, but now as an angel . As your daughter you have made me proud for the good you did in the life you got to live. You were gone too soon, but everything happens for a reason, because I believe that this is truly part of God’s plan. You have inspired me in my life. You have taught me so many things that I am thankful for. I look at myself in the mirror and I see you. I see so much of you in me. It is truly heartbreaking to have to continue a life without you in it. You were a shining star that could not stop shining. An example of a great man who was only doing great things for his community, his people,friends and his family. You are my guardian angel. You are our family’s guardian angel. Your memory will forever be with me always. I am thankful for all the 16 years of my life that you were my father.
I am truly thankful for you. And I am honoured that I got to be your daughter. Couldn’t have asked for a better father than you. So, thank you for being your true self and a hero.
Love You,
Always and Forever!
Posted by Valentine Ukenta on March 31, 2021
To High Chief Ifeanyi Ekeukwu’s family and all the Ekeukwu family, on behalf of High Chief Sir Francis C. Ukenta’s family, I extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to you all. We offer you our thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this dark time. I can’t imagine how and what you must be feeling right now. It’s terrible and devastating but God knows best. Ndo nu.
May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. 

Valentine Emeka Ukenta
For the family
Posted by Valentine Ukenta on March 31, 2021
Yoyo as I used to call you, it grieves my heart so much that you are the one that I am writing a departing brief for.
The day I learnt about your sudden death, I cried and screamed vociferously but why you and why at this time?!!! At a time when our community and our people need a man of great benevolence like you.
Oh I am deeply saddened, my good friend and jolly kinsman is gone. You became a true son of the soil and a champion of hope and progress not just for our people and community, but for mankind as a whole.
I mourn you my dear friend and brother and keep with me the memories of how we used to hang out every Christmas and go back and forth from your house to mine and vice versa. You are one of the kindest, peace-loving and generous souls I have ever met.
Yoyo my man, gaa nkeoma. May your gentle soul Rest In Peace.

Valentine Emeka Ukenta
Posted by Oluchukwu Onyeghara on March 29, 2021
Double high chief Ifeanyichukwu Ekeukwu. My best friend, my brother from another mother, My close buddy, Omeifeukwu N'amiri, Anyi money, Anyi dollar, Ofunwa ka oguumu, Amuma N' egbeigwe, Ijele Amiri, Anyiego worldwide, oyi nji akam metere onwem n' okanga, The helper of the needy.

I know you are in a better place
But I miss looking at your face
You were so young to die
Every night I sit and cry
Wondering why does it have to be this way
It hurts so much because there’s nothing I can do or say
That can make you come back to us
There is one thing that’s plain to see
That one day we will be together again
And now until then you will always remain my best friend

Farewell my friend, you’re leaving.
It’s time for you to go.
Your friendship was a blessing,
And I will miss you so.
We shared so many secrets.
You brightened up my days.
You brought me so much happiness
With your kind and loving ways.
You lifted up my spirits
When I was feeling blue.
No matter what was happening,
You knew just what to do.

God only takes the best.
Everything happens for a reason,
Even if we may not agree.
Just promise to look after us,
And if you can,
Save a spot up there for me.
The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes,
And even more so,
Because all of this was such a surprise.
But we should never question what God has planned,
Sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.
So as we sit here and mourn the loss of a beloved friend,
We have to keep telling ourselves that we will meet again.

I don't know you will leave like this, wherever you are, May you rest in the lord's bossom

From your best friend High chief Ngwongwo N'oji river.
Posted by Merle Nkomo on March 27, 2021
From Mrs Nozibele Nwadike and my Husband Pascal Nwadike
Posted by Merle Nkomo on March 27, 2021
Here lies a great man who has left a wonderful legacy behind,He was larger than life and He lived it to the fullest,Now that He has gone may all the beautiful memories be a blessing to you and your children, please accept my sympathies for losing you Husband.
Posted by amasa tonye on March 25, 2021
The reality of your death brother brings me to tears. I am consumed in grief. Your life and true essence is blown away like a candle in the wind.

Amiri's finest son,nwokeoma, nwanne ukwu, nwanne eji aga mba, High Chief Ifeanyi Sunday Ekeuwku your life was a blessing to many, the joy you brought to many is unspeakable.

Your family, friends and community will miss you dearly, I will miss you dear cousin. You will remain evergreen in our hearts. We are only left with good memories too beautiful to forget.

Not even death "Anyi Ego" can separate you from the love of God as written in Rom8:38 that is my consolation dear brother because you showcased love and cared for many.

Keep resting in the Lord, till we meet again on ressuration morning.

Gaa ije gi nke oma nwoke obioma, nwannem.

Adanna Agugua ( Iwuchukwu)
Posted by Chidimma Ohaegbu on March 25, 2021

You touched many lives with your kind heartedness, your love for others, sympathy and support at the time of need.
You were my friend, brother and confidant.
Your life was a blessing , your memory a treasure.

Ofunwa ka ogu umu! Anyiego! those we love don't really go away, though unseen and unheard they stay in our hearts forever.

I bid you farewell my good friend. You will forever be missed.
Rest on bro, till we meet to part no more.

Chukwuemeka Ohaegbu (MESKANA)

Posted by Nelly Mtsewu on March 24, 2021
I still cannot believe that you are gone! Having known you from a very young age, made me realize how blessed our family has been to have a brother like you. You were more than a motivator but a mentor, the last conversation we had on how precious life is and our role and responsibility to honor the life spoke to the future. The love, generosity and humility made us feel welcome and comfortable in so many ways, I cannot begin to imagine and understand how life will be without you, you were destined for greater things. God took you to be in great places. You left us with such good memories and dedication to love and appreciate more. I will forever cherish the moments we shared, the lessons learnt. Sleep well my brother till we meet again. We will always love you and remember you Sbali!
Posted by Lumka Ekeukwu on March 23, 2021


It is with a great deal of shock, disbelief and sadness that I received the ugly news of the transition to eternal glory of my dear friend DOUBLE HIGH CHIEF, SUNDAY IFEANYICHUKWU EKEUKWU. ( ANYIEGO).

He was a great man who made important contributions to the development of our local government inspite of the fact that he is an Igbo man.

He is loved by all. Always ready to assist or help in anyway he can. He was a man with impeccable record of selflessness. 

ANYIEGO was a great man, an example of what all of us should aspire to be.

He came, he saw, and he conquered.

May the good Lord reward all the good works of IFEANYICHUKWU, forgive all his shortcomings, and bless all what he left behind, his beautiful ever loyal and faithful wife LUMKA, children, and entire family he left behind.

We are consoled by the fact that he lived a fulfilled life while on earth. 

We have lost a BIG GEM and heaven has just gained an Angel with a very BIG HEART.

As we grief, let's remember that we are all mortals on a journey through this vanity called life, and at the right time we shall all return home leaving behind all the vanities we have acquired "for out of the ground we were taken, for dust we are and unto dust we shall return" .

On behalf of my humble self, my deeply saddened wife, children, and the good people of Alimosho Local Government of Lagos State, we pray that the good Lord, the comforter of the bereaved grant my dear friend IFEANYICHUKWU ANYIEGO a peaceful eternal rest and the heartbroken family he left behind, the special grace and fortitude to bearthis huge irreplaceable loss.







Posted by Santos Igbo bu Igbo on March 23, 2021
Our hearts still ache with sadness, and many tears still flow. What it meant to lose you. I and my wife still can't believe that you are gone, but GOD knows the best.You will forever be remembered for all the good things you did to people. Keep resting in place until we meet again
Posted by Orihe Chigozie on March 23, 2021
The sadden new of your dismise is till a shocked to me till date and i'm still can't believe that you're no more Anyi-ego! I am still crying, Umuocheta and the entire Amiri Community are still in pain over your dismise.
My brother Chigozie as you fondly call me each time we talk despite the fact that we're not in the same capacity.

You have always carry me on in every of your project right from the very first day you kick off Raw Food Bank for over 5000 Amirians during the early Stage of the Covid-19 pandemic and this union has till continue during your father's burial just last few months.
I know if people were to sacrifice their life for others to live, I strongly believe that you will live to fulfill your good plans on Earth.

The entire community and neighborhood can't forget so many things you have done but within you is just a tips of the iceberg to what you have planned to accomplished.
Nobody has done and can do what you have done to us. You're irreplaceable!!!
I miss you so much my brother.
~Chigozie Orihe
Posted by EMMANUEL ADIPUE on March 22, 2021
How we wish to be privy to the secret of this universe to fathom reasons behind angels early exit on planet earth ,maybe is the fear of them been infected with cruel world . Is only God that knows why and we can’t question him or demand details.

Ifeanyi carved his name in the heart of people with acts of generosity and love . His legacies is etched into the minds of others . Really unfortunate that the ray of kindness that illuminated hope for all was abruptly taken from us . He is a good loving man that maintained a strict devotional bond with his families, yet completely hardworking and industrious. You are a rare gem,a great soul of matchless courage we miss you .

Ifeanyi ga nkeoma .

         From C .Adipue Agwanihu family
Posted by Ifeanyi Adipue on March 22, 2021

Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
The sense of depersonalization I felt while listening to a phone cal just few hours after your death is hard for me to describe here. Your death is stil amystery to us. What Iwil hold onto forever in my memory is the feeling I had abouty ou during our short interaction when you squeezed outtime from your tight schedule to visit melate in the night in Mbubu few years ago.During that short and specialvisit, I saw a good family man,a man who could stand firmly for Amiri anywhere, and a philanthropicmind. You left your footprint salover-in your own immediate family, in your immediate community Umuocheta,in your mother’s community Mbubu, inentire Amiri,in Imo State,in Nigeria, and in Africa, especialy SouthAfrica.
Adieu nwokeobioma! Peace bewith your spirit! Yours truly nwadiala,
Dr. (Sir) Okwuchukwu Gerald Ubaand Family(KC) Patronand Founding President, AmiriInternational Development Union
Posted by Raymond Egbuchulam on March 22, 2021
I met double high chief Ifeanyichukwu Ekeukwu for the first time when he came to me with some land agents to buy my two and half plots of land, i told him sir, i like you and i will sell one and half plot because i want us to live close which he accepted, he built his own house behind my house and since then we became closer. You became my friend, mentor and guardian, you promised to stay with me and all the promises you made to me death didn't allow any to come to pass. I didnt believe when i heard the shocking news of your death, i was very happy when i heard you have waking up but all was false. Who are mine to question our creator, he is unquestionable God. You've gone but we all still feel your presence, we all love and miss you, and you will forever have a space in our hearts for your love and care for us. I thank God for taken you away because he alone knows the best for us. I pray to God Almight to give us the strength and courage to bear this great lost and for you to continually rest in the bosom of our lord Jesus Christ both now and forever more Amen. Till we meet again.
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
(B.Sc.ED, TRCN Cert.) Umunanuom Umueze-1, Ehime-Mbano, Imo State.

17th March, 2021

Tribute to My Mentor & Boss (ANYIEGO)

No one is meant to live forever, but the death of my brother In-law, who I equally refer as my mentor & boss on the 15th of January 2021, was such a mystery and devastating one which I am yet to recover from.

Onyisi, it seems to me like everything about your demise is still a joke, difficult for me to comprehend. You had a plan of returning to Owerri a week after the burial of your Dad for a brief rest and to plan for the series of projects you had lined up to begin thereafter; but unfortunately death never allowed you to accomplish your plans.

Your immeasurable humility in the mist of your riches was the real power you had in the relationships you cultivated with people. You made a mark in me that will remain cherished in my life time.

You built St. Michael’s Catholic Parish Umuocheta to immortalize your grandfather (Pa Michael) who brought Catholic Church to his Community.You constructed St. Luke’s Sub- Station/ Hall Umuafoma to also immortalize your late father who followed the footstep of his father Pa Michael Ekeukwu.

You gave free water and solar street lights to your Community, and re-constructed the entire roads that lead to Amiri Town.

While in South Africa and during the COVID-19 lockdown you supplied varieties of food palliatives worth tens of millions of naira to be shared to your community and beyond. You had the habit of treating people equal, as nobody comes to your compound and go home on empty stomach.

Your selfless services to your community and overall generosity to the masses known and unknown will remain a case study for so many years to come.

Proverb 10:7 says “That the memories of a good person is a blessing, but the name of the wicked shall rot; we will miss you but hold unto that beautiful memories we have of you. God knows the best.

May your gentle soul through the mercies of God rest with Him Amen!


Comrade kelechi Iwuchukwu
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
The sun has really set at dawn. Double high chief, where are you?, my friend, my brother where exactly are you? I find it difficult to say you are no more.All the beautiful plans you have for all Amiri clan umuecheta to be precise. Words fail me to enumerate all your good work to your people and to humanity. Odogwu kariri odogwu you fought like a lion, you achieved what you would have achieved in your 100years within a short period of your life. Laa nke oma my good friend. Your memories will linger for a long time in my family. We love you but the Almighty loves you most.. From your friend Taco (Chukwudi Odumma) and family.
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
Anyi Ego was a very good friend of mine or should I say a brother from another mother, he was a man of his words full of integrity and modesty, we knew each other for more than fifteen years, from the time we met he showed me love, respect and trust, we always used to give each other advice,
He thought me how to be generous and forgiving, If anyone was owing him money irrespective of the amount, I will advice him to apply pressure but he will tell me Chairman I am the only son, some people are greedy and very wicked and ready to kill for money, God will take care of it, he had a big heart, always eager to assist people, 
I will say that Ifeanyi is Angel, I don't want to use passtens because I believe his Spirit is still with us, What a man he was, he left a vacuum that very difficult to fill, Most people who knew him must have one or two things to say about him even though no matter how good one might be there would be few who out of jealousy will dislike him,
But Ifeanyi played his part in this wicked world, I urge his wife and the children to continue where he stopped, he left a legacy that would testify for his hard work and humility, I wish the family well, May his soul rest in perfect peace, go well my friend,

Chairman Symat Atueyi.
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021

I received the news of the sudden death of High Chief Ifeanyichukwu Sunday Ekeukwu on 15th January 2021. I was so shocked & devastated on hearing such an ugly news of a man so full of life.

A great IROKO tree has fallen in our midst and community unexpectedly, worst is that it fell at the time we all needed him the most. "Ofunwa" as I fondly call him was a man that, the very first time we met; we connected so quickly because we had a common goal in the business we ventured into. He brought me closer and changed my life in a positive way, as he could till his death. It is difficult to address him using past tenses but death has left me with no other option. He was a true definition of a great Philanthropist to his community, friends & people who happen to come in contact with him.
During his father’s funeral on the 8th January 2021, he was full of life, so strong and healthy; busy monitoring, taking care and ensuring that everything went well, little did we know that he was busy leaving a legacy behind.
He has left his beloved family, friends , business partners & well wishers without saying a 'Good Bye'. His death has created a huge vacuum in me that might be hard to fill up. Each time we spoke, he was always a happy man, full of fun as we would crack jokes and laugh so hard. His vision was great, bold and hopeful. Now, all is gone within a twinkle of an eye.
Oh! death, where is thy sting?

To his beloved wife, children and families left behind: Ifeanyichukwu (aka Ofunwa) fought a huge fight both spiritual & physical in order to live but couldn’t make it. We all love & cherish him but God loves him most.
Pls take heart as I pray to God Almighty to grant us all the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss of this young gem.

Adieu ! My man.
Adieu !! Ofunwa na Amiri
Adieu !!! Anyi ego na Amiri.
Good bye till we meet again & May his soul rest in bosom of the Lord. Amen
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
o my, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman…... that is what I would call you whenever we strike a conversation, no matter how serious or grievous the matter could be!!!!!
My brother and dear friend High Chief Ifeanyichukwu Sunday Ekeukwu, when I decided to write this tribute, I paused and did not know where to start or how to end it, because of the pain in me deep inside my heart, not to mention the pain in your lovely and dear family, Immediate members of your family, your community at large, friends at home in South Africa, and to the life’s of whom your love kindness and care impacted.
There are lessons that you taught me, in the short time we met and worked together;-
>That love and honesty were the foundation of success.
>That your family was the backbone and strength of your hard work.
>That your community and the welfare of your neighbors were the foundation of peace.
>That giving and letting go when a person wronged you was a fountain for the blessing that does not run Dry, since by doing so you opened opportunities that are in store for you, rather than agonizing With the past.
>That you had the best advice, solutions to problems and disputes no wonder you were a pillar Of your family, community, friends, and even to the work of God, in society a testimony I heard from Most Rev. Agustin T. Ukwuma on the burial of your late beloved father.
These qualities are not found in many people rather than noble men and women of God.
You struggled and came to check on my health even when you your self was struggling to walk, I remember I told you with a very blatantly and with a very loud expression that you should have been in the hospital first, rather than coming to check on me, but as usual, you were strong and gave a compassionate answer that you were okay. And after four days you left us, how I pray that your passing on had no hand of any human being, because if there is, your blood will always cry and call to the Almighty God, for the tears and the broken hearts will always remind our Maker, and our Dear Lord, the Heavenly Father that a humble servant, a father and brother to many, be it blood brother or friendly brotherhood, that you left us due to the power of darkness.  
May the Almighty God, take care of your lovely wife Lolo, and your beloved children to never lack anything due to your early and untimely departing of their loving father, may the good Lord comfort your family with His everlasting Grace because that is the faith that you taught me, and many of your people and friends.
Farewell my friend and brother until we meet again, may the good Lord rest your soul in eternal peace and grant your family strength and comfort.u
Madala, Madala, Madala.
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
It is with an eyes full of tears and a broken heart that I write this tribute to you dearest brother. Your death was still like a dream to me because you are full of life only came home to burry your father before your death. It was so painful that I have to ask God why so soon but I believe God needed an angel in heaven that's why he took you this soon from us, but who am I to question the authority of the Most High. You are the brain behind my success and that of so many youths in Amiri community. Your death is unbelievable. The impact you made in my life and that of Amiri community will forever be in our hearts and history. You are a great man who love to see others progress. You stand as the light we use to see in Amiri. If their is anything we could do humanly to bring you back to life we would have done that, keep on resting brother till we meet to part no more.
Adieu Dee Ifeanyi,
Adieu, Anyiego.     Chigozie Ikwuka(Bakassi)
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
PRESIDENT GENERAL AMIRI CLAN.TRIBUTE To A DEPARTED ILLUSTRIOUS SON OF AMIRI CLAN, CHIEF IFEANYI EKEUKWU, ANYI-EGO.Chief ANYI-EGO, it is with a heavy heart full of sorrows, sadness and anguish that we mourn your painful irreplaceable loss.Today and forevermore,we remember with sorrows the vacuum of philanthropic acts, Community development spirit and other numerous acts of poverty alleviation your untimely death have created in AMIRI CLAN.While you were alive AMIRI CLAN and it's indigenes benefited immensely from your wealth and riches in various ways, including construction of roads, church, palace and financial aid and business empowerment of the less privileged people.May the Almighty God grant your family indigenes of AMIRI CLAN, your friends and well-wishers the fortitude to bear your irreplaceable loss.Barr Dr Chief Ambrose Onowu NDUKAKU President General AMIRI
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
My condolences message for the lost of our beloved Son, husband, brother, father and uncle. It’s awful and sad to hear about the sudden and painful exit of double high chief, Sunday Ifeanyichukwu Ekeukwu. There are no words to express my sorrow for your loss, may you find comfort in the loving memories you shared while he was alive. deepest and sincere sympathy goes to you and your family”.

                    Your faithful
                   Opara chinedu
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
Oh death! Why are you so wicked that you don't allow good things to last. Anyiego na South Africa was a man of peace who loved everybody and hates no one. Ofunwa ka ogu umu na Amiri a man whose life has touched so many families and brought quantum change to people, families, villages and communities. On 14th January when we were preparing to take you to the hospital in Enugu, you came out and called me "Igwe, look at me" and I told you to relax that nothing is going to happen to you. But on 15th January, you left me in this wicked world. I rushed to where you were lying and called you "Onyeisi, please don't leave us. Remember your lovely wife and children but you never turn to look at me. Your phone rang immediately and I picked it and place it on your ear asking you to answer your business call but you never said a word to me. I Know you're not happy to die now because this is the time ought to enjoy your wealth. When I remember how a mighty man like you died like an ordinary person, my heart bleeds, but who am I to question God. Omeiheukwu, our hearts are heavy and our eyes are full of tears about your death day and night. The widows in Amiri are weeping profusely for you to come back because you're the reason why they are alive. Your impact in the shot life you lived is immeasurable but God knows why it happens this way. Darkness has covered us in a broad day light; who will be there for us again giving us bags of rice and money every festive period? Double High Chief, you will forever be remembered in the life of everyone that came in contact with you. Good night my Oga, sleep on Ofunwa ka ogu umu, REST in the Lord Omeiheukwu na Amiri "Chief Ifanyichukwu Sunday Ekeukwu" till we meet to part no more. Amen.
Posted by amasa tonye on March 22, 2021
REST IN PEACE EZI NWANNE! REST IN PEACE HIGH CHIEF!! REST IN PEACE OMENANWATA!!!Ifeanyi nwanne,the news of your demise hit me like a thunderbolt.It shook me and it's still shaking me.I cannot stop crying but I console myself with the fact that God is still on His heavenly throne and only Him knows why He called you at this time.Only God knows the BEGINNING FROM THE END
Though,Umuofoma,Umuecheta,Amiri,Oru East,Imo State,and Nigeria lost a rare gem and a great son in you but our consolation is that you are resting in the bossom of Almighty God.
I believe and hope that out of the death,a greater Ifeanyi Sunday will spring up from this great Ekeukwu's family.
Your beautiful wife, children ,sisters,brothers,kinsmen and women, our inlaws from South Africa will miss you greatly hoping to meet again at the resurrection morning.
May your soul and the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace ,amen.
Posted by Kanayo Iwuchukwu on March 22, 2021
Words fail me, tears are not enough to express this grief, only Almighty God can see my heart to know how pained your death has left a big vacuum in my heart. 'Boy yoyo', it's me 'Nna Boy yoyo' as your Dad fondly called me. I can't forget in a hurry our growing up and expectations we had of life. You always had this belief in making so much meaning to life. Despite this short-lived life, you made remarkable in roads into the heart of many through your benevolent disposition to humanity but death !!!! Oh, death where is the sting that you took away an ace from us. Well, who are we to question God. I take solace that you lived a remarkable life and will be at the bosom of the Almighty. You have taken a journey too early for another assignment. Peace you shall find, rest on my cousin and brother. May God give me the strength to find ways to overcome this grief........this is just too much to bear. I will forever miss you dearly.
Posted by EKEUKWU CHIDIEBERE. K. on March 22, 2021
  This world is not our own and death is something inevitable that each and everyone of us will definitely answer to but not the sudden dismay of our BOSS!!! I called you on Monday 11th of January 2021 and you told me that you are not feeling well but you received treatment that you are fine now so i drew my strength from your voice that you are fine now!!! Little did i know that it would be our last conversation on earth!!! I called you again on Thursday 14th of January 2021at exactly 8:30,p.m and the phone was not answered not until Friday when i received the most outrageous news from Port Elizabeth(South Africa) that our Father, Brother, Boss is no more!!! at that point i refuse to believe it and abused that person breaks the sudden news to me but at the same time my body was vibrating as if am suffering from Parkinson disease after series of calls it turns to be that the pillar that holds the Community is no more What a great lost to the people of Ekeukwus' Family, and Imo state at large even well wishes Mentioning how good u are to me in person and the good plans you have for us is enormous but God knows the best why is has to be this way It saddens my heart to write a tribute in your name at this time!!! Rest on a man with good heart, Rest on the best thing that has ever happened to our family Rest on BOSS like no other!!! You are good in advice You are good in helping people with resources may ALMIGHTY GOD grant you internal peace rest your reign will continously be in our mouth because words put together cannot describe your goodies to man kind while you where on earth. Sleep well BOSS til wil meet to path no more.
Adieu Double High Chief
Adieu Boss Of No Other
Posted by Chinonso Emeka on March 22, 2021

Farewell and forever in our heart great philanthropist,a man for the people, one and only Double High Chief Ifeanyichukwu, Anyiego, Ofunwa Ka Ogu Umu, Oye Oma N' South Africa, Address of Amiri, I call you the hope of the poor manses I really miss you, never knew you would leave us so suddenly, you were a good man. You tried your best in helping people, I am deeply saddened that death took you away from us, how I wish i could turn the hand of time, but God said in all things we should give him thanks. Your death left a scar and a huge hole in our hearts but your legacy will stand in our life, I know you are gone but your story, kind hearted and good did's will be told even to our unburned generation.I Chinonso and the entire family of Emeka misses you so much. May God grant you eternal rest. .. Adieu Anyi Ego N' South.
Posted by Pam Ogbeama on March 21, 2021
Soon you will be laid to rest,
But you know what they say,
God only takes the best.
Everything happens for a reason,

Your sudden death has touched our lives and hearts . Your memories will never be forgotten- such that we spent on Christmas Day . I remember vividly what you told me, people you said I should thank for you as if you knew ....

The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes, my family’s eyes.
And even more so, Because all of this was such a surprise. But we should never question what God has planned, Sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.

We are here to celebrate your life
And the measure of its worth
And every single life you touched
While you were on this earth.
We wish to pay our last respects.

To thank you for your friendship
And all the memories we hold dear.
It’s been a privilege to have known you.
We were family, not just friends,
And we will carry you in spirit for a very long time.

Your death has caged me , my family, my brothers and my sisters in pain and agony. The same am sure with your beautiful wife whom you call Lolo , your bundles of joy your children and your sisters and brothers.

Those relatives and friends you sponsor in schools and different trades. Those ones you fed. We remember the church you built for our community and Umuocheta precisely. Those time you send pandemic relief to our people. All those uncountable and unforgettable favors to our people. God will surely grant you external peace.

You were like an angel, a shining light to our people.
A sun at noon and a star at night,
A mirror of beauty, a golden ray, that is why we call you Boyoyo, Omeiheukwu, Anyi Ego Na south . RIP my brother Ifeanyi Chukwu Ekeukwu till we meet again . .

Dr. Vitalis & Pamela Ogbeama
Posted by Sibongile Mangena on March 21, 2021
When a mirror breaks you can no longer see your image. On that dreadful day,of the 15th of January 2021 you departed this world to join the saints and it has not been same again for me, my siblings and my mom.
Daddy you were the mirror at which I looked at my life, the mirror at which I looked at myself and now that you are gone my life feels so empty. My solace is the fact that you lived a righteous life and all the moments of your life were like a book on a path towards heavenly bliss.
The summary of our togetherness from cradle to your exit lingers on my mind it’s a memory that even death cannot erase.
Your departure has made me broken and transformed me into a new person who has to learn to live without you.
The transformation that life is vain and everything in it is vanity.

Your death won’t separate us as I would one day I grow old we will meet again when God wills.
Rest in the Lord true soldier of faith.
Adieu my mirror, Daddy.

Love Sbosh, until we meet again may your soul Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Cynthia Julia on March 21, 2021
Some truth in life are hard to accept. Your memories will never be forgotten! Those will always remain with us forever.

Your actions were always kind
A generous hand and an active mind
Anxious to please and loath to offend
A loving brother and faithful friend
We’ll all miss you very much..from samuel ikwuka...
Posted by Mvuyi Mangena on March 21, 2021
You left without warning, gone so fast and now all we have are memories of our past. Our hearts still ache with sadness, and many tears still flow. What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know. We will always remember you my in law for your good nature and great sense of humour. I feel fortunate to have known you so well, you were always proud of your family; the world would be a better place if there were more people like you. Oh, Lord in your loving arms I entrust my beloved in law, please let him rest in peace in your loving arms. We will meet again someday, I know in a better place, I thank God that He made you our brother in law. To the family of Ekeukwu please take heart and know that God is in control to every situation. Mvuyi Mangena
Posted by Brownbourg Studios on March 21, 2021

The news of your demise came to with with a heavy shock barely 24 hours after I spoke to you. Little did I know it was going to be our last discussion. Death in deed has snatched you away from not just your family, but we your friends and in deed the world at large. We have lost what we cannot get back again.
May God grant you eternal rest my brother you are a rare gem Goodbye super. Rest In Peace Anyiego.
  Browny Igboegwu
  Brownbourg studios
Posted by Nwosu Kelechi on March 21, 2021
it is a heart broken to all off indeed
Big brother your exit has become a nightmare to me each time nd everyday of my life i thought it was a movie but it is real. that so painful to me to understand that u are know more wit us it's sad on bearable to me as a brother death has taken u away from us it's only GOD who knows the best I can ask GOD why
Big brother you will always remain in our hearts RIP big brother. (Anyiego na South. Anyiego na Amiri )
Posted by Mel Chan on March 21, 2021
It was a sad news to me to hear of your passing and I still do not BELIEVE it.
Bruno - as my husband, myself and children called you, You are really a wonderful & nice fellow, powerful in your own right too. And you appear smart Everytime we met especially in 2018 I was in Nigeria last, when you came to visit me in Aba.
You are so much like a brother to our fanily and so kind to us whenever you are needed.
Thank You for all your support and care! I believe your wife - Lolo Lumka will carry on your Legacy as you travel along to where your soul belong... Amen!
Posted by chris ogbonnaya on March 21, 2021
Anyi Ego na south my family and i are still in shock that we can not see you again. We believe your kindness to people has already taken you to heaven. Rest in peace our brother.
Posted by Eucharia Duruchukwu on March 21, 2021
Dear Boyi as I fondly call you. My beloved nephew. I have found it difficult to comprehend the news of your exit, but as days go bye, it has become more real. However, we will never know how it all started, but God knows & has the final word. Your thought & memory will always be in our hearts till we meet again in that resurrection morning. Rest in peace sweetheart
Your aunty
Eucharia Duruchukwu.
Posted by Lulama Ngoqo on March 20, 2021
I feel truly saddened that you are no more with us. May God bless you.

Life can be so illogical at times. Today I am crying for the person who taught generosity how to care for others . You meant everything to your wife kids and rest of the family !!

You will be missed forever and always. The beautiful moments you shared with us will always speak of a great person that you were. Rest in peace up in the heaven!
We will always love you Ifenye..
I’m still processing your departure it is well!!
Posted by Siyabonga Taku on March 20, 2021

The Management and staff of De One Lodge Hotel, Lagos wish to remonstrate with the entire Ekeukwu Family and indeed our able Managing Director( Lolo Lumka Ekeukwu) on the untimely loss of their beloved Son, Brother, Husband, Father and Uncle. The Call to Glory of Double High Chief Sunday IfeanyiChukwu Ekeukwu, Anyiego n’South, Omeiheukwu n’Amiri is a great loss to the family, immediate community, employees and the Church and there is no doubt a great emptiness has been generated.

Chief Sunday IfeanyiChukwu Ekeukwu lived a God-Fearing, well-disciplined life and really enriched his children in the way of the Lord. His amiableness, devotedness, meritorious contributions, and achievements in the community earned him reputable awards `Anyiego n’South, Omeiheukwu n’Amiri and Ofunwa ka Ogu Umu n’Amiri`. In Consequence, he indeed was addressed as, Double High Chief Sunday Ifeanyichukwu Ekeukwu. This day, your children and community members are all living attestations of your impeccable labour of adoration, generosity, and dedication to humanity.

Chairman, we all know that in God we belong and in Him we shall return, but we never knew it will be this soon Sir. On that account the news of your passing was received with surprise, broken- heartedness and regrets at De One Lodge Hotel and we could not hold the tears.
Boss, you will be passionately missed not only by your children, peers but more especially by your warm-hearted and lovely wife Lolo Onyinyechi Lumka Ekeukwu Ugosimba 1 of Orlu.

As it has gratified the Omnipotent to call you back to rest with the Philanthropist in peace, we submit completely to His will and thank Him graciously for a legendary life well spent. We are consequently, not mourning you, Boss Sunday IfeanyiChukwu Ekeukwu but have joined the family and admiring supporters to commemorate your faultless and very honourable life and worship Almighty God who assembled it feasible. May he receive your soul in peace, harmony and grant the entire family the courage and bravery to bear the irreparable and irreplaceable loss.


General Manager
Siyabonga Taku
Posted by Kwado Chambers on March 20, 2021
I still can't believe you are gone, I met you (ONYEISHI) at a critical time in my life as a hopeless boy who is just A LOADER , life was very bad and hard for me..” ONYEISHI took me from A LOADER AND MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY... not only did he help me get through it with the greatest of support, he continued to be there for me both personally and OTHERWISE. He became a trusted confidant, advisor and dear FATHER. To have someone like ANYI-EGO in your life is an invaluable thing. Thank you for continually inspiring me to do my best. You help me strive for goals. I found guidance, friendship discipline and love, everything in one person. And that person was you. I can't write more because words can't be enough,.. Rest in Peace ONYEISHI... rest in peace my BOSS ANYI-EGO, OME-IHEOKWU na AMIRI.

Posted by Penny Driggers on March 20, 2021
With heartfelt sorrow I send my condolences. The Ekeukwu family is a blessing in my life and I pray the nearness and peace of our Almighty Savior fall on each member of the family during this time of grief. May heaven and the saving grace of Jesus be our hope.
Posted by JOHN OBASI on March 20, 2021

From strangers, we became partners...
From partners, we became friends...
From friends, we became brothers...
And you have been more than a brother to me than I can ask for
Always there for me when I need you most
Your passing remains a painful shock to me
I still find it hard to believe
Especially as you did not say GoodBye
I still do not want to accept it that you are no more though I shall be missing you so much
You live on!
Posted by Franca Duke on March 20, 2021
Mr. Ifeanyi is a good husband to his wife, great father to his children and great community helper to those seeking for assistance. My one -on- one meeting with him once in Owerri showed him a very humble person.  You will forever be missed by your loved ones. RIP Chief. Esther Ofulue.
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Posted by Nomawethu Denga on June 9, 2021
Dear Lumka and children
Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories. I can only imagine what you are going through but I know that through it all, God has been and still is with you. May His peace that surpasses all understanding be your strength and comfort...always.
Posted by Lumka Ekeukwu on April 14, 2021
It is difficult to describe just how much your gesture of support in our time of need means to us. To have a reminder from the people that care for us that we are not alone in our grief is immeasurable. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your condolences. It is only with the help of the wonderful people in our lives that we will be able to get through this. May the Lord Almighty bless you. Thank you so much, I really appreciate. 
Posted by Mantombi Nodu on April 13, 2021

I pray that God will comfort your family, watch and guide them in this difficult time.

May the giver of Life comfort us in mourning.

May the one who heals, heal us all.


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Shared by Yoliswa Spondo on March 20, 2021
It's still feels unreal that you are no more with us. God couldn't wait to call u to be beside him. We will take comfort in knowing that you will always be an angel that will always look after your wife and your kids. May your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.