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Lost 1999 letter to Sue found

May 5, 2017

Letter from Stella M. Zukowski (Ray's Mom) to Sue and Zach Wells,

April 23, 1999 (Stella passed away June 10, 1999)


Dear Sweet Sue and Zach,

First let me apologize for the long wait you've had for a letter from me.  Also for taking as many pills as I do my hand writing is not as clear as it should be. 

Sometime I become as annoyed as I could be for my unreadable writing.  Please forgive me!  I don't think I'll even get rid of my cane, pusher or wheelchair,  I think I do best with my wheelchair since someone is pushing me + I'm just sitting there.   Officially I have "Osteoporosis- Arthritis" .  I'm the oldest of three children in the Majecki family and have now reached the stage when I have "Arthritis",, my brother Edward (57) and sister Blanche (65) both died earlier in their life because of the rotten disease.  My sister had 2 children (Charles & Linda), my brother never married, thinking it was not fair to get married and bother a woman when he could hardly walk around!

My sister's daughter Linda, my niece, is not only crippled with Arthritis herself but since birth has been deaf.  So that was another problem in her life.  Linda and her husband Paul had 4 sons, Matthew, Zack and Timothy.   The first son (name ?) was killed in a car accident when he was 2 years old. 

I'm the last one of the family still living (80).  I'll be 81 yrs. old next January 31st.  Time marches on for some -- think of Kassie and Ray just getting married a few months ago! (January 23, 1999)  So there are some people still being happy in their later years!  How old are you Sue? (75)

I was very happy since May of 1970, having met my lover boy who taught me all I know about love making!  My original husband Vincent, (Ray's father) and I divorced in September of 1958.  We were not very loving!  He hardly ever left me alone - from the first night when he came up to me at a Polish Dance on New Year's Eve and said "I don not know how to dance but would like to dance with you"  It really is true we talked all rest of the evening, his not knowing how to dance, but he did like my talking.  I guess I do manage to talk well enough ( In Tucson, Arizona I had a Sunday morning Polka Time program for 10 years.  My sister Blanche, did the script writing of the show and I seeking the customers.

(The rest of Mom's letter to Sue and Zach has been lost)

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Ray's first meeting of Sue and Zach

March 13, 2017

How I met Sue and Zach Wells for the very first time.

Thanks for the surprise extra hour provide by the end of Day Light Savings time, Kassie invited me to attend her 11AM Sunday church service down in Anderson, South Carolina.  It was just under an hour an half drive away.

With my thanks to Christian Connection Kassie and I were meeting for the very first time in Asheville, North Carolina.  Here is our story.  I'll write more later.

Story about this Video

August 24, 2016

This is a demo on how to add additional written information about the video you have just uploaded into Forever Missed.  This would be very important to the viewer who does not have any idea who is in the video they are viewing.  This would be a great place to add names and places of what is seen in the video along with a background story and who shot the video in the first place.

An exert from a letter dated June 16,1946

February 18, 2016
From Hans Wiese to Lenie and Otto on June 16th 1946, the first contact after the war.

“The hardest thing that could happen to us happened. We lost our boy. He was killed on the 7th of April 1946 by a japanese aerial bomb. He is buried on an island in the south of the pacific ocean. The island is called Tulagi Island and is close to Gualdanalcanal, a bigger one. Hans Georg was the image of a healthy man. He weighed 180 pounds and was 1 Meter and 82 centimeters tall. In the end he was on a Destroyer. He didn´t die right after the bombs hit. He was saved from the water and died in a military hospital. He had 446 Dollars in his pocket and his last wish was sending this money to his sister Susanne. She got the money and bought furniture for her bedroom. I will send you a picture in the following letter. Susie is married since July 8th 1944 and has a one year old Baby Girl by the name Kathryn-Susanne.”

Susi's Cuxhavener Diary

December 14, 2015

In an old suitcase found in storage we discovered a 1928 diary written in German by Susi's aunt Any (sounds like Ony) Holdgren during the 6 weeks Susi's mom (Grete Margarete Wiese and Father Johhannes Wiese) sold their house and packed for their move to America. 

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Cuxhavener is the name of the German city where Susi's stayed with her aunt Any during the writing of this diary.  Click on the Google Map link to view the location

At the top Menu click on Her Life to start reading the Diary or you can also visit Susi's Memory page (with many more pictures) on MemKpr at

Thanks to Jorg Scheel and his daughter Emely who are Susi's cousins currently living in German for their gift of translating this 87 year old diary.


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