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Her Life

Chicago, USA 1938

May 4, 2016

Page 63 and 64

Susie (Suzanne) Weise and two other girls help produce the Twinkle Dramatic Troupe presentation. 




Chicago, USA 1937

May 4, 2016

Page 61

Mother Daughter Banquet at YMCA
-See news clipping-

Page 62
February 13th 1937

Susi is singing and dancing in Waukegan at a German celebration by the gymnasts and gets 2 dollars from the committee

As Susi got older she continued singing at her church and also for weddings.  
It would have been wonderful if she would have been recorded.


Chicago, USA 1935

May 4, 2016

Page 60

 Looks like Susi is already for the ride back to Chicago.

Chicago, USA 1935

May 4, 2016

Page 59

Susie and brother John at the front of the line. 

Chicago, USA 1935

May 4, 2016

Page 57 and 58

Drawings by Susie Wiese

Chicago, USA 1935

May 4, 2016

Page 55 and 56

Drawings by Susi 

Chicago, USA 1935

May 4, 2016

Page 54b

Chicago, USA 1935

May 4, 2016

Page 54


Chicago, USA 1935

May 4, 2016

Page 53b


Chicago, USA 1935

May 4, 2016

Page 53


In Chicago, USA 1931

May 4, 2016

Page 52


November 14, 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 51

In the morning  Susi, Bubi, Gretel, Hans, they are all with us.
LeaIing to America on the 16th , Chicago with “D” Deutschland (D for "Dampfer", in english: steamship

October 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 50

Message from the nursery in Berlin.
Bubi caught a cold, no better, he has? Just diarrhoea.
Susi yells, until Mommy shows up.
Mommy make a neck scarf for Bubi, he has such bad diarrhoea.

August 20th 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 49


Can you see how versatile I am?

August 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 48


Our window front on the first floor Burggrabenstreet 2 -
Susielein was unintended captured.

August 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 47


At the pool on Deichstreet.
That is uncle Einar with his dear little niece!

August 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 46


Who is lying in the sand in Duhnen?
Well, and who stands modestly in the back?
Sundays at the beach!

August 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 45


The three joyful!
They got along really well!
August 1928.

July 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 44

Susi with her tall friend Heidi Boeckmann in Kugelbake. (Cuxhaven's landmark, a lighthouse)  Visit Kugelbake now:

August 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 43


Miss Summers with Susi.
North-Sea resort Cuxhafen

September 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 41 & 42

Sculptor Harry Christlieb, Berlin and wife.
Uncle Einar, aunt Any, Susilein in Duhnen in the beginning of September.
Visit Duhnen now 

August 20th 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 40

Picture taken on the grounds of, Cuxhafen.


September 14, 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 39

Susie´s departure day,
in the morning at 8.15am
with 5 fun Jacks from the red cross.

You are gone now my dear little singer, you gave me so much joy, as much as I gave you. I just hope that our wonderful time lives on in your memory.

It got empty in my house.
Who picks up the most beautiful rolls?
Who opens so fast at 7 in the morning?

Aunt Any gives the Diary as a going away gift to Susie's mother, Margaret Wiese.  Margaret continues adding her own memories as they head for America.  Continued soon. 

September 13, 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 38

Susie has a great memory!!

She comes to me in the afternoon, cuddles me and says, aunt Any, you never hit me! I asked, well uncle Einar did not either. but she says, he poked her sometimes, but she did too!!

September 11, 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 37

So exited about the bike riding. Susie is fixed on the plan to “pick money from the trees” right when she arrives in America and buy a bicycle. She gradually decides to pick a lot of fruit and get money for that. That idea was set in her head because uncle Einar sometimes comments, that money would apparently grow on trees in America.

Susie is easily convinced about how things work.

September 10, 1928

May 4, 2016

 Page 36

Susie is supposed to go to bed!

She was allowed to swing a little longer but of course she overstretched.

It suddenly rings, uncle Einar goes outside and says the “Sandmann*” (sandman) is here – she asks what he said – he just asked if Susie is ready to go to sleep. - What did you answer? - She will go to bed soon she just swings for a little while. - She comes in herself a few minutes later and says, it is better if I go to bed fast, otherwise the “Sandmann” will get mad.

She was fast in the dream world. -

*(the “Sandmann” is a little man that sprinkles sand into the children´s eyes to make them sleepy in the evenings)

September 9, 1928

May 4, 2016

Page 35

Susie´s first attempts at riding a bike!

She says: I asked uncle Einar if I could take a ride.- and he said “yes” right away.

No fear, she rides right on. Uncle Einar only holds the saddle a little bit!

She yells glowing and proud: I can drive now, tomorrow again.

This is not hard!!

September 1928

May 4, 2016

 Page 34

“Juchheisa, juchheisa!

Do not fall into the basement

juchheisa, jucheisa,

violet, violet

oh how fat are those piggies.”

August 1928

May 4, 2016

 Page 33

Cuxhafener lantern song that Susie sang with enthusiasm many, many times.

“lantern, lantern,

sun, moon and the stars,

burn bright my light,

just not my dear lantern.

From Hamburg to Bremen,

we don´t have to be embarrassed,

go with the people,

that cheat everyone else

that take the eggs,

and don´t pay.

Bim, bam, buse

where does Kaethe Kruse live

in the long Marienenstreet”

August 1928 Cuxhafen

March 31, 2016

Page 32

Picture in the Diary of Susie standing in front of a 1926 Hanomag Auto.

To view more information about the Hanomag click link



September 4th 1928

March 31, 2016

Page 31

News from Mommy, Susie has to be in Berlin on the 13th and 14th because of the examination for America.

At the table Susie excitedly says: aunt Any,

14 days I am going to Berlin.

14 days I am going to Cuxhaven.

14 days I am going to America!

I am so lucky, aren´t I aunt Any?

August 19, 1928

February 27, 2016

Page 30

Picture on left .... to come

August 19th 1928 Town of Cuxhafen

February 27, 2016

Page 29

Picture on right: July 28th 

Miss Nicole Smith, Aberdeen
Susie Wiese, Berlin

left: August 19th

Miss Martin, Susie, aunt Any!


August 17th 1928

February 27, 2016

Page 28

Susie is getting a lantern from aunt Böckmann. Big joy!
Of course she wants to take it to the lantern procession in the evening.
Kids are coming to pick her up. She is done way before, glowing and blissful.
She yells from the stairs:
Aunt Any, this really is my first lantern in my entire life.
In the song she did not get further then:
“Laterne, Laterne!” (lantern, lantern)

German class singing Lantern, Lantern  

The story about Saint Martin's Day

August 15th, 1928

February 27, 2016

Page 27

Susie would love to have a sister. How to get that: You sprinkle pepper on the windowsill, the stork comes and lays down a little child and it is there.

August 14th, 1928

February 27, 2016

Page 26

Tell Susie that cousin Fritz called from Hamburg, she so happy:

oh, oh, -ah-
that is great.

I ask, do you know him?


July 29th 1928

February 27, 2016

Page 25

Einar, opera singer Ilse Selva, Miss Martin, Edinburgh, Susie, little singer.

July 28th 1928

February 27, 2016

Page 24

Susie, Miss Martin and aunt Any at the beach.

July 28th, 1928

February 27, 2016

Page 23

Pictures in the Diary 

Family Holmgren bathing with Susie.

July 29th 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 22

Susie listens to the telephone and finds out that we are paying a short visit to the Langbeins.
Uncle Einar left again. She spontaneously walks from the Burggrabenstreet Nr. 2 to Neue Reihe.
We meet her at the stairs astonished by her sense of direction.
A fast acting, bright little child.

picture: Susie at the dike

July 22nd 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 21

Susie gives a concert.

Standing on a table at the playground
singing and dancing for the kids, mostly boys!
She makes little breaks so the crowd can clap.
If the kids don´t begin right away then she starts herself.
She sees herself as a singer, full of confidence.


July 19th 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 20

A letter from Mommy finally arrived 4 Weeks after aunt Any was in Berlin.

I told Susi hello from Mommy, that she misses her and that she already has a number for America.

Susi reacting, do I really have to go home, sad, crying. Well if I really need to go then I will. I mean if Mommy already has a number for America. Do I have to go tomorrow, being very sad, it is so nice here. I don´t want anything more than staying with aunt Any. She forgot her home entirely, doesn´t talk about it anymore.

Soul of a child, where it has it good, it feels like home.


July 16th 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 19

Susi feels so comfortable now, that she doesn´t want to go back to Berlin!

She plays a concert with the children. She comes upstairs so exited, I have to hurry, we are playing a concert and I am the singer. I will have to sing in a minute!

Aware, she begins to sing very beautiful already.


July 27rd 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 18

We were in a car crash. We luckily got away with a big scare. We walked home. Susi says that if we would all be dead we couldn´t have written to Mommy that we are dead. 

July 3rd 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 17

Susi doesn´t love cold water.

We wanted to go for a swim, she suddenly said I will better stay with aunt Any or I will cry again, if the water is so cold. Want to wait until it´s warmer.

 Reasoning won!

June 30th 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 16

Susi´s first swim at the big beach, but the water still seems to be too cold for her liking.

She wants to wait until it gets warmer and the waves not as tall.-

I am so small and the waves are so tall, little kids can´t swim in that.


June 28th. 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 15

Susi and Christel on the porch at aunt limpfoot´s on June 28th.

View her picture in the Gallery from this date. 

June 8th to June 18th 1928

February 16, 2016

Page 14

Susi stays at aunt limpfoot from June 8th to June 18th 1928 because I am traveling to Berlin.

She left ecstatically with her overnight bag, her dolly etc.

On the 19th she comes back just as glowing.

Oh aunt Any now i am back here.

She opened the door for a craftsman that she had never seen before at Mrs. H´s frontdoor and said: Please! Come in! She also sat down on the lowest steps of a ladder - so another man would not fall down!


June 2nd 1928

January 5, 2016

Page 13

Susie imagining becoming a singer!


Aunt Any, will I be a big singer when I grow up?

How do you become a singer?

You would have to work a lot, practice and sacrifice -so- but I practice all the time!

Great childish imagination, often deep questions.


May 30th 1928

January 5, 2016

Susis Cuxhaven Diary
Page 12

Susi can not bear being mad!

Uncle Einar was upset with her and he ignored Susi for 2 days.

After eating lunch Susi suddenly gets up, looks at uncle Einar with a questioning look and says: “Uncle Einar can we be good again?”

No answer, I try to persuade him, she goes over to him and strokes his hand

“Let us be good again!”

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