His Life
He was the oldest child born to Dr. Sanat Kumar Sarkar and Mrs. Mira Sarkar and was especially close to his grandfather Banshi Dhar Sarkar who was a professor of Physics in St Xavier's College in Kolkata and also a lawyer himself. Jethu always said that his grandfather was the reason he loved Physics and ultimately engineering. He did his schooling in St. Lawrence High School, then IIT Kharagpur, University of New Brunswick, Canada and then Syracuse University. 
He was brilliant, and it showed in his work and his numerous achievements which is there for anybody doing a search of his name on Google, to see. 
However, for me, his visits home in Kolkata meant a bustling house, lots of travel stories, lots and lots of huge bars of chocolate and having family and friends over almost every day that he would be there. Every year I would whisper my deepest wishes in his ear, lest I be scolded for asking him for things which were already vetoed by everyone at home. My first singing doll Nola, my first Barbie doll and immense support from him when brought home my first pet, a young rescued black Alsatian. He was always on my side!
In Syracuse too, he had a very supportive community who became his family, where I was so warmly received. I instantly gained more uncles and aunts because of Jethu, and they were there for him till the very end, when I could not be.