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The Smoker

May 6, 2019
A few years ago, my Brother, Ted and his wife, along with Mom and Dad, went to Sea World in Ohio (I believe). Well, my parents don't smoke. They all were sitting, relaxing after their walk. There was a lot of space on the round bench, but this one lady came up and sat beside Dad. She was smoking and every time she blew the smoke, it was into Dad's face instead of away from him.  She even had the audacity to flick her ashes onto Dad's pants.

Dad moved several times and she moved as he did. She kept doing that and Dad, (boy if you only knew my Dad, you would be laughing already) asked Teddy to go to the car and grab him a can of Pepsi.

Teddy brings the Pepsi back, and as this lady blows smoke toward Dad again, he shook that can of Pepsi so hard, turned it toward the woman and opened it! Yep, soaked that bitch! She moved then!!!

Just a portion of the funny crap my Dad did! I love this story.

Dad (Ted Fleck), I love you so much and I miss you dearly. You always had a way of making me laugh when we spoke, mostly at poor Steve's expense.Steve took it in the silly way you meant it to be, and laughed about it.

Keep in clean in Heaven, Daddy-o. Until we meet again, take care of yourself and Mom. <3

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