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Goodbye Aunty Theresa

Shared by Francisca Nwosa on May 14, 2021
I still do not yet believe you are gone. I am reluctant to write, as it still feels like you are only a phone call away. Especially after talking with you only just three days before your departure. You left the impression that you were getting better. I know that is not your fault, you simply answered the call of nature.
I bid you farewell. May all the Vairagi Adepts and all the Angels guide your soul as you journey into the spirit world. Please give a special hello to all the departed souls of the family, especially my dad. You will be missed dearly. We will miss your diligence in the family commitments, your firm personality, your honesty, your elegance, and your sense of fashion. 
Aunty, my children will also miss you. I could not stop them crying when they heard about your departure. Especially my baby that calls you Aunty “Omokoos”. They brought out all the pictures you took with them during your visit to us. Their dream of visiting you at Asaba for our oncoming trip was shattered. They missed your stories, the dancing, educational encouragement, and the enduring spirit of resilience and persistence (of never taking no for an answer). Aunty, I still feel your presence around me, and I decided to put that feeling into the modified version of Megan Stokes’s Poem.
My Aunt Is Yet to Be Gone
I thought I saw her face today
In the dazzling morning sun.
And then I heard the Master saying, 
“Her work on earth has finished”

I thought I heard her voice today
Complaining of pains on the legs
And then I heard the Master saying,
“There’s peace, subtle one, at last.”

I thought I felt her touch today
In the breeze that rushes by.
And then I heard the Master saying,
“The spirit never dies”

I thought that she had left me
Into the heavenly bodies far within.
And then I heard the Master saying
“She left you with her love”

I thought that I would miss her
And never find a glimpse of her.
And then I heard the Master saying,
“She’s with you every day.”

Aunty, I hope you know
You will be missed a lot
You were loved by so many
You’ll never be forgotten.

Francisca Nwosa (née Ononye)

Tribute to a wonderful Aunty

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 14, 2021
On Behalf of Late Ogbueshi Ikem Okolo (Police) Family

As I sat in the quietness of my soul to write this tribute of a great woman, it seemed so unreal as her passing to glory was sudden. Ever shinning and smiling. Mama was an ‘Angelic Warrior’ who stood with everyone that came crossed her path.

She was a kindhearted gracious woman who was extremely hardworking and very intelligent and everything she did was leaving a legacy. She gave all the necessary support during and after my father’s burial. She was committed to God. Beautiful amazing mama. Lovely inside and outside. We will forever miss you as you rest in the Lord.

Thank you for all your love and sacrifice. Sleep well Mama!

Onochie Okolo
On behalf of Late Ogbueshi Ikem Okolo (Police) family

Tribute to a dear mother

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 14, 2021
From Semira 
This came all so sudden. Death never prepares one so you can brace up. But we submit to the will of God knowing that you have gone to rest in his bosom where you will be and keep interceding for the good of your children.
You were a mother to me. You opened your arms and home to me at a very crucial time in my life as a teenager trying to get an education and spiritual direction. I will forever be grateful for your assistance in making sure I had a space to stay, Feed and grow spiritually. You were instrumental to my being a practicing catholic and also in making my grades at WAEC. You also gave me a sister when you allowed me into your home in Ada. We’ve been so close and our families have remained close ever since. Thank you ma for your love, care and kindness to a stranger then. May the good Lord reward and receive you with his wide arms and give you eternal rest ma. You are deeply loved, cherished and will be greatly missed.
Good night Ma. May your soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in perfect peace amen.
Semira Adejumo


Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 14, 2021
From Uchay Onwumah

Putting this piece together is so difficult and painful, indeed a good heart has stopped beating!
Today, l say goodbye to an icon, a great woman, a woman of many accomplishments and accolades, a woman who left gigantic footprints and indelible marks in many lives who were privileged to have encountered her in the course of life.

Nnem Omoko, olinni malii onye onaguu, nwanyi obioma, omeogoo......
Nnem Ada Obi Ugbe akaego, nwa Onaje ekeoma ebu ukwuu....
Nnem achalla ugo nwa agueze agu ebuonu, nwa agu buluu naifee olia na nnizizoo,
nwanne malii nwanne....

It is noteworthy to mention that Mummy loved without boundaries, gave without counting costs or returns and had good words that drove away fears in every situation. Her exemplary life and excellence robbed-off on most of us that she drew close to herself. Firm but loving, a disciplinarian with a heart of gold...Mummy was amiable and friendly. And always had a smile and kind words for everyone. Am honoured to have had you as an aunt, a mentor and motivator, nnem Omoko, nwanyi omaa....

A woman of brilliance, with great dedication to duty, personal integrity and commitment to excellence. Nnem, you have gone to be with your Creator, I will miss you, but I will live with the good memories. Ebube is missing her grandmother so badly, wishing she saw you before you joined the saints on high. Your legacy lives on. Go well. May God bless you and may your soul rest in peace. Amen...

Uchay Onwumah

Auntim, CHUKWUDI, hmmmmm, The planner

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 14, 2021
From Cordelia Barber
Auntim,  CHUKWUDI, hmmmmm, the planner, who fights our battles. I remember years gone by when you travelled all the way to Warri to fight for my course. My aunt, the family planner, always calling on Umu Nnebuogo to puta nnu ka anyi tuu ego mee pu ife nkea
My aunt CHUKWUDI, who will not  fail to tell you her mind concerning any issue and makes her stand clearly understood. My aunt, a good story rapper, always a pleasure to sit and chat with her, recalling and recounting past happy moments 
Auntie eji eje nmba, 
My aunt, who will call to inform you of any good medication and diet that she discovered and tried. My aunt CHUKWUDI,  that I fight with and say to her, auntie, nma  kpozi uzo, hapu m , but she calls to say yalibaa 
We call her auntie / mummy depending on the occasion at hand. I was looking forward to this August birthday celebration, but alas, God had His own plan. You lived a happy, fulfilling, retirement life to the Glory of God. My siblings and I have been talking endlessly about our different experiences with you. Happy to have interacted with such a blood aunt 
Sleep and rest on CHUKWUDI, nwa Nnebuogo Ononye,  nwuye Ogbueshi Onwuamaeze Omoko
God bless the family you have left behind. It is well. Lahu ofuma naa nke Chukwu 
Cordelia Barber

My Tireless Kind Grandma

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 14, 2021
Dear Grandma,

I love you more than words can ever describe. You taught, helped and supported me in every way and I’ll never forget your selfless unlimited love.

Thank you, grandma and continue to rest in peace. Amen.

Love Always


Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 14, 2021
Ogbueshi & Mrs Tony Anyameluhor

The news of your death came  to us as a great shock not because every one of us will not die but because you were very healthy during our last visit to you. You were a great pillar to your family.  The vacuum created by your death will be difficult to fill. You were a kind hearted woman and a great lover of your home town, Asaba. On many occasions we visited, you had always expressed your pleasure in connecting Asaba indigenes to know themselves. 
Those who have related with you will take solace in the fact that you have touched so many lives in different ways. You had been a good companion to your husband, Diokpa Omoko as we always met both of you telling stories whenever we visited.  Be that as it may, we cannot question God- the giver and taker of life. We pray that the Almighty God will comfort and console her husband, children' grandchildren and other relations she left behind. 
Rest In Peace, Great Woman and a great lover of Asaba.
Ogbueshi & Mrs Tony Anyameluhor

Tribute To My Dearest Auntie Mi .............

Shared by Priscilla Juwah on May 13, 2021
A  wise Woman once told me that what we have once enjoyed, we can never lose and all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
I just cannot bring myself to write this tribute to my Auntie Mi, for her death came as a rude shock , for it took me  so long  to digest and bring myself to write this tribute and refer to her as gone!!!!!, what a life ............?

I will cherish the lovely memories we made together and carry then in my heart forever. Especially years back, whenever she comes to Lagos and would stay with me, after close of work, we would jest and talk about everything, l mean everything!!!!!!!!! until quite late before going to bed, l actually looked forward to her visiting!!!!. 

Auntie Mi represents the old and the young, she was full of life, very fashionable, jovial and no Nonsense person ( which I took after her).....
Auntie Mi was a woman with large heart, a giver and a lover of people mostly when you are closer to her, a very loving mother, wife, sister and Aunt. 
Ever a legend, a pacesetter, a practical teacher and a good Mentor. Auntie Mi was truly a virtuous woman...........
Really this world is not our own according to Jim Reeves,!!!

Auntie MI, Auntie T,  am such you would meet Nne, your mother and our grandmother with your siblings who had gone before you, do not forget to update them about each and everyone of us. Greet then for us and May Almighty God grant you and all  the faithful  departed eternal rest......
Rest on till we meet to part no more!!

Good Times spent with Aunty

Shared by Patricia Damasus on May 13, 2021
Aunty was always so thoughtful. I remember when I was newly qualified as a staff nurse and searching for a place to live and aunty accommodated for  few months in their house. We lived together as family. I remember all our talks and laughs even years after we all move back to Asaba this continued.
She really will be missed greatly. 
May her soul Rest in Peace.
Love Patty Damasus.  

A Loving Mother

Shared by George Omoko on May 13, 2021
You were always very caring, very thoughtful and loving. We miss you a lot ma. May your soul rest in peace

My Adorable Grandmother

Shared by George Okwuobi on May 11, 2021
Dear Grandma, 
You are a most amazing and kind grandmother that everyone should have in their life. We have been so blessed and thankful to God for placing someone like you in our lives to encourage, nurture us to becoming the best versions of ourselves. I recall your regular presence during school visits. You corrected us when we were wrong but also made sure we had everything we needed.   You taught us so many things like how to pay attention and listen, how to enjoy nature, be selfless, be courageous and live a good Christian life. Looking back, I believe we all imbibed a lot of the things your teachings and there would be our guiding light. You always told us to stand up for what we believe is right” with courage.
Grandma, its tough to know that you gone but we take comfort knowing you are in a better place. You were loved by many for your authenticity and we surely miss you. May the good Lord welcome you into his loving embrace.
 Love Always  

My Loving Caring and Courageous Mother

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 11, 2021
From Nonso Omoko
Loving, Caring and Courageous. These are the words that come to my mind every time I think of you, for God bestowed you with these in good measure, and you used them well to His Glory and benefit of mankind.
You taught me love. To love and not to hate, nor be resentful, but to see the good in all things and people first. To be kind and to be patient, to forgive and be interested in the progress of my fellow man. I will remember.
You taught me Care. To be interested in the wellbeing and welfare of others. To provide for the less privileged and to be just and fair to all concerned. 'Defender of the universe' I often called you. You embraced everyone first, then found out later, sometimes at the cost of betrayals, but it never changed you, for you were just you. I will remember.
You taught me Courage. To confront the bully in my primary one class, or to deal with the challenges in my adult life. “The worst they can tell you is no", "they will not kill you", "they cannot kill you" were some of the battle cries you taught me, and they have served me well. They have done me well.
You are the most courageous woman I know. You saw no obstacles. Nothing could stop you. Again and again I watched you set your ambitions and simply pushed through against the odds with God's help. You were a strong woman, an Amazon, protective and beautiful in spirit, soul and body. I salute you.
I will remember you fondly mum. The quintessential Teacher, I will remember your words of wisdom. Go well my beloved mum for God has prepared a better place for you. Rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more. 
Thank you for being my mother.
Nonso Omoko

Dear Mummy

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 11, 2021
From Jaros Omoko
I didn't know I would have to write such a tribute so soon. The news of your death came so suddenly and with so much pain. You were so much more than a mother in-law to me. You took me as your own daughter from the very first day we met. You were always so kind and loving to me. You were so fond of your grand kids and they too of their grandmother in Asaba.. That's why it was so difficult breaking the news to them. You were always sending us fish, garri and lots of other gifts. 
Mummy you were an inspiration to me in so many ways, despite your age you always loved to dress well and look good. You loved to give and help people around you. The realization of your death dawns on me more and more each passing day but I'm consoled in the fact that you lived a good Christian live and thus you are resting with our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more.
Rest in peace mummy. Your memory and your good works live on.
Jaros Omoko
Shared by Nwanze Victoria on May 11, 2021
Words fails me to express my grief  on your sudden demise. You were an exceptional  Mother to all, kind, loving, an adviser  and a great teacher. You showed loved to everyone you came across. Your joy and selflessness I would never forget.  I know your in a better place where there's  no sorrow, suffering or pain. Continue to  Rest in the Bosom  of the Almighty  till  we meet to  part no more.
Mrs Ekwi. V. Nwanze.

Tribute to my mother Theresa Chukwudi Omoko

Shared by Bola Omoko on May 10, 2021
Dear mom, the news of your transition to glory came to me so suddenly! I never thought it will be this early.. I flashed back immidiately to the first day I met you. Such a loving and caring mom.You showed me how to do things in a better way. You took very good care of me when God blessed us with your birthday gift (as you call our first daughther Chukwudi). You adopted me as one of your favourite daughters. You correct me with left hand and draw me even much closer to you with your right hand. Mummy you were the best mother any one could wish for. You were full of strength and energy to meet the needs of your children and grand children.
All your words of advice to me lives on and I will never forget all your care and love for us.
Rest in peace mom! It is well with your soul.

To my Lovely Grandmother

Shared by Omoko Chukwudi Abimbola on May 10, 2021
Dear Grandma, I will always remember your love towards my brother's and I. How you would call from time to time to check up on us. How you would call my mum and tell her you've sent us fish and some clothes. I will always remember how we'd call each other on our birthdays. Now every year, a day before my birthday I won't have who to call anymore...
The news was really shocking because I still talked to you before going to school. I know you're in a better place now but I really wished you didn't leave so early. Grandma you are and will forever be loved always ❤️. May your soul rest in the everlasting hands of God.
Your loving granddaughter and namesake, Omoko Chukwudi Abimbola


Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 10, 2021
I know this great woman as ‘Grandmother’ who always took care of us and doted on us. Grandma you always had a way of making someone feel very special.

You were a coach, a good mother and grandmother; a role model, who pampered but never over-indulged us. To say we shall miss you greatly is stating the obvious. We shall indeed miss you; rest in peace grandma.

May perpetual light shine on you.

Jordon Alvin-Oduah

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 10, 2021
To My Dearest Grandma, Theresa Chukwudi Omoko (Nee Ononye) known to me as grandma was my mentor, my sister, my friend, mother and grandmother. When I was younger, I would get really excited on being told we would go visiting you and even now I was always looking forward to a visit.

Grandma, the news of your passing-on greatly upset me. It is painful being told you will never see someone you love ever again in this side of eternity. Grandma, I seek comfort that you are in a better place resting in the Lord’s bosom.

Adieu Grandma, you will be forever remembered. Goodbye and rest in peace Grandma. Amen.

Your Granddaughter

Nneamaka Alvin-Oduah

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 10, 2021
Words are not enough to express our grief on the sudden passing to glory of our loving wife and mother. A rare bridge builder who always took delight in uniting the family! 
Thank you ezigbo nne. May your gentle soul rest in peace!
Mrs Onyebuchi Odittah (nee Omoko)


Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 10, 2021
From Francis Alvin Ngozi Oduah
My first encounter with you was in 2003. I can never forget how hospitable you were.  I went on to marry your daughter Tobechukwu and the hospitality increased as the children came along. 
You were always concerned about one's well-being and always proffered advise concerning the children and their upbringing. You doted on your numerous grandchildren and always had one activity or the other to keep them excited and happy. The fact that they always wanted to visit you is a testimony of their fondness of you.
You were considerate and generous. I am a witness to the numerous contributions to charity organisations, orphanages, helping hands to individuals and indigent students by you and Grandfather. You were a devout catholic and a member of various Christian and philanthropic organisations.
It is very upsetting when someone close passes on. We never envisaged you would pass on so soon. However, we seek solace in the belief that you are in a better place.
Rest in peace Grandma. We shall sorely miss you.
Francis Alvin Ngozi Oduah.


Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 10, 2021
From Tobechukwu Alvin-Oduah
Tongues cannot express what you mean to me neither can words explain the void your absence has created. Getting myself to write this has been one of the most difficult things I've had to do. But with total gratitude to God for your beautiful life I write this tribute.
You were an exceptional Mum in every sense if the word. Your loving, courageous, considerate, peace loving heart endeared you to everyone. You stood solidly behind all your children, grandchildren, siblings, in-laws, relatives and a whole lot of others who call you "Mummy".
I have always dreaded a life without you and now; my nightmare has become reality. Life can never be the same again but am consoled by the fact that you've gone to a better place where there's no sickness nor pain. I cry when I remember you are no more; I miss you more and more each passing day.
Thank you for being you; thank you for your selflessness; your dedication to our Dad and us and to everyone else.
Thank you for being my MUM.
Aka Ego Nwa Isamah! Nwa ifeyili nwoke, nwanyi a topu na nbo!! Olinni malia onye onagu!!! Nwa Obi Ugbe!!! Kene weioooo, yali waooo, ekene kwene ndi si na uzo eluho weioooo.
May the Almighty father bless your path as you journey home, may perpetual light shine upon you. Amen
Farewell my indefatigable Mummy!!!
Tobechukwu Alvin-Oduah

Tribute and Farewell Message

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 9, 2021
From Isioma Okwuobi
Aunty miii, Mummy dearest, words fail me as I never anticipated that you will leave us so soon and so quick but we must give Glory to Almighty God for your life and for the numerous hearts you touched.
I recall the first time that I met you - what an impression you made, vibrant, social, kind, welcoming, loving - the list is endless. You loved not only your family but anyone who came across your path. Generously giving to anyone less fortunate. You will be greatly missed.
You took over the role of mother to us the Okwuobi girls when our mum passed and maintained that role with love till now. Mummy, what can I say- my heart is so sad that I didn't even get to see you one last time. I recall the time we came for our mum's funeral; you took all our kids to your house for the duration of the funeral in other to give us space to focus on the task at hand. You washed them, fed them, clothe them and brought them to the family compound when they were needed. That is the kind of selfless mother you are to all.
Just a couple of years ago, I called you in panic to help us commission our school alumni (AGGS Zonal chapter) Akwa ocha ensemble for our maiden fundraising launch - you delivered the most classy and sophisticated sets for all the girls in the shortest timeframe deadline.
Mama, you will be greatly missed but God knows best. I will most definitely miss the daily prayers you send to me, the music you share with me and the encouragement you give me when I feel overwhelmed.
Rest in peace perfect peace mummy dearest. One consolation we have are the memories you gave us. Until we meet to part no more. Kachifo nneoma. Asa mama.
Isioma Okwuobi
On behalf of Ogbueshi Joseph and Irene Okwuobi daughters.

Farewell Nan Omoko

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 9, 2021
It is with the heaviest of hearts that we do this tribute and farewell message Nan. You are one of the greatest granny any child would hope for. We are consoled by the fact that you were a part of our growth and left your imprint in our lives.
You are a disciplinarian, an educator, guardian, great cook but most important of all, a most loving Nan. You showed holistic love - there's no other like you - able to balance love and discipline. You discipline us on one hand when we misbehave, and in the same breath, draw us into your chest with the other hand of love where you explain the errors we have done with advise not to do it again.
At all times, you remain steadfast to the love of family, extended family and even acquaintances. From looking after us every time we visit Asaba, to cooking up a storm for us when we visit, you will forever remain in our hearts. Goodnight grandma, rest in peace perfect peace with Our Lord. The teachings you left with us will be a remainder of your legacy with us forever.
  • Brian Fah
  • David Azinge jnr
  • Ebuka Amobi
On behalf of your Okwuobi Grand Children.
Shared by Ngozi Mary on May 9, 2021
Auntie, our relationship brought us mutual benefits with Emeka and Tobe. Our families bonded together until we became in-laws through your daughter Tobe Alvin Oduah.
We the Chukwuma's family are very grateful to you for giving us such a wonderful daughter.  Your legacy will live on and you will surely be missed. Rest in peace.

Ngozi Chukwuma.

In Loving Memory of a woman with a heart of gold-Mother Theresa of our time

Shared by IJEOMA ESOGWA on May 9, 2021
  • Dear grandmother Omoko, the news of your demise was one of the rudest shocks I have ever had. However, I was consoled knowing that you're the latest handmaid of Mother Mary in heaven. 
  • Grandmother Omoko, your humility is inspirational. You were such a kind woman who never gave in small measure. Permit me to take you down memory lane grandmother. When I was preparing to get married 13 years ago,  you took time to educate me on sex selection of our children. You gave me a book on family planning and by the grace of God the use of that book made all the difference. 
  • When I had my first son, you brought me the biggest fish I have ever seen live. You never stopped advising me. It didn't matter where we met. You always dropped a word of advice for me to be a good wife and mother. I can hear your soft spoken voice(smiles)
  • I thank God for giving my family and I the opportunity  to visit you on grandfather Omoko's birthday 2020. We came with neither silver nor gold, not even a bronze, but our hearts were filled with joy fulfilling a long time desire. 
  • Dearest Grandmother Omoko, I and my family pray that God will continue to grant your loving heart eternal rest and let His perpetual light shine upon you through Christ our Lord Amen. Good night Ma as you continue to enjoy heavenly bliss. Adiu
  • Ijeoma Esogwa and family.


Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 9, 2021

From: Dcns Kaidi L. Okafo-Emedo.

My beloved Aunty and Mummy, Mummy, you loved me unconditionally. Family meant so much to you and whenever we had the opportunity to speak, you made sure I realized how close you were to my late Dad. You showed me love and drew me close to Idumugbe branch of my the family. 

You taught me how to honour them in any event, you were most especially there to guide me during my late sister's death. You led me step by step through the hurdles. I could not believe the running around you did on my behalf, oh Mummy Mummy, you were really so unwavering in your support. You brushed off my numerous 'thank you ma' letting me know that it was your responsibility. You taught me the true meaning of humility with dignity!

My elegant Mummy Mummy and beloved Akudi ka, I still have my Orange Akwa ocha set. You brought them over for me from my cousin's wedding, even though I was unable to attend. You made sure I part took of the family Aso ebi, Nne m, dalu. You have always been there for me and with the wisdom you were instilling from behind, people just assumed that I knew so much more about our culture and traditions! I just walked tall and smiled. Nne m, oma, dalu ma. 

I recall your stories of your close relationship and escapades with my Dad, to really express how close you both were, I just smiled as my Dad always did the very same. He so loved his maternal family and there was never a doubt about that. Our branch of the Okafos in Umuekwo, (where you incidentally came to marry) has always been known as Umu 'Okafo Isiego' in honour of the Matriarch of the family 'Isiego Ononye'!! You endeavored to teach me how to relate with my Idumugbe branch of the family. The appropriate ways of greetings and their songs! Mummy Mummy, I shall miss you dearly.

No matter the time I reached out to you, you were never one to reprimand me of the time lapse since our last chat. This is truly unconditional love. Your arms were always wide open to receive us. Dalu ma. 

My late sister, Lady M, felt you loved her best, how you were always around to check on her, get her alkaline water, etc, I usually smiled saying that I am your favourite. The fact is, you had a way of making each one feel so special.

Just thinking that so many of you have gone ahead, you must all be having a special family meeting in a corner of Heaven, keep remembering us ever so fondly as I know you look down through the Heavenly portals to check on us. I realize that death is deadly but your soul is immortal and your memory remains Evergreen.

I will carry you lovingly in my heart my darling Mummy Mummy always and forever. Until we meet again in that Glorious Kingdom, Adieu beloved Mummy Mummy!

Adieu till we meet again!

Dcns Kaidi L. Okafo-Emedo.

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 9, 2021
From Mrs. Felicia Nwani

May God Almighty whom you served and trusted reward you for the care you rendered to all around you. Always showing love especially to the less privileged and the handicapped to mention but a few.

Rest in peace Ezinne mum Omoko. May God console us all in Jesus name. Amen
Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 9, 2021
From Chukwuka Odittah, on behalf of the Odittah family.

Mama, thank you for the love and care you showed us all at different times of our lives. Giving and sharing love was your second nature. That virtue will always remain in our memory of you. We celebrate you mama. May the Lord grant you eternal rest. Amen.
Shared by Michael Ojo on May 8, 2021
It hurts quite badly to see you go home, Mommy Omoko. For us your family, it was rather too soon. But we are assured the Lord in his marvelous ways chose this a perfect time to rest your ever-busy and giving hands. We are consoled God guided you to lead a life in which you shared so much warmth, openness, joy, and selflessness. My family and I are witnesses to several of your virtues; and we benefitted bountifully from them. We won't forget how you easily lightened up every room you entered. Memories of you would forever remain sweet in our minds.
We trust God to welcome you into Heaven triumphantly; and to grant you smooth journey even as you fly home in the wings of the Angels. Rest in Peace, Mommy. Kachifo!

Gbenga Ojo

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 8, 2021
It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that I write this tribute to my dearest wife and mother, Ezinne Chukwudi T. Omoko who left us, but God knows best. You were a kind mummy, loving, caring at heart and soul. I miss you my wife.

Rest in peace in the bosom of God till we meet to part no more. Amen.

Umeadi Omoko

Chichi Ojeme

Shared by Chichi Ojeme on May 8, 2021
when I saw the chat of your passing, my stomach came to my mouth.
I met Aunty a couple of years back on a Soroptimist trip to Barbados and we hit it off, as much as the difference in age was and you and my mum equally hit it off and then you introduced me to your Ada and it’s been a beautiful relationship though we don’t get to see as often.
Your smiles, your calm nature, you appreciated my carrying your bags, you teased.
May your soul Rest In Peace Aunty and May all you’ve left behind be comforted.
Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 8, 2021
Nnem Omalicha, my adviser, omalobi Nnam for years. Who else will I call for true advice. Death why, why!! Nne not even a word before you left. Oh! oh!

May your soul rest in peace. Amen
Omalicha nnem, ogonogo dimkpa, rest in peace. Amen.

From Mrs. Okonkwo (Nash's wife) 
Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 8, 2021
Akudikam, the news of your demise came as a great shock, but you lived a fulfilled life. It is certainly a great loss to the Omoko's family and the vacuum you left is too big to be filled.

We cannot question God because we believe God knows the best.

Rest in peace.
From Mrs. Mercy Nwanne Williams (Nee Omoko)
Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 8, 2021
We the family of Comfort Pama Okafor of Issele-Uku received with shock the sad news of the death of our dear wife and mother, Ezinne Chukwudi T. Omoko who passed away on the  26th of April 2021.

Mommy we love you, you were a great mother and we pray that God will give the family of Ogbueshi G. O. Omoko the strenght to bear the loss of their dear mother and grant her eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord in Jesus name. Amen
Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 8, 2021
Dear Grandmother,

Your death came as a shock to us all.
I keep wishing and thinking that your passing on is not real and that I shall come to your home and meet your warm embrace and smiles. You always have some goodies for your grandchildren whenever we came over. We always looked forward to visiting you and grandpa.

May your beautiful soul rest in peace grandma. You shall be really missed by us all.

Ethan-George Alvin-Oduah 


Shared by EZEOKE MAGDALENE on May 7, 2021
Death is an inevitable end which comes at the appointed time Excl3:2
Mama like a candle stick burnt to impact good morals and lessons  in Home - Economics to young girls like us then in 1980's.We take solace in the fact God gave her the grace of a peaceful death without the suffering of chronic sickness.We know that mama is in a better place and enjoying the glory of God.May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace Amen
Adieu mama
Adieu our great teacher
 On behalf of MMC 1985 set (Fumnanya Omoko Ojo's classmates) by Mrs Ngozi Uko Ezeoke


Shared by Andrew Omoko on May 7, 2021
I was shocked to hear about your demise.But we can't question God. Mum you are the truest, dearest more than a mother to me. I called you mum not because you are my biological mother but because of the way you took care of me when l lost my mum in the year 2003.You wholly accepted me as your son. You nurture me to become the man l am today. I learnt a lot from you. You are such a wonderful and kind mother, your type are rare. You are a disciplinarian mother and you touch the life's of so many that came across you. Still remember the last time I visited, you went into your room and brought Asaba traditional cloth ( akwa ocha ) and gave it to me for free and I know the cloth would have cost you a fortune that shows how kind you are. l am console with the fact that you lived a good life. May Almighty God grant your soul eternal rest and may Almighty God comfort us all in this time of bereavement, Amen.
From Ngozi Omoko.
Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 6, 2021
Even though I never met you, I was blessed to know your son George and daughter Ada. You are a great inspiration to others and you shared your life so willingly with others.

The joy you brought to people will never end and one day all will be together again. Though you are missed, we know you are with Jesus Christ and those who have gone before.

May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
From Victor Kika.
Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 6, 2021
On behalf of our family, we commiserate with you on the passing of your dear mum. May her soul rest in peace. Amen. 

Most of her students would speak highly of her, which attests to the sterling qualities she espoused during her lifetime. We give glory to God for a life well spent.

May God grant you all the peace and strength you need to pass through this. On the bright side, you just gained an angel in Heaven who you can trust to always watch over and take good care of you. We shall always have you in our thoughts and prayers.
Be comforted. God bless.

Angela and Joachim Okoruwa

Adieu my beloved Godmother

Shared by Uche Judith Akpenyi-Agidi on May 6, 2021
Adieu mummy, I didn’t see you for decades and I didn’t say goodbye. I am so sorry- I went with the wind in pursuit of diaspora life. To keep you in the mind, I held on to your children, thanks to fbk! Out of sight is not out of mind like they say. I couldn’t have disconnected from you even when you made a great impact on me. I bear the baptism name (Judith) you gave me as your Goddaughter. I also remember how you stepped up to the  role of directing me when I was confused and desperate for a university admission. You gave me what I couldn’t get from my biological parents and I remain most grateful.
I reference you regularly in my life because you gave me the kick start I needed for my future at the most crucial stage of my life. You were there to direct, guide and enlighten me, thanks my Fairy Godmother!!
Thanks for being such an exemplary  mother and a great role model. You were God fearing, educational, a disciplinarian, highly sophisticated, very beautiful, very friendly, compassionate , very supportive, selfless, trustworthy, very humble, very kind, easy going, very industrious, the list is endless! 
You are no doubt leaving a huge vacuum and you will be highly  missed.
Rest in peace mum, you did a great job, your  legacy reigns amongst your outstanding  children.
Adieu! Adieu! Adieu and rest with the Lord mum until we meet to part no more

Goddaughter Uche Judith Akpenyi-Agid

Posted by Patrick Okwuobi May 4, 2021

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 6, 2021
Dear Grandma
We love you grandma. For who you are, for what you stood for and for all the things you did for us. You were always there for us, teaching, guiding and counselling.

You will never be forgotten and we will always remember all that you have taught us. Love you loads.

Rest in peace Grandma

Posted by Chukwufumnanya Ojo 5, May 2021

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 6, 2021
My dearest Mummy and most trusted Friend,
I love you.
Mummy, it's hard to believe. But you taught me to have faith in Jesus Christ and that is what is keeping me.
Where do I begin? You were my first and most respected teacher - teaching me the foundations and principles of faith in Jesus Christ in words and indeed until I could make that faith my own. You showed me enough reason that I was able to believe - I owe you much.

You loved me and supported me as well as all the people within your circle of influence. I miss you and it is comforting to hear the encouraging words of those lives you touched. You gave sacrificially.

Ezinne, there is much to say. You are a teacher par excellence. You taught me to forgive and not to keep a record of "wrongs". Yours was a life worthy of emulation. My children are blessed if I can be to them the Mother you were to me and my siblings.

Mummy, you taught me to support my community as well as those around me - I remember the early days of being part of the Church cleaning crew at Agbor - you fostered an early interest in volunteerism -giving without counting the cost. What a beautiful mother you are!!! God gave me the best, and I give God all the glory and thanks, in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

My darling Mummy, you exhibited remarkable modesty and decorum and tried to teach me that - but I was slow in learning it. Yet God used you to cover my shortcomings. You did well - God will teach me the rest now.

You filled our lives with musical joy, smiles and wonderful memories - whether from baking cakes and pastries, spending unhurried time with us at Ogwushi-uku library (fostering a love for learning), bathing grandchildren, etc, you gave your best and your best was excellent. My children remember you as the "Grandma, that prays". Thank you for every word of blessing you pronounced on them. Thank you, Mummy.

Mummy, I have wondered how those last moments on April 26, 2021 ended for you on earth. You were an organized person and knew the projects you needed to do for each day, while maintaining flexibility. It is well. Very sad that I cannot hear your voice audibly in this part of eternity.

Rest Well, Mummy, Rest well until that day when we meet again at the feet of Jesus Christ. Kachifo.


Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 6, 2021
To Omoko family, friends and various associates of THERESA CHUKWUDI OMOKO, one who was with us not quite long ago but has departed this earth!

Surely we will miss her endearing love, company and friendship. However, we shall not mourn her, rather we will always remain thankful to the Almighty Father, for the blessing bestowed on her in this incarnation and for the happy and uplifting moments we shared together. 

Remember all must, at different times answer our Home Call! We must allow our soul gaze heavenwards only henceforth.

May the Heavenly Father forgive her all her human trespasses and reward abundantly her good deeds, which many knew her for. Thus making her passage to our Eternal Home of Love, Peace and Joy an easy and joyful one for her. AMEN!

May God's love abide with you all her loved ones to strengthen and hearten your souls.

May the Rays of God's Divine Love streaming downwards, help to awaken us, still here to those activities that may lead our Home going unhindered when its our time too. Amen.

Family Mazi Uso & Mrs. Afoma Aninyei

Tribute / Farewell Message

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 6, 2021
With heavy heart and total submission to the will of God, I bid farewell to a Lady of Honour. 
I bid farewell to a very kind hearted sister in-law.

I bid farewell to a very loving, caring wife and mother, Mrs. Theresa Chukwudi Omoko. You have done your best and it pleased the holy Trinity, Your Mother Mary, and all the saints to welcome you home.

Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee O Lord; O Lord hear my voice.
O let thine ears consider well the voice of my supplication.
If thou O Lord shall mark our iniquities; Lord who can abide it?
For with thee, there is propitiation:
and by reason of Thy law I have waited for Thee Oh Lord.
My soul hath waited on His word: my soul had hoped in the Lord.
From the morning watch even unto night: let Israel hope in the Lord.
For with the Lord there is Mercy: and with Him is plenteous redemption.
And he shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.

Eternal rest grant unto Theresa Chukwudi Omoko's soul and the souls of all the faithful departed O Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace.

Fare you well, lovely nwunye Ogbueshi Ngbeke.
Mrs. Patience E. Chukura


Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 6, 2021
Auntie Theresa, may The Good Lord grant you eternal rest in His kingdom in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Very Techie Aunt, your flow of info on WhatsApp will be missed. My children and your grandchildren were always fascinated by your WhatsApp messages.

A very open and real person; you never failed to let us know when you felt hurt and when we explained and apologized, you literally forgot that such events ever occurred. 

I cannot exhaust all you stood for and the positive impact you had on our lives.

Adieu Auntie,

Tribute to my Loving, Sacrificing, Listening, Outstanding Mother

Shared by ADA OKWUOBI on May 6, 2021 mother, teacher (Mrs. Omoko the teacher... smiles) prayer warrior, role model, disciplinarian, trusted friend, mummy the coordinator, ultimate defender and unflinching supporter.

Hmmmmm.....death where is thy sting, and grave where is your victory because the tomb is empty, my mother has joined the saints triumphant and taken her place with the most High God.

My siblings and I wanted to make up for all the sacrifices of love and pain you bore for us, so that we won't cry when the trumpet sounded. Mummy, mummy (Mrs. 'Omokoson' the teacher....she smiles) you taught us so much; you said there was no end to learning, first you taught us the goodness, mercy and abounding grace of GOD. Then you walked with us, worked with us, laughed, cried and danced with us right from early childhood and even with your grandchildren.

You could spot good things, knew where to get them and shared with all without looking back. You encouraged us to give, nothing was too much to give even from the very little we have. You stood by the truth and told it to all, 'bloom where you are planted' you often said. You trusted that if one cannot see the truth today, then they will see it someday because you 'cannot catch the truth'. My mother wanted justice and unity, which comes at a cost but you were always full of love and free of malice - impactful lessons.

You knew you were most loved, you knew you meant the world and more to us. You knew it everyday in our words and actions but this world would never have been enough to make up for your unwavering love, great motherhood and friendship. So we will cry like people that have hope. May the most High God reward you richly with eternal rest in heaven. Amen.

The quintessential Psalm 31 woman. You were clothed in dignity and strength; able to laugh at the days to come. You spoke with wisdom and faithful instruction, dutifully and lovingly, you watched over the affairs of your household and never ate the bread of idleness, nba sor.
My mother, indeed many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Our father called you the greatest strength and best home builder.
Daalu shinne, nnem ezigbo nnem. Nwa Obi Ugbe, akunna yi ka; nwa agu, agu ooo; akaego nwa Isamah, akaego ooo; nwunye Ogbueshi Onwuamaeze Omoko, akudika nnem; daalu, daalu shinne.

Nnem, you sat daily and watched my adult head, steadfastly, prayerfully at my hospital bedside for endless months, with courage and calm assurance that all will be well. You made sure that I missed nothing and encouraged me to get on with life in gratitude and joy despite everything - a really source of strength. dear loving mother, you have fought the good fight of faith, you have finished the race and remained faithful. Yes, receive the crown of righteousness reserved for you and all the faithful departed. Amen

Nnem, je ofuma oooo; nnem ezigbo nnem, ije awele; nnem mali nwanne, ije awele oooo; may the angels of God welcome you; nnem, Theresa Chukwudi nwa Nnebuogo Aninye, nwa Ononye; nwunye Ogbueshi Onwuamaeze Omoko, onye eziokwu; na bazia na ndokwa, oga dili yi nma oooooo. Amen

A Tribute to my Godmother

Shared by MERCY OKOCHA on May 5, 2021
My names are. Mrs Mercy Nwandozi OKOCHA (new Enuani)
So shocking to see that you have gone to be with the Lord. May your sweet Soul rest in peace. The last time we saw was at Union bank Asaba.
Since social media became the order of the day, l have been trying to see if I can connect to one of your biology children to gain access to you.
You were such an examplary mother to all that knew you. Always rendering a helping hand to the needy. I was hoping that one day I will come knocking at your door to say hello for a quality time together, which never came to be. Rest on sweet God mother. May your soul and the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

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