Posted by CHRISTINA SCHUNK on December 9, 2015
I think about you often and wish you were here.I miss you Therez.I miss you so much.............
Posted by CHRISTINA SCHUNK on April 6, 2015
I miss you everyday Therez. Happy Birthday. I love you
Posted by CHRISTINA SCHUNK on December 9, 2014
i wish you new how much i love you and
i miss you a billion times more
never will i forget you
Posted by CHRISTINA SCHUNK on April 5, 2014
Therez I miss you so much. You should be here not gone from all of us. I hate it and selfishly I need you here I need you more than ever,I wish i could find the way to accept you are really gone but I can't, it's so hard to not be able to talk to you ever again or see your beautiful face and hear you tell me how dumb the choices are I have made and help me to make better ones. When I feel I can't take anymore and just want to give up all together your not hear to get mad at me and tell me I am stupid and how angry that would make you because you need me here with you, SO WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME THEREZ?!!! I don't have anyone to share my sadness with about you your family doesn't like me I dont even know where you are . I hope with all I can that I will see you again Therez. I love you forever HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND.
Posted by Gweneviere Mann on January 6, 2014
Thinking of you today as I often am. I miss you terribly. I hope you are living it up in heaven. Someday, when it's my time, I will see you there. Love you Therez.
Posted by Gweneviere Mann on December 10, 2013
I love and miss you very much Therez. I'll never forget all the fun times we had. In 6th Grade we were best friends. As adults, time and miles got between us, but each time we saw each other it was just like it used to be. Thank you for brightening my life with your beautiful soul. I look forward to seeing you on the other side someday. Rest in peace.
Posted by CHRISTINA SCHUNK on December 9, 2013
I miss you more than there are words to express. I think about you all the time and it is still so hard to belive i will never see you again I have so much I want to tell you that has happened and i often find myself talking to you as if you can hear me and imagine what you would respond with then i just start crying I miss you Therez I miss you so much I even make a great effort to not talk so much crap about poohs pal piglet you would get so irritated with me when I did : ) you were piglets biggest fan I even finally own a stuff piglet just for you.
I could go on and on but I wont for now
I hope you are at peace somewhere amazing and beautiful just like you
Posted by teesha jensen on April 5, 2013
Happy Birthday Therez! xoxo
Posted by CHRISTINA SCHUNK on April 5, 2013
Therez I miss you so much i need your advice your strength to deal with my life i am so angry you are gone you deserved much better than the crap you got in life in many ways and i am so sorry i wasnt there for you when you needed me. You are a one of a kind person my best friend damit therez i love and miss you so much i will never forget you
Posted by Paula Garrett on April 30, 2012
I miss you so much. I want to pick up the phone and hear your beautiful voice. You were more than my best friend, you was my sister. I love you.
Posted by teesha jensen on April 21, 2012
You are a beautiful person and you are missed deeply.....
love always, Teesha

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