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His Life
May 18, 2017

不知不觉,三年过去了,虎头进入了北京小橡树幼儿园。在那里,他渡过了他快乐的童年。可以说,虎头基本的价值观是在小橡树幼儿园建立的。后来,他就读过3所小学,对于学校的判断基本是以小橡树为基准的。 他记得小橡树几乎每个带过他的老师, 是他们以对孩子的爱教会他们爱他人、诚实、善良, 诚实善良的特质跟随了虎头短暂平实的一生。

Tiger attended  Little Oak Children’s House in Beijing when he was 3 years old where he spent his childhook before school age. In this larruping kindergarten, Tiger was blessed to get extraordinary early education about honest and love. He was willing to help others and (be continued)

May 7, 2017

1998年7月17日,一个新生命来到我们家,我们给他起名叫孙天淏,小名虎头。那个时候,爸爸正着迷于高尔夫球,Golf选手最厉害的那个人叫Tiger Woods, 某个场合(忘记哪里了)人家问起孩子的英文名字,其实我们是没有准备的,就随口把属虎的这个孩子起名为Tiger,期待他长大了以后成为另外一个厉害的Tiger。随着我们全家移居加拿大,Tiger成为他在大多数场合使用的名字,而他的本名" Tian Hao " 却渐渐不为人所熟悉了。

July 17,1998, a boy was born in our family. We named him Tian Hao Sun in Chinese. We also called hime "Hu Tou" which meant "Head of Tiger" in Chinese because he was born in the year of tiger. At that time his father  was fascinated by golf. The best golf player was a guy named Tiger woods. One day we were asked what's the English name of our son. Actually we were not prepared at that time. So the dad used his idol's name "Tiger" as his son's name. 
After our family moved to Canada, The name "Tiger Sun" used in the most time even at home. Eventually his leagel name " Tian Hao Sun" was rarely used in his social communication.