Posted by Julie Bell on August 1, 2013
Hi Mum, feeling very down recently and thinking about you a LOT... Had a lot of help from my good friend Lisa whom you never got to meet but would have LOVED..... I miss you so much it's inexplicable.... Just thought I'd pop by and tell you ow much I love & miss you... All my Love every day & always.... Julie xxx
Posted by Julie Bell on April 17, 2013
Hey Mum, been thinking about you a LOT recently...! Miss you SO much..!! Could really do with a hug from you just now...! Love & Miss you EVERY day..!xxx
Posted by miss currie on March 15, 2013
Well Tina, av got ur daughter with me were sharing stories, would have loved to have known u, wot is this specimen u have left me with to deal with, luv her too it's btw, nyt nyt, xxxx al look after her. Xxxx
Posted by Julie Bell on December 25, 2012
Well Mum, another birthday been & gone, still is & never will be the same without you..!! Dad done a beautiful dinner as always.. All the kids running round, noise, bedlam, chaos... Right up your street..! Bout now you'd be getting ready to horse me & Faither out to whatever pub was open to give you peace & quite for your soaps & any goodies you got..! Christmas has & always will be your birthday
Posted by marion mccluskey on May 2, 2012
Hi, if it wasnt for your death I dont think I would have met your Julie, the conversations, tears, laughs and friendship we have is to be treasured just like your memory, hope I meet you at the big party I keep telling her about, with all my love, Marion x
Posted by Rosie Brady on May 2, 2012
Lovely Tina, I think fondly and often of the fun nights we had both at lanrig rd and in the tavern! I will never forget the support you and John gave me. A true friend! Green pants still make me laugh xxxxx
Posted by Joyce Bell on November 18, 2011
You continue in this world today through your Julie, Catherine and Johnny and now your beautiful grandchildren. Continue to rest easy misses xxx missed by all
Posted by jane coulston on November 17, 2011
hey tina,

just want to say i have many great memories of the laughs we had when julie and i were growing up, you were the coolest mammy ever!!! your family miss you dearly... R.I.P tina bell....x
Posted by Julie Bell on November 6, 2011

Have just showed Dad your page, he is overwhelmed! He misses you SO much, and finds it really difficult to express how much! I wish I could help him more with his crippling loneliness, and I hope you can help with this! We both Love and miss you EVERY day! XxX
Posted by Julie Bell on November 4, 2011
Mum, I Love & miss you every single second, minute, hour & day of my life, I wish you were here to see the many spectacular things that have happened since you passed, especially the birth of your grand-sons & your other niece, you would totally be in your element!! We ALL Love & miss you SO much! Sleep easy and continue to watch over us as I know you do! All my Love - Julie X

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