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Favorite Family to Photograph

Shared by Brandi Nellis on February 25, 2021
I was hired by Christina Wilson years ago to photograph her children. I believe Tatum was turning one years old.  Over the years, we turned those shoots into photographing the entire family every October to try and put together a good Christmas card for them.  I'll never forget the first time Christina brought Tina to one of our early shoots to photograph the kids.  TINA was standing behind me making silly faces, dancing and trying all sorts of things to try and make the kids to laugh.  They weren't budging with their stone cold faces.  When all of a sudden I feel cold water on my head!  Tina had drizzled some water from her water bottle onto my head and the kids went nuts laughing and smiling!  I knew right then that I loved this lady.  I'm going to miss Tina so much! Love, Brandi

Thelma and Louise

Shared by Sheila Cole on February 24, 2021
I have so many stories to share from my friendship with Tina for over 50 years and especially our travels with just the 2 of us to Africa, Hong Kong, Europe, etc.  This particular one we always referred to as our Thelma and Louise trip,was an especially memorable one because upon my insistence to cross country with her when she was relocating from LA to Austin, she agreed to avoid the travel alone.  Although it was only 2 days, we laughed and ate our way together remembering old times and loving the best Mexican meal we ever had in El Paso.  Our only regret was we never hooked up with a Brad Pitt along the way but prided ourselves in making record time when Tina was at the wheel putting her pedal to the metal in Tina fashion.  God love her and know she will be missed and cherished by everyone who met her, not to mention, my mother,  who was not always fond of everyone, adored her and will be thrilled to meet up with her again.

Cherished Friend

Shared by Mary Anne Castles on February 24, 2021
Tina was such a special woman to so many and I count my blessings for our paths crossing in our lifetime. Tina and I went toe-to-toe early on in our relationship, but as I became the mother of her first grandchild, beautiful Rylee – an understanding between two women began. I understood what it meant to be a mom and how fierce those feelings are for your children and a new chapter in our lives began. Tina has remained a constant source of inspiration – her passion for interior design; creating a beautiful home to share with family and friends; celebrating milestones and family vacations; and her tenacity as a business woman. She helped create the woman, mom and professional I am today. I could always count on Tina for advice, mentorship, encouragement and just pure love. Tina had such a huge open heart and loved her family dearly – she had a special place in her heart for my late husband, Mike Davis, and I could always count on her to reminisce with me about him. It takes a special person to continue to hold on to people and keep them close and I cherish that she never let me go. I love you so much Tina. God bless you and I look forward to the day we are together again.

A beautiful woman

Shared by Joel Price on February 23, 2021
I have known Tina for just over 10 years, but it has gone by way too  fast.  Tina always had a big hug and a kiss for me every time I saw her, and her smile would light up a room.  She believed in our charity, Imagine A Way, but most of all, I felt like she believed in me. She put her heart and soul into helping those less fortunate, and we would not be the organization we are today without her caring and support.
She was a gentle soul, but in her candid nature, never held back from telling you what you needed to hear.  We have shared countless glasses of wine and great memories together. I am heart broken for you Dale, but know you are a strong man and will carry on as such. I will miss Tina dearly.
Joel Price
Shared by Susan Campbell on February 20, 2021
I first met Tina through our work; Gratefully, our friendship blossomed well beyond our being colleagues. Though we always lived in different states, that distance could always be bridged. Time between visits didn’t matter to our friendship either– we’d pick right up where we left off without skipping a beat. And she was right there when I needed her most. She came to Colorado to care for me after my double knee replacement. She made me laugh…not good since it hurt when I laughed, but we sure had fun. Putting my compression stockings on every morning was a team sport and made us both cry with laughter. I am glad no one captured those Lucy and Ethel moments. She also came to Colorado another time when I needed emotional support during a family challenge. She said she just needed to be there. I needed her to be there though I’d have never asked. Yet she and Dale were there.

Dale and my husband, Von, were easy and wonderful to add into our friendship. The four of us shared many special memories in Jackson Hole, Austin, Colorado and on Maui. I’ve attached a picture from when we all gathered In Jackson for the eclipse. What a weekend that was!

Tina was a force of nature! She was quick-witted, candid, and had a great dry sense of humor. I will miss our conversations, our tears, our laughter, and her mischievous grin with that twinkle in her eyes. Aloha for now, Tina. Until we meet again.

Susan and Von

Adventures with sissy

Shared by Kate Campbell on February 18, 2021
My sister was one of the smartest women I know. That being said, she and I shared having absolutely no sense of direction or ability to read maps. This was most evident on one of our trips to Sweden when we got lost and ended up on a restricted Air Force Base. When I pointed out a road that I thought could lead us out my sister turned to me and said “that’s a runway!” At that point we decided we should turn around and try to find someone. We pulled up to a Quansett hut and several soldiers came out quickly to greet us. We both just smiled and said that we were Americans and we were lost. The next thing we knew a very distinguished officer came out to his Mercedes and his driver and he led us off the base and to our destination which was the Crystal country. The point of the story is that even though we didn’t know where we were, we never thought we were lost. Because we had each other. I will miss my sissy but I will hold fondly all the adventures we had

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