This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Trey Duncan, 35, born on December 8, 1975 and passed away on October 8, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Trey's memorial will be held at 
United Methodist Church

(620) 397-2335140 E Vine St
Dighton, Kansas

Thursday October 13th at 11:00 am

Please send flowers or cards to the church or

WR and Karen Duncan

PO Box 713
Dighton Kansas 67839


Posted by Suzanne Campbell on October 11, 2011
Dear WR and Karen, 
I am so sorry for your loss. My all of the wonderful memories of your son bring you peace and comfort. My our good and gracious Lord bring you strength and comfort.
Posted by Keith Bush on October 11, 2011
Karen and WR raised a very thoughtful,courteous,polite and well mannered son,and have every right to be proud of him .He will surely be missed.I hope they can look past their loss and look at all the happyness he brought to this world.
Posted by Steve Merz on October 11, 2011
W.R. and Karen, I am so saddened to hear of your loss. May memories bring you comfort during this time. I pray God will wrap you with comfort and uplifting.
Posted by Mickey Durbin on October 11, 2011
We will want to live so that we can be united with Trey someday. I already know that he is laughing up in HEAVEN. Take good care WR & Karen, our hearts are with you and we share your void. God Be With You Always!
Larry & Mickey Durbin
Posted by Jody Richesin on October 10, 2011
You will be missed by alll.
Posted by Denise Diaz on October 10, 2011
You went out of your way to help me and you only met me once. 
I know God has a special place in his kingdom for you. I pray that God would comfort the hearts of your family and bring them peace knowing you are with Him.
Posted by Candice Kline on October 10, 2011
My big brother, I already miss you. Thank you for taking care of me for so many years, and back at ya!! you will always be missed and NEVER forgotten. Your face, smile and laugh will always be with me. I love you teddy bear!!
Posted by Toby Harbin on October 10, 2011
Trey, my BIG little touched so many lives here on earth! What a blessing to have had you in my life for a while and in my heart forever! Love you, bro!
Posted by Lynn Gerstenkorn on October 10, 2011
A life on earth has ended, but the transition is immediately to an unbelievably and unconditionally loving place that is truly our home. I pray for strength and sustenance to be with Trey's family and friends. They will be reunited because of God's great plan for His family.
Posted by Mark McClure on October 10, 2011
Seeing you always brought a smile to my face! You have touched many lives and will truly be missed by all.
Posted by Justin Ratts on October 10, 2011
It was a true pleasure getting to know you and work with you. I will never forget the good times we had together. Thanks for everything my fellow Kansan. I'll miss you Trey!
Posted by Celia Moomaw Wells on October 10, 2011
Karen and W.R. 
I am so sadden for you; our family has been hit hard in the last month.
Love you soo much!!!
Posted by Kevin Whiting on October 10, 2011
Karen and W.R., So sorry to hear this. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Trey was obviously one cool dude. Love, KwW
Posted by Donnis Maughlin on October 10, 2011
Shannon and Trey were great friends when they were younger and before he moved to Liberal. Bill and I were just talking about the tent they set up in the living room and had great adventures. Ashley always seemed to end up in there with you. We will miss seeing you.
Posted by Laci Cook on October 10, 2011
Trey Robert, you need to get your butt to Liberal and get the toilet paper out of my tree! I love you my brother. Kelly and I's lives are better because you were in them. Don't worry about your parents, they are surrounded by great people. Love you and miss you terribly.
Posted by Dan Moomaw on October 10, 2011
Trey our family will miss you terribly. You were always a kind and caring person who enjoyed life to the fullest. You were such a pleasure to be around. Weather it was hunting with you and your Dad or at family reunions it was always great laugh and joke with you.God bless you.
Posted by Pansy Fryman on October 10, 2011
Such sad news. Our hearts are bleeding along with yours. Stay strong.
Posted by Rob Lauppe on October 10, 2011
Words can’t express how sadden I am to hear of your passing.It was truly a great honor and pleasure to be one of your teachers and coaches at Liberal High School. You were such a great kid. May God be with you Karen and WR thru these tough times. Angry Red Enough Said!!
Posted by Joshua Haut on October 9, 2011
I only knew you as "The Boss Man" for the past 10 months but for only meeting once but talking a few times on the phone it was great having you as a upper level supervisor!! you will be missed and NEVER forgotten!!!
Posted by Bobbie Morrison on October 9, 2011
Ah buddy, how I will miss you whipping into our driveway with that big smile on your face just to say hi and bye. Or leaning on the fence with your bigger than life laugh and telling us how "this" time you are gonna "remember" Vegas! Much love up to you Trey!!! xox
Posted by Janine Hungerford on October 9, 2011
I am still in shock that you're gone. You were an amazing guy who could always make me smile. I'll never forget your smile and laugh. Your love for life was contagious. I'll miss ya like crazy Trey! God must have needed you pretty badly to call you home so early. Rest in peace
Posted by Shelley Buch on October 9, 2011
What a tragic loss. Gone way too soon. He was awsome in every way. I will really miss him. I guess God did have a different plan for him. Trey, you will be missed.
Posted by Vincent Minter on October 9, 2011
Never dreamed that when we stopped by to see you Friday it would be the last time we would talk with you. Our family is grateful for the opportunity to have known you. You will be forever with us in our hearts.
Posted by Carlos Pineda on October 9, 2011
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.(Matt.5:9)
Trey there very few people in this world who are honest no matter the situation, or would help ANYONE anytime. Its been a blessing to know u and call u my friend.
Posted by Kyli McCarty Tidwell on October 9, 2011
Your smile lit up the room and your funny spirit could make everyone else smile. A wonderful person taken way too soon!!
RIP, Trey!
Posted by Todd Tanking on October 9, 2011
I was so shocked to learn of your passing yesterday that I am at a loss for words. You were taken way to soon! My heart goes out to your parents & family at this difficult time.
Posted by Jill Tanking on October 9, 2011
I was so shocked when Todd told me yesterday about your passing. There was always a smile on your face when I saw you. My heart goes out to your mother and dad.
Posted by Karen Duncan on October 9, 2011
What wonderful memories for our precious son. Thank you!
Karen & WR
Posted by Korina LaCount on October 8, 2011
Ill always remember your smile and laugh and the way you and Abe would goof around and drink,you were always so kind to me and a bud to John my husband as well,hopefully John and you are raising a glass to us all in the hereafter,much love dear soul,till we meet again.
Posted by Jennifer Mannel on October 8, 2011
You are gone too soon. I just don't want to believe it. I am so sad. You were the best Trey and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Posted by Denyce Gammell on October 8, 2011
Oh Trey,
You are like my other son. I am still stunned to learn how quickly you departed us. We will miss you and pray that you will forever be a guardian angel to WR and Karen. I will always remember your hearty laugh.
Posted by Echo Kline on October 8, 2011
My dear TREY. You have touched so many lives with your flamboyant personality and larger then life smile. You made such an impression on me and my family from the first time we met you. You were always cracking jokes and making us see the "brighter" side of everything! Love U
Posted by Linda Schnitzler Hungerfo... on October 8, 2011
Trey our good friend and employee. Very sad day for all of us. Wonderful person. He had lots of friends. I remember the first day exactually where we met and hired him. We knew he was a keeper. He stood out above all. I will miss talking to you my friend. Rip
Posted by Mike Mohr on October 8, 2011
When I taked to you last night and said I would let you go so you could finish your movie I never would have dreamed the next time I saw you we would be trying to bring you back to life. You are my brother and I need you!!! I love you Trey please let me wake up from this.
Posted by CURTIS HERD on October 8, 2011
Words can not express the sadness that i feel, big boy always made myself and all that were near him happy. He could always make you smile and laugh. I loved him so much, he made the world a better place for all of us that knew him he will be truley missed. RIP my friend.
Posted by Wayne Boney on October 8, 2011
My little brother. I wish I could have seen you again. Hard to remember that you used to be little when I was around the house. Then you grew up. Love you and I will miss you greatly. Till we meet again.
Posted by Brian Hungerford on October 8, 2011
I will miss Trey forever. I can't express how the loss of Trey makes me feel. I will never forget the type of person Trey was. Everytime you are in his prescence, wether it be in person or on the phone, you realized that it is possible to be happy and humble all the time.
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Posted by Katrina Booker on December 8, 2020
Happy birthday kiddo! We just sent Max to celebrate it with you. Enjoy those wonderful hugs and jokes together. 
Posted by Karen Duncan on October 8, 2020
Nine years have passed and your dad and I miss you just as much now if not more. We think of you every day and are blessed with your friends stopping and seeing us. Josh and his fiancé were here last week. Was great to see him and meet Lori. He misses you too. Keep looking down and checking on us. We feel your presence.
Love you, Mom & Dad
Posted by Weskeal West on October 8, 2020
9 years kid. Can't believe you've been gone that long. We remember you through WR & Karen & think of you often. 
Recent stories

Easter dinner

Shared by CURTIS HERD on December 10, 2012
I remember that day it was wonderful sitting around enjoying that chicken and your wonderful family I miss him so very much and it was a great day with some good food and good company. Thank you.

Fried Chicken

Shared by Karen Duncan on October 18, 2011

After Trey bought his home in Wichita two years ago he asked me to cook Easter dinner for him and his roomates.  His request was for fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy!  (I hate to cook chicken but I did even though his stove only had 3 burrners on it and they didn't work very well.)  The next year Trey called and asked if I was going to cook Easter dinner again.  Told him yes.  He asked what I was cooking.  I said fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy.  I asked if he didn't remember what he'd asked for.  He said "he just wanted to hear me say it!"  Then he said he had good news and bad news.  The bad news was that I would be cooking for 17!  The good news was that he had bought me a new stove, refirgerator, dishwasher, and microwave.  It turned out to be good news and good news.  We had a wonderful day with everyone there.  In the pictures you can see him cooking "his pan of fried chicken"!  We love you Trey.

Mom & Dad

Hutchinson paper

Shared by Mike Mohr on October 16, 2011

Trey Duncan offered bear hugs, affectionately belly-bumped his best friend, and never hung up the phone without telling his parents "Love you."

 The 35-year-old died suddenly, of sleep apnea, on Oct. 8, in the midst of a life filled with family, friends and children.

Duncan was born Dec. 8, 1975, in Shreveport, La., the son of W.R. and Karen Duncan, who were both active rodeo performers. As an infant, he was easy to care for, sleeping in the front carrier Karen Duncan wore, which enabled her to ride a horse while she and W.R. checked cattle.

His first horse was Misty, a Welsh pony. With his parents, he became active in the Kansas Western Horseman Association. He was only 6 years old when he won the KWKA pole-bending contest while riding his mother's Appaloosa mare. 

While he loved horses, his passion turned to football and by the time he was in Liberal West Middle School he was a confirmed University of Oklahoma fan and tossing his own football. He went on to play on the offensive and defensive line for the 1993 state football champion Liberal Redskin team. By the time he played football at Pittsburg State University, he was 6-foot-3 and weighed 300 pounds. The team went to nationals, but it was one of only three times in his young football career that his team lost a game.

Mike Mohr remembered the first time he met Duncan in Liberal. They had an awkward confrontation. The next meeting went better and their friendship evolved from there. 

"We bypassed friends a long time ago and became family," said Mohr, who with his wife, Micha, lived with Duncan in Colorado Springs and Wichita, before Duncan bought his own home. They had adjoining backyards and flowed easily into one another's lives.

Like brothers, "one would start a sentence and the other would finish it," W.R. Duncan said. 

"We could be with each other and not even talk," Mohr said, recalling the time they watched an 18-hour "Lord of the Rings" movie marathon together.

"When it was over, Trey turned to me and said, "Well, that's 18 hours we'll never get back."

Duncan also loved children.

"He was a kid magnet. My children considered him their big brother," Mohr said. "If Trey ran a day care center, it would have been the most successful on the planet." 

He traveled often with his work as Midwest regional manager for Rocky Mountain Inventory of Denver. He even spent four months in the Middle East and Europe on assignment with the company. During down time the neighborhood would gather in Trey's "man cave" to watch football games on his big-screen TV.

Friends have told the Duncans that if someone talked to Trey for 20 seconds they had a friend for life.

"We had 35 years of joy with him," W.R. Duncan said.

He brought joy into the lives of so many friends with his easy smile and laughter. 

"You could see the love he had for his parents. They were always on his mind," Mohr said." Trey was a good son."