Donations to research program related to blood cancer diseases

Shared by Karl Sauter on May 1, 2019

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to fund research being done by Walt's oncologist, Dr. Paquette and his team, to improve outcomes for those with blood cancer diseases such as Leukemia which Walter had.

Please indicate that your gift is in memory of Walter Sauter in order for your donation to be directed to this research program.

Donations may be made online at:

or by check payable to: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

and mailed to: Cedars-Sinai, Attn: Laura Asok, PhD, 8700 Beverly Blvd., Suite 2416, Los Angeles, CA  90048


Shared by Karl Sauter on May 11, 2019

3699444 (02/69-10/72) Interference Cancellation System

3716863A (08/70-02/73) Instrument Landing Error Correcting System

3740627A (08/70-09/71) Servo Motor Driven RF Attenuator

4016516 (12/75-04/77) Reflective Signal Controller

4466131 (09/82-08/84) Automatic Separation System

4486757 (10/81-12/84) Automatic Direction Finder

6114983 (09/77-09/00) Electronic Counter Measures In Radar

RE37877 (06/01-10/02) Electronic Counter Measures In Radar

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