This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Wendy TANGIRI, 25 years old, born on July 27, 1995, and passed away on February 18, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Mumah Hilda on February 28, 2021
Wendy my baby sister, I'm yet to believe you are gone. The last time I saw you was at aunty Rose funeral. I was excited though we didn't have much time together, I looked forward to seeing you again until the sad news stroke me. Go well and bead farewell to aunty Layeh and Chafeh and the rest. May you all find rest in the bossom of the Most High God. Miss you forever
Posted by Tardini Etienne on February 27, 2021
WEN it's but sad you had to live this way, you were such a nice pretty lady I came across. Filled with much love and appreciated all life brought before you.your sad new still troubles me till now sweedy.but God knows best I will for ever miss you dr ,though had to accept love you ,rest in peace WEN.
Posted by Becky Joso on February 26, 2021
I remember the last time I cried this much my heart is still filled with so much tears and now you my dear Wendy! .
You have left some wonderful memories that will never fade from my heart.
Rest in peace Wen!
Posted by Anjoh Juilet on February 26, 2021
Wen for the few weeks in have known u, out of the sudden u disappeared just like dat (tears) u always come to the cyber to assist me saying Ju abeg if i no came help me update that spread sheet until de the last tuesday bfor ur death u pass by to greet me (tears) n u were like ju how work i said its slow n u told me " u ehhh u always like make customers flop all side" n de last word u utter was ma sister say make u give me 10k dat was all (tears) Wen till we meet again i pray may u find a place in the blosom of the Almighty God (tears)
Posted by Ngem Solange on February 25, 2021
This is SAD
Go well Wendy
Posted by Brian Bantar on February 25, 2021
Wendy I keep asking myself if it's really true you are gone just like that. I remember the day we met and became friends how you will always call and ask how I'm doing even as a boarding student, how good you were to me especially in our difficult moments in UBa, how you will always encourage and give me hope and how you remained a true, caring and faithful friend and sister to me. I don't even have much to say.
Will for ever remember you Wen. My regards to Gisella. Adieu Wendy
Posted by Bruno ndi Shei on February 25, 2021
Wendy! I can't say anything cause it's hard to believe. Rest in peace dear. Say hi to Gise for me. Adieu black diamon.
Posted by clovis brisscam on February 25, 2021
Wendy! Tapsi
The marketing Student Association (MASA) Higher institute of Commerce and Management (HICM) University of Bamenda, CEO SHOW PARTY is yet to came to terms that a Potential marketer of your caliber is leaving the customers in the market without listening to all their worries... Marketing is everyone's business, you played your part too well, we shall take it from here.... Mr. Tiambou is asking, where is Wendy? Alluta continua, and I asked Alluta ke'h? 
Posted by Maila Maila on February 24, 2021
I sincerely wish i was there on that fateful tragic day to prevent it from happening in some way. I was in complete shock when I read "Wendy might be dead". I fell in complete tears without even confirmation. And when it was confirmed, I could not contain myself. Your passing has thought me a valuable lesson, the "ART OF INTENTIONAL LIVING". All I can do is sincerely hope and pray your soul Rest In Peace in JESUS' MIGHTY NAME..........................AMEN
Posted by Mepia Rita-Stella on February 24, 2021
My Dearest One,
   Your kind heart, beautiful smile and simplicity has always touched me and will never be forgotten.
   I may have much to say but my heart wouldn't permit. All I wish and pray for is that the Good Lord grant Eternal rest to your Soul.
    May God's Angels carry you to Heaven your new home. We remain united in prayers till we meet again.
   Much love and prayers for you. Farewell.
Posted by Vera VeraTangiri on February 24, 2021
“ O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy   victory? (1 Corinthians 15:55).
Wendy, gone too soon!
We know death is the path for all as mortal beings but why this soon? Only God has the answer.

Rest well dear, for we believe we have gained an Angel in heaven. Farewell and keep watch over the family you’ve left behind.
Till we all meet again on the other side.
Posted by Muchas Miranda on February 24, 2021
Dear Wendy,my heart is still bleeding as I still feels like a bad dream and I wish someone could wake me up from it. You have left a vacancy in our hearts forever but we know you re now resting in a better place. We love you but God loves you more
May your soul rest in eternal peace
Posted by Giles Keven on February 24, 2021
Wen you left us all confused and Heartbroken, I am still trying hard to believe it’s all a dream hoping someone will wake me up or say it’s a prank or something cuz it is still hard to accept the fact that you are no more, but God alone has the answers to the numerous questions we have! Rest In Peace with the angels in heaven Wen! You might not be present physical but you will be in our hearts forever
Posted by KOUOTSEU PHILIBERTE GABRI... on February 24, 2021
Wher will i start from?? Ur dead to me is still like a dream,, i remember back in SAC we were not that close.. But sunce i came over to bambili we were always together.. My gisting partner, my advisor, my playing partner, i will miss all the time we shared together... U always advise me Gaby study!!! My Bsc project we had sleepless nyt, cuz u wer making sure i wasn't left behind.. We had many plans together.. But wher are you? You have gone and left me .. My caring and loving sister.. I will miss you.. Till we meet again my love..  ♥..RIP my president of the jury as i use to call u..

Posted by Mitti Valmy on February 24, 2021
Layir as i always called you, it's hard to believe you are gone too soon. I write with a heavy heart and teary eyes. We started from BBA to MBA. While at MBA i gave up at some point due to stess, i told you i couldn't handle school and work at that point but all you did was encourage me. You told me I'm a strong girl, you told me "bb you can do it, we are almost at the finished line, just close your eyes and let's finish because we've gone too far for you to backout". Layir why...... Remember when we were preparing for first semester told me to join you and study. We braved the gunshots and you're taking everything to the grave. We had our moments of beefing but then the friendship still stood. I can't believe I'm writing a tribute to you. Farewell my friend.
Posted by Maturin Banga on February 24, 2021
see you aigaint dear ♥️
Posted by Ngwa Geraldine Azinwi on February 24, 2021
Dear Wendy, black diamond...the news of your death is the most shocking news I've had in a long time. I still can't believe I'm writing a tribute to you babe. Our moments in 'AZIMA complex' today Njualem's lodge are unforgettable. The times when we will sms each other "speco" during CA's and exams. You would never miss any lecture for anything in this world. I use to beg your notes to photocopy because you were disciplined and was always up to date. I can't write further as the more I write the more tears I shade! I'm so hurt to the core. I love and miss you Wen.

RIP and look after us from the sky.
Posted by Tangwa Brian on February 24, 2021
Oh Life, Wendy Layir a true friend is never truly gone out of mind even like your case I will forever remember you. RIP
Posted by Vennessa Ayika on February 24, 2021
Oh WENDY!!! I write this with shaky hands and a heavy heart. If I was told I would be writing a tribute to you at your funeral so soon, I would never believe. Everyday, I pray for a miracle to happen and someone will tell me the doctors were able to revive you.
Wendy as sad as it may sound, your death has opened the eyes of many, including me to get closer to God. This reminds us that the tree of life is so fragile and tomorrow is not guaranteed. I remember the day I told you your father, uncle Oliver spoke so highly of you, and was very proud of you and I said you should not fail him. You said you love him so much and can NEVER fail him. That without him, you wouldn’t be who you are and where you were in life at the time.
It’s so unfortunate that God called you so soon. When I heard you won the dv lottery, I was so excited that finally, I will have a friend in Virginia. My husband said he hopes when you come, I won’t forget about him, but because of death, you could not make it. “Toungsss” as I often fondly called you, I will miss you dearly. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Patrick TK on February 24, 2021
The road we will all walk. Wendy, if someone had told me a week ago I would be here writing a tribute for you I won't have believed it. I remember Wendy as this strong righteous person. Back in SAC, we have had a few arguments over several profound topics. And thanks to Wendy's sharp and insightful remarks we were able to form an operating association, in which she served as our first Secretary. It was a blessing to have known Wendy. Wendy, as you go ahead lighting the way, we will forever be grateful for everything you have done for us. Until we meet again.
Posted by Suingambam Emmanuel on February 24, 2021
Tangiri, My God given friend. I remember we never knew each other before meeting in Bambili. But your quest for knowledge brought us together. Your down-to-earthness and sincerity kept us together.
Pushing and hard-working Wendy, I'll miss you till we meet to Miss each other no more.
May you find rest in the presence of your Lord
Posted by Kifem Chariste on February 24, 2021
My inns back in the days is what I called you. A jovial and ever joy imposing person you were.. one who never hid the wrong. But said it as it was. Your just lips had taken you to places.. Dearest Wendy, though be that we never spoke for a while..but agile you were when saw you . I blame not humans nor God for your departure but I believe it was time!!! You fulfilled your mission. Thank you for being a friend even at one time. You will be missed .Adieu Ntungs!!!
Posted by Lilian Tekwe on February 23, 2021
Our hearts are broken forever. People will say that in time the pieces will eventually come back together.If this is true, though hard to believe now , there will always be a space. The piece of which has your name on its place. Tears have been falling now so long, thinking of your smiling face makes it seems so wrong. But God needed someone in heaven who is special as you.The world has lost a wonderful girl , a true and amazing person!Maybe your goodness was needed to help and from heaven you need to send.Rest in the bosom of the most high engulfing us with your love, giving your family strength and watching over us all. Go well Wen!Adieu !!!!
Posted by Gabby Mya on February 24, 2021
My dear sister and friend,Heaven alone knows the pain in my heart since your departure I haven’t still come to terms with the fact you are no more.
The prayer book you recommended me to get a copy I have been wondering if you didn’t see the page with contained prayers against untimely death,been wondering if u couldn’t be strong again .
You were that friend that was always straight to the point and if there is one support system I ever had was you Wen.
I miss the times I spent with you I still think when scrolling through ur status am going to see my pic of u vibing me.
One day I am consoled is the fact you are with ur creator .RIP wen.
Jaff B
Posted by Somo Raissa on February 23, 2021
Wendy!! I can't believe you left us, you were so frank, u were straight forward and u stood up for what was right no matter what. U could make us laugh no matter the mess we found ourselves in. We barely spoke but watching your videos on WhatsApp was enough assurance you were fine. I would've loved to be sending you a "congratulation" on your achievement and not a "Rest in Peace" but I have to accept the sad truth go in peace my friend, say hi to Gisella for me.
Posted by Romain Nankap Jepdi on February 23, 2021
'Wen', my biggest customer, my quarrel mate, the cc of all cc what actually happened? I can't still believe, it's more than a drama.... So the food and drinks you offer me during your defence was a trap or what? So you fool me that you want to go and enjoy small in Buea meanwhile you had paid your ticket to heaven already!!! So sad, so painful, so horrible, unbelievable..... My dear greet my sister and siblings there for me, never knew you were going to meet them so soon after all the moral support you provided me with when I lost my sister.
Farewell Wendy, the 'tall Wendy' as I used to call you till we meet again... Your bamileke friend
Posted by Banyuy Ella on February 23, 2021
Ntungssss!!! My goatish Hips mama my business partner..why did you leave us soo soon???? When life was just getting clearer for you!!! It hurts soo bad.
I remember when I just started my business u always brought me customers. When I used to coach u on the MBA course and thesis, All the pictures we took during the AGM the fun we had at the beach in Limbe, it was just me and you and now you are gone . Who will I fight n quarrel with again, the memories remain fresh in my mind.. You will forever be missed Wen
Go well Sis
This won't be easy but I know you are in a better place
Farewell Ntungss!!
Posted by Nadege Wanyu on February 23, 2021
Wen I'm short of words. The space you have left is irreplaceable. You were always so real with me, always saying what you mean, no pretense. Always there for me, so kind and sharing. I don't know what to say except the fact that I will miss you so much Wen. Please take care of Gisela and continue to take care of Smallie and Zerah. I miss you Wen. Forever in our hearts.
Posted by Nformi Laura on February 23, 2021
Wen I can’t still believe u’ve left us just like that chai..God knows best.I will forever miss you
Until we meet again Wendy.May ur kind and gentle soul Rest In Peace
Posted by vanesa Nfor on February 23, 2021
I met Wendy when I came to SAC in form 3.  Moving to a new school is always a scary experience but Wendy made it easier. She became a sister to me. She supported me in every way possible. She stood up for me at all times. She was, among other things, a  fierce, fearless, determined , funny and caring young lady. I lost my "gisting" partner. 
Posted by Banewong Linda on February 23, 2021
Wen... Words alone can't explain how much I am going to miss you and how bitter this pill is to swallow . I know you are in a better place. Till we meet again rest in peace sis❤
Posted by Jane N on February 23, 2021
T.Wendy, I am still in denial. Too many things to say, but words just can't express them. You should know my most fond memory of you is when we were in SAC, and everytime you wanted to make everyone laugh, you'll wait until everyone in class is seated and you'll walk pass to the door, stand and shake your " mullocks". I don't believe I am saying this, but Just continue to rest with the Angels! Rest in Perfect peace!❤
Posted by Kheng Violet on February 23, 2021
Wendy can't believe u are gone so soon, who will call me madam madam all the time again plate myhair, it pains me my quarreling partner we will quarrel and u will still remain my all and all u will bring ur friends from town only to come and in Madam's salon,wendy why!! even after quarreling. I can't believe just after ur graduation that I plated ur hair it was not easy madam madam as u usually call me . So that was ur gd bye since u came to bambili my words can't express my feelings.fare well wen till we meet again may ur soul rest in peace
Posted by Yvonne Ngeh on February 23, 2021
My dear Wendy,I still can’t believe I’m writing a tribute about you.You were still so young,with a lot of bright future ahead of you,it hurts to think we will never see you Kid Sister .All your Cousins ,Uncles,Aunties and friends in the USA were looking forward excitedly to meet you,but as they say Man proposes and God disposes.RIP baby girl and you will forever remain special in our Hearts.Amen!!
Posted by Junior Anonymous on February 23, 2021
If honestly and bluntness was a person that’s you Wendy. We argued from time to time but all you did was look after the interest of others all the time. I almost gave up on my MBA project as some point. I remember you dragging me to go see our supervisor and you kept encouraging me on our way there. Words don’t describe how grateful I am to have met you Wendy. It’s sad you left too soon. We were just getting to the good part . Rest in the bosom of the lord till we meet again
Posted by Nyamangong Ethelbert on February 23, 2021
My dear Wendy,I find it hard to believe that you are no more,I remember vividly the good times we shared together in the days of mass servant,I remember how you Nelly and Gisela of blessed memery assisted me in my baptism and first holy Communion,you where indeed a friend for the short time we spent together,go well Wendy and extend my greetings to Gisela we shall one day meet to path no more. RIP
Posted by Tata Nadia on February 23, 2021
wen I can't believe I am writing a tribute for you. it pains me so bad I don't even know if I will ever come over this pain. you treated me like your very own junior sister you are an elder sister I never had. I miss you much all I have to say is you should rest in peace. your petite Nadia
Posted by Veronic Mann on February 23, 2021
Dear Wen...I can't believe am writing a tribute to u this soon....u were a good friend. I remember our days in SAC and even when we entered UB...girl u would always annoy me but then ur act of calmness and craziness always kept our friendship. Wen ...I miss ur crazy Videos on watsapp...i miss ur uploads...i miss the mulogs u always shake Wen...i might not have been able to tell u how much i care n love u...but know that i will forever miss u....RIP dear friend...till we meet again.
Posted by kellyanese ndam on February 23, 2021
Wendy... My friend we used to call our selves "boo". My boo its hard to believe, my heart is heavy, you have been a part of my life, a sister, friend, Wendy you have always been there from day one... We share everything even our deepest secrete but my friend you left this time without telling me... U really have cheated me this time... You encouraged me to continue my studies but now you are living me halfway... U promised we will meet after my exams now were are you... My quarry cheer, with whom will I argue, then reconciled in few seconds... What happened to our dreams together in US boo chai! You have left a hole in my heart, but I know there is a reason for every thing my friend, u will always remain in my heart, till we meet again.
Posted by Wendy Lima on February 23, 2021
Wen I have still been trying to accept your death but it’s far fetched you were the highest person with whom I got angry n vise versa but it’s said you only get angry with the Pearson you love if u didn’t care for me or love me you will never even get angry w me
We went through thick n thin
You accompanied me through my path of life from the time we were friends to ur departure
Rem how u promised you were going to plc me on an allowance when u get to the US and my birthday was going to be come n see
You even choosed n confirm which hairstyle will fit me cuz we have the same skull
What ever happened God has a reason and I know you are resting now from this wicked World
I pray your gentle soul finds rest
Pls greet our loved ones
I will miss you forever my sister
“The tall wen” till we meet again
Rest In Peace
Wendy Lima (short wen)
Posted by Buwoh Betsy on February 23, 2021
Hey wen! I heard the news in shock and till now I'm finding it hard to believe that u really were a kind hearted and pushfull person honestly speaking u encouraged me in academics, ur energy was so strong bb girl....its really hard to say farewell to u but God knows on CC
Posted by Nyinka Barbara on February 23, 2021
Tangiri...gullll it's so hard to even type because I am in indenial.Just when life was about to be completely different,heaven decided they also needed you.sad but go well sis till we meet again

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Posted by Mumah Hilda on February 28, 2021
Wendy my baby sister, I'm yet to believe you are gone. The last time I saw you was at aunty Rose funeral. I was excited though we didn't have much time together, I looked forward to seeing you again until the sad news stroke me. Go well and bead farewell to aunty Layeh and Chafeh and the rest. May you all find rest in the bossom of the Most High God. Miss you forever
Posted by Tardini Etienne on February 27, 2021
WEN it's but sad you had to live this way, you were such a nice pretty lady I came across. Filled with much love and appreciated all life brought before you.your sad new still troubles me till now sweedy.but God knows best I will for ever miss you dr ,though had to accept love you ,rest in peace WEN.
Posted by Becky Joso on February 26, 2021
I remember the last time I cried this much my heart is still filled with so much tears and now you my dear Wendy! .
You have left some wonderful memories that will never fade from my heart.
Rest in peace Wen!
her Life


Wendy Layir Tangiri was born on July 27, 1995 in Nkambe. She was the first and had 4 siblings who all shared one mother - Florence “Awa” Tangiri. Florence was the last of the seven Tangiri siblings from Pa Denis Bangnda and Ma Tecla Layir Tangiri. Wendy, therefore, had a whole “village” of her mom, grandma, grandpa, uncles, and aunts who contributed to her upbringing. There was also no shortage of cousins for Wendy in their very large family.

From her early years Wendy, fondly referred to as “Wen” in the family, demonstrated a lot of potential in academics and was self-motivated. After going through her elementary education at Catholic School Nkambe in a breeze, she headed to St. Augustin College, Kumbo (SAC) in 2006.  At SAC she completed her secondary school education, obtaining 9 papers at her Ordinary Level certificate in 2011.  She continued with her High School studies at same institution where she obtained 4 papers at the Advanced level certificate in 2013.

Wendy initially enrolled at the University of Buea to study Political Science. That lasted for one year  after which she passed the selection test that enabled her to move to University of Bamenda to study Management and Entrepreneurship, graduating with a BBA (GPA 3.20) in 2017. Wendy then set her sights on the MBA, an undertaking that would take her from 2017 to 2020 where she graduated top of her class with a GPA of 3.75.

Wendy’s next academic stop was going to be her PhD and she was going to do that in USA. She was fortunate enough to be pr-selected for the Diversity Visa lottery and was just waiting for her visa interview date when God decided it was time for her to get her wings. She was 25.

During her very short life, Wendy derived lots of satisfaction from simple pleasures; chatting with friends and family, spending time with her cousins and she had an innate ability to connect with and keep in touch with everyone in her family.   

Wendy is preceded in death by her immediate younger sister (Gisella), her Grand Pa, Grand Ma, Two uncles (Pius and Jernarous).  She is survived by her mom, siblings (Bertila, Edwig, Damian) uncles and aunts ( Hermina, Edith, Wilfred, Oliver), Cousins (Enid, Mirabel, Ivo, Frankline, Nelly, Clifford, Cerdric , Serge , Leslie , Brian , Leonarda , Leonard, Belham, Clyde, Perez, Zirah, Naomi, Bradley, Emerald, Loreter, Dimira) and many extended relatives.

May her soul rest in peace.

Recent stories
Shared by Somo Raissa on February 23, 2021
I remember when we moved to Nkambe, I knew no one there except u and Nelly. I remember the night A levels results were released, we were so happy that we shared our dreams with each other with all the determination in the world. 

Remember when we met in Buea Wendy? Out of joy u guys carried me up n we walked around u showed me around town and welcomed me to spend the night at your place. We didn't sleep we gisted and gisted n gisted. Not forgetting our Saint Andrew days where we'll warm sun n tell stories n films while waiting for ref time. Wen I write this amidst laughter n tears. Rest in peace my dear, I'll treasure all our memories

Shared by Banyuy Ella on February 23, 2021
One thing I'm grateful for is the great time we spent in Limbe last November. I remember when she hastened her library clearance just to be able to attend the SAESA 2006 AGM.  Hearing she was going to be there made me soooo happy because I knew she was going to light up the mood for us all and also that there was someone I was going to have a lot of fun with. I ll hold unto the memories Wen.. they are beautiful ones
U see all the pictures u took of me I ll cherish them as a gift from you.
Thanks for your support to my business. Through you I was able to have a quick turnover due to your several recommendations.. I can never thank you enough. I know wherever u are, you are happy.
Thanks for all Wen I miss you 
Shared by Veronic Mann on February 23, 2021
Wen...I remember the day u came to my room in buea with Nelly...u guys wanted to eat ...there was rice n beans but u wanted to drink garri...Wen u never took what u could finish...u took harry with was small but u couldn't finish it....the next thing u did was throw it away...I was so upset that day for what u did....we argued...but after that it felt like nothing happen....where did u go to Wen....u left everyone in shock dear feels like a dream...Rest on dear friend...God loves u more...