We’ve Got Tonight

Shared by Benjamin Walz on April 5, 2021
About a year ago I had the pleasure of performing a Facebook concert to benefit Whitney, David Verkamp and Stephanie Cooney Demoss. All three young people battling various forms of cancer.

I have known the Sutkamps since I was kid because they went to school with my older siblings. I had not met Whitney at this point but coming from Bellevue you tend to feel like you know people just through mere association sometimes. I knew she and David had begun a relationship and a few days before I was to do the benefit I heard the song “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger. I always liked the song but for some reason the lyrics really resonated and reminded me of this young couple and how fleeting our time is together. The opening line of “I know it’s late, I know your weary” especially spoke to both their battles. In any event, I learned the song and performed it as a dedication as they partied and watched from Norris Lake (the picture below is from that night). By all accounts they had fun that night, lived in the moment, and made great memories with one another during their various trips to the lake. 

A few weeks later my wife Janine and I dropped off some remaining donations to Maryann Verkamp (David’s Mom) and Whitney was there. Such a nice, wonderful young woman she was to speak with and I enjoyed getting to know her better. We were talked into sticking around and having drinks (little prodding was required) and later a small gathering of family and friends showed up to enjoy one another’s company. 

Whitney, I enjoyed meeting you if only once, and your fighting spirit and videos remind us that even in the face of tremendous adversity we must continue to fight. I’m so sad you are not here physically but relieved you will no longer be restricted by your earthly battles. I hope you enjoyed every moment you got to spend with the ones you loved. 

With deep sympathy and regret I wish your, parents, family, friends and loved ones peace and comfort as they learn how to move forward without your physical presence. I’m sure your memory will never be far from their minds and the sound of your name always always on their lips. 

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