His Life

04/01/1945 - Birth

Bill was born on 04/01/1945 in Bad Axe, MI

1963 - Graduated from High School

He graduated from Elkton Pigeon Bayport High School in 1963.

1968 - Graduated from University

1968 - Started teaching at Mayville High School

William "Bill" Hamilton, began his 30+ secondary education career with the Mayville Schools in 1968.  Note: Refer to the full Alumni Historian Article under "Gallery" or click here for the full publication. 

1970 - Married Patricia (Tricia)

Bill married Patricia (Tricia) in Mayville, MI at the Mayville United Methodist Church on March 28th, 1970

1972 - Birth of his son Jason

Birth of his son Jason

1974 - Birth of his son Justin

Birth of his son Justin

2000 - Retired

Bill and Tricia both retired from Mayville Schools in 2000.

03/26/2021 - Death

Bill died on 03/26/2021 in Brownsville, TX