Posted by Neil Walker on April 5, 2021
Although I only met Bill a handful of times I got to get to know his son Jason very well these last few years working beside him day to day. Jason is a hard working, competitive spirit, a giver from the Heart, a loving husband to his Wife Carrie, a loving Father to his boys Patrick and Dillon, a caring Spirit for those in need, a true friend, a mentor, and blessing to know him. Bill did a great job instilling these attributes into Jason and molding the man I work beside everyday. I strive for these values daily in my own life with my own wife and kids. Thank you Bill for loving Jason the way you have throughout the years as it has impacted my life and many others daily and forever.
Posted by Thomas Topham on April 2, 2021
Bill and Tricia were very close friends when we worked together in Mayville. Then we moved and it was harder to retain a close friendship from a distance while raising a family, However, those trips to Florida ever spring break.  Bill driving the whole way , down and back. They sure were fun

 We are so sorry, Tricia, for your loss.
Posted by Lisa Hillis on April 1, 2021
I dearly remember Mr. Hamilton and his senior consumer education class. He was a wonderful educator who taught us all so many things - academic and otherwise. What amazing energy he had. I think about him, and all of my former MHS teachers, a lot as I navigate my own classroom and my own career as an educator. My condolences to the family.
Posted by Jesse Lenox on April 1, 2021
One of the nicest people I ever met would do anything for you. Will be missed dearly. My condolences to the family and prayers.
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 31, 2021
Dear Tricia, Jason, Justin and family,
Our hearts are heavy for your lose of your dear sweet Bill. Your husband, best friend and father to Justin & Jason.He was an awesome man and will leave a hole in all our hearts for sure. I will remember him with fond memories of the two of you dancing to your favorite song and when I walk Rocco, his voice rings in my head. "GG are you walking Rocco or is Rocco walking you"!!! Rocco is still walking me Bill... Our deep deep deep condolence. All our love.
GG, Jerry & Little Rocco
Posted by Doreen Clark on March 31, 2021
Sincere condolences to Mr. Hamilton's family and friends. I graduated in 1986 and took both his Government and Economics class. He made the classes fun and interesting and, as a 32-year local government employee, I can honestly say that I am forever grateful for all I learned in his classes! We (all of us past students) are his forever legacy!!!
Posted by Jim Heasty on March 31, 2021
Sending our heartfelt condolences to the family. While it has been many years since I’ve seen my cousin, I have fond memories as young child in the 1960s of Bill. Our thoughts and prayer are with you and your family at this time. RIP Bill.
Posted by Linda Foote on March 31, 2021
Tricia, Jason and Justin, I am deeply saddened by your loss. My sincere condolences and prayers to your family during this time.. Our families shared so many events and especially camping during our children's years of growing up in Mayville. Those memories will be forever cherished. RIP, Bill.
Posted by matthew shears on March 31, 2021
Those special memories of you
will always bring a smile to me,
if only I could have you back
for just a little while and talk about sports like we always did,
Then we could sit and talk again
just like we used to do
you always meant so very much to me,
and always will,
The fact that you're no longer here
will always cause me pain
but you're forever in my heart
until we meet again, love you great uncle bill, thank you for being able to be blessed with having you in my life.
Posted by Debra Mattingly on March 31, 2021
Dear Tricia and family, Bill was one of the good ones! He always had a great attitude and made his classes fun, but he also set a high mark for us to reach. He was one of my favorite teachers. At the same time, I could see that he treated all of his students with respect and caring. He definitely made an impression on me because I tried to do the same with the students I worked with. Goodbye, Mr. Hamilton. Thanks for all that you have given to so many young people. Deb (Bednarski)
Posted by Jeff Diegel on March 30, 2021
Mr Hamilton was a great educator that made a mark on many students including me! He always made learning fun with real life examples vs text book. I used to visit his class for many years after graduating from college giving motivational lectures to his students . Prayers to his family and deep condolences!
Posted by Doug Maust on March 30, 2021
So sorry to hear about Bills passing. He was a good friend all through school and just a great guy. He will be missed at the reunions. Doug Maust
Posted by Linda Lyons on March 30, 2021
Tricia we are so sorry for your loss. We met you and Bill about 10 years ago when we were spending part of our winters at South Padre.  Every year you would bring us Michigan maple syrup and we would bring you South Dakota honey. Bill was a super nice guy.  May you find comfort in your happy memories.
Mark and Linda Trandahl
Posted by Al Fox on March 30, 2021
Dear Tricia, Jason, Justin and Family,
  We are very saddened to hear about Bill.
What a great guy! Surely he was born with a smile and he shared it with all, forever.
 We always knew our kids were in a good place when they were in his class.
 Can’t thank him enough for all the help and support he gave to MHS Track and CC.

 Thank you Bill, R.I.P.
  Al & Susan Fox
Posted by Bob Haist on March 30, 2021
Tributes from several of Bill's classmates can also found at the link below:
Posted by Rita Cantu on March 30, 2021
We met on the dance floor on South Padre Island. Having the same interests we became close friends. Winter Texan friends are lifetime year round friends. Bills smile would light up a room and will always shine in our hearts. Until we dance again our friend....Jerry and Rita Cantu
Posted by Susan Washburn on March 29, 2021
So sorry for your loss. Bill was a wonderful man and well-respected teacher. He lived a full life but was taken too soon. Much sympathy to Tricia and family.
Posted by Robert Mabery on March 29, 2021
Hi, I am sadden by Bill's passing. I taught beside Bill for many years and he was a great friend whom we shared many teaching experiences. He was a tremendous teacher who cared about every student and in my opinion was teacher of the year every year. His heart was gigantic. He also was a mentor to me when I was basketball coach at Mayville and was always a great listener and ready to help me with ideas on how to beat the other teams. I am very sad about his passing but I do know he lived a great life and was loved by many.
Posted by Brent Shears on March 29, 2021
I remember many times sitting around the campfire up north reminiscing about life with him and Aunt Trish.The one thing I really admired about Uncle Bill was he always had a plan. Uncle Bill had touched many people's hearts!!!! I only wish I was able to spend more time with him than I did but the time we spent together will never be forgotten... Uncle Bill you will be missed and loved by all....Love Brent
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 29, 2021
You were loved by all bill you an trish would lite a room up when you 2 were dancing an so happy miss you so much
Posted by Don Hanson on March 29, 2021
I am saddened by Bill’s passing and I am praying for God to provide comfort, peace and strength to Trish and the rest of Bill’s family. I distinctly remember the first time we met Bill and Trish on South Padre Island. I don’t remember the place or when it was. But it was an evening at one of the establishments and what got my attention was that Bill was wearing his trademark Tommy Bahama shirt. I complimented him on his choice of shirt and told him that I also enjoyed wearing Tommy Bahama. Then after I learned that he and Trish were from Michigan, I had to let him know that the person who introduced me to Tommy Bahama was also from Michigan. I grew to love Bill and Trish. I’m not one to be out much in the evening time, but whenever I was and we ran into Bill and Trish, I felt that Bill always treated me like his best friend. I hope that, when my time comes to go home to the Lord, I will have lived up to Bill’s example and be remembered the same by others.
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 29, 2021
Bill, you will be missed by many-most of all your loving wife. Thank you for all the laughs. You and your trouble buddies always sitting at the bar during Wine Divas. May you you watch over Tricia.

La Mon and Kevin Chaney
Posted by Jean Zimmerman on March 29, 2021
Tricia so sorry for your loss of Bill. You were a excellent pair that I always enjoyed being around. You both made a difference in many students lives.I get why he liked life skills as I also taught that along with 7 &. 8th social studies. Dick called mom and told her about Bill ,she doesn’t use a computer so She also wanted to express her sympathy too. Grandpa Heasty had heart issues too. I guess I inherited that from him, as I too have afib . Matt and I are going to move to Florida both of our kids and grandkids are there. Stu lives in Nocti and Jennie n Orange Park.they are both suburbs of Jacksonville. Hugs to you and your family . Much sympathy to you.

Posted by Julie Jolley on March 29, 2021
From your South Padre friends, Bill you will be sincerely missed. We always loved watching you and Trish dance by the beautiful water. You enjoyed life to its fullest! RIP...
Posted by Danica Bird on March 29, 2021
I am so honored to have had the pleasure of knowing Bill and getting to spend time with him and Trish on South Padre Island- I always looked forward to their return and sad when they had to leave. Bill was one of the kindest men I have ever known and I loved singing his requests and watching him dance with his beautiful wife. I will miss his sweet smile and great hugs very much - He will forever be dancing in my heart! Sending Love, Light and Peace to Trish and the family - xoxo
Posted by David Vizard on March 29, 2021
When Bill Hamilton joined the ranks of teachers at Mayville High School, he brought with him two sets of credentials: a degree from Central Michigan University and a swagger that only comes from someone who has made it out of the Thumb and then returned home triumphant. He had that Ivy League haircut. He wore nice sports jackets and ties, he knew how to handle himself in front of a group, he was confident to the point of being almost cocky. In short, he was cool. I looked up to him and so did many of my schoolmates. Plus, he was the new Varsity basketball coach, thrust into a tough spot because he followed Sheldon Spellbring, a popular and relatively successful coach. I liked Shelly, as we called him when out of earshot, but he was NOT one of us. Coach Hamilton was so much like us it was a little spooky. First off, he was only about 5 or 6 years older than the juniors and seniors in his charge. It was like having a big brother who offered fatherly advice when needed. He also was a native of Pigeon, a Thumb farming community in the next county. He graduated from Laker High, a respected school and feared sports foe. Coach Hamilton knew us. He knew what we were about, and what we faced after high school. I learned much from him on the basketball court, but so much more off the court. He taught me how to handle adversity, and overcome life’s obstacles – hard lessons that do not necessarily come out of textbooks or the classroom. I don’t know what it was, but he saw something in me that others did not. We connected, and I could always talk with him. He pushed me to reach higher, set attainable goals and go after them fiercely – advice that I have used and relied on throughout my life. I always called him Coach, even in recent years when our paths crossed. His response: “David, please call me Bill.” I could never quite bring myself to refer to him that casually. He was a mentor to me and many others. I owe him much, and consider myself fortunate to have known him. Thank you, Coach! R.I.P.
Posted by Richard Hamilton on March 29, 2021
So many stories and memories of a lifetime together. So many projects from shed building to beaver battling . Never a dull moment with my brother Bill. I miss you and will love you forever. RIP Bill you have earned it.
Posted by Michele Holes on March 29, 2021
My deepest condolences to the Hamilton family. Mr. Hamilton was a wonderful teacher. I will always remember the many students who tried and always failed to play practical jokes on him. I remember the year students tried to block his driveway with pumpkins. Little did they know he had a second drive! They were very surprised when he was not late for school. Thank you, Michele (Bindon) Holes
Posted by Ronald Hoffman on March 29, 2021
We have lost a wonderful man who made the world a better place. We offer our condolences to the family. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Laura Crowe on March 29, 2021
Our family joins the Hamiltons in your sorrow at the news of this great loss. Will, and now our children, considered Bill a part of the family, having grown up as his Northern Michigan neighbor. Our hearts ache for all of you. Tricia, Jason, Justin and families, we are lifting all of you in prayer.
We rejoice in the hope that those who believe on Christ alone for salvation will one day be reunited! This is not the end, though we weep for a time.
Sending our love to all of you, and praying for the God of all comfort to draw near to you.
Posted by Tresa Mcguire on March 29, 2021
Mr Hamilton was a fantastic teacher not only for who he was but for what he taught. Today so many say “kids these days need to be taught about the constitution, interest, how our government works, and what the amendments mean”. They mean the things students needs to launch after high school and contribute to social. Whatever they are saying, I always say to myself, Mr. Hamilton taught me those things. I consider myself fortunate. Thank you Mr. Hamilton. A man who knew what it meant to educate.

My God bless and comfort your family at the time and always.
Posted by Kerri Dunton on March 29, 2021
What a beautiful tribute to one of the best teachers I ever had. I was blessed to have been taught by both Mr. H and Mrs H. Thank you for the impact you had on so so many who passed through your classroom doors. Keeping you all in my prayers and wishing you peace knowing he was loved by many. Kerri L. Smith
Posted by Tammy Smith on March 28, 2021
Mrs. Hamilton, Jason, Justin, and Family,
I'm sorry to hear of Mr. Hamilton's passing. He was a great teacher. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

Tammy Smith
Anchorage, AK
Posted by Camille Kelley on March 28, 2021
I am so very sorry to hear of Mr. Hamilton’s passing. He was one of my favorite teachers! I have fond memories of his History & Government classes, as well as, co-op ing in one of his classes for an elective. Our high school truly benefitted from him being one our teachers!
My deepest condolences to his family & friends, especially Mrs. Hamilton, Justin, and Jason; from the pictures I can see you all had a wonderful life together!! I will keep you all in my thoughts & prayers!
Posted by Julia DeGuise on March 28, 2021
When more than forty years have passed and you can still hear a teacher’s words throughout your experiences, you know that you had a real teacher. History, Consumer Education, and most of all, Government. I am much more a part of the world around me because of how well he taught us. Lifting prayers for comfort and peace. Julia Herington DeGuise
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 28, 2021
We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Bill. Tricia, you and your family are in our prayers during this difficult time.

Glenda & Bill George
Posted by Randall Wingert on March 29, 2021
I am so sorry for the loss, Mr. Hamilton was one of my favorite teachers and I remember from a young age being told "just wait, you'll learn all of that in Government". I did indeed learn so very much from both Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton. Government, political parties, how it all worked, finance and to get out of my comfort zone. I have never forgot these lessons and in spring of 2020 I was able to finish my Doctorate and the first non-family members we all told were the Hamiltons. I remember being so very proud tell them I accomplished it.
After missing them in Dubai by hours, and Netherlands by a day, I was finally able to be in Bogota Colombia and meet them and their travel friends. We went to dinner (where I provided poor translation), and then I took them to on of my favorite bars in Bogota. A underground Steam Punk bar. We had drinks and told stories, until the free salsa lessons started and they were dancing away till early hours. That is one of my fondest memories (Slide 34).
The Mayville Community and the world lost a great contributor and an amazing role model. He will be missed terribly.
Sending love from Kuwait, Randall
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 28, 2021
My friend you will be miss you always be so kind men thank god every day he put y’all in my life love ❤️ you my friend R.I.P.
Posted by Holli Tompkins on March 28, 2021
Mr. Hamilton was one of my favorite teachers because he challenged his students to really understand the subjects, not just to get a good or passing grade, but more importantly how the subjects of government and consumers education really impacted their lives. His passion for teaching was genuine. My sincere condolences to his family.
Love & Prayers,
Holli Penland Tompkins
Posted by Patti Vollweiler on March 28, 2021
Jason, Justin and Tricia-my heart goes out to each of you and there are no words to make this easier. Mr Hamilton was truly one of my most memorable teacher’s from High School and I will forever remember his quick wit, his ability to make learning fun and his enthusiasm for life. It was a pleasure to be one of his many students and to learn some of life’s basic lesson’s from him.
May you all find peace and comfort in knowing-he was not only loved by his family but by his students as well.
I will miss that smile- and the “Ms. Vollweiler” he always used to address me by.
Rest In Peace Mr. Hamilton- you will always be one of the greatest influences in my life.
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 28, 2021
I’m heartbroken that Bill has passed on, but I’ll always treasure the memories I have of Bill and his amazing wife Trisha dancing, with so much love for each other, on the dance floor at Lobos.
With so much love, Brena Hayashi ❤️
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 28, 2021
Mr Hamilton was a very great man who me and my dad thought the world of. We are very sorry for the families loss of such a wonderful man.

Matt and Gary Kitchen
Posted by Angel Green on March 28, 2021
So glad to have had the opportunity to have had Mr. Hamilton as a teacher. I realized later in life just how much better I understood government and economics because of his class. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mrs. Hamilton and the family. He will be missed.

Angel (Elenbaum) Green
Posted by MElissa Crane on March 28, 2021
Jason and family,
Our sincere condolences. You and your family remain in our prayers. 
The Crane Family
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 28, 2021
Mr. Hamilton was a wonderful teacher, I still remember what he taught us. He passed on so much knowledge and shared so much time with students, it’s amazing! I’m so happy he had many wonderful retirement years! May God bless his family with comfort and joy.

Dawn Barclay Russell
Posted by Julie Kristine on March 28, 2021
Mrs. Hamilton, Jason and Justin,

My thoughts are prayers are with you. As has been said here many times already. The students at Mayville were very lucky to Mr. Hamilton for a teacher.  He always had a smile on his face, he was kind and caring, and we are all better people for having him for our teacher.
Thank you Mr. Hamilton
 Julie Hartzell
Posted by Kimberly Fanelli on March 28, 2021
Mr. Hamilton was a favorite teacher of mine. He was always good natured and kind and understanding. He had a positive impact on my life and for this I am grateful. My sincerest sympathy to Mrs. Hamilton, Jason & Justin and families. 
With love,
Kim (Fox) Fanelli
Posted by Karen Wingert Lindsay on March 28, 2021
One of My Favorite Teachers that made learning fun and memorable.  Thank You for the lifetime lessons.  May you rest in Peace Mr. Hamilton. 
Posted by Jimmy Harris on March 28, 2021
Mr Hamilton touched so many people. There is a special place in heaven for people like him. I know personally his teachings have a positive effect on me to this day.
Posted by Tricia Hamilton on March 28, 2021
My deepest condolences to the entire Hamilton family. He was a great man who taught me some of those “life skills” that have gotten me where I am today. His contagious smile and laugh will never be forgotten. Thank you Mr. Hamilton! You will be missed and I’m so grateful to have known you❤️
- Erica Knoerr (Fox) Class of 2001
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