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Papaw’s Roses

June 5, 2019

I love telling this story. My Papaw passed away suddenly when I was  7 months pregnant with my last child. I just knew I had to honor his memory by giving him a namesake. I have to cut in here and add that at his wake my Mamaw was very upset because he had bought what he called mystery roses because they didn’t have a tag on them to tell you what color they were supposed to be and that he would never see them bloom.  I was sure I was gonna have a Boy and he would be William Farris Fraley. Well that balloon was busted when the ultrasound determined it I was carrying a girl. Back to square one. I went through the usual W names Wilma, Wanda, ect. but none of them felt right. Well his Mother’s (My Great Grandmother) name was Coa Belle I loved the Idea of hindering him through her but we already had a Belle in the family so I needed a middle name. I thought about Francis to kinda match the Farris but it just didn’t feel right. I kept on searching. I was determined to make her name count for something! The anniversary of the death of my Aunt Linda came around and had me in my feelings. I thought about Linda, That wasn’t it. I then started thinking about her middle name Rose. Which made me think of his “mystery roses”. ( He would never see my Rose either) Rose felt right but so did Cora...Like a vision I saw a Coral Rose in my mind and I put the two together. Cora Rose. I loved it and so did my husband! She finally had her name. She was born 16 days later. When she was about a week old my Mamaw called me in tears, She said Oh Honey, You gotta come see your Papaw’s Roses” I rushed over because she was so upset thinking they had died or got damaged somehow. When I got there she was on the porch still in tears.I set down beside her to comfort her forgetting about the roses in my worrying over her, She wasn’t grieving well. I was trying to calm her down and she cried “Honey, Just look at them! Look at his roses!” I turned to see why she was so upset already planning on giving chewing out whoever damaged his beloved roses! To my shock they were just fine! They had bloomed and they were the most beautiful shade of Coral. She hugged me and said “He is thanking you for his namesake” 

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