This tribute was added by KARL BAUMERTS on January 15, 2013
You and I first crossed paths in May 1949 on the General Harry Taylor from Bemenhaven, Germany to New York. I was the 10 year old refugee kid who laid on the deck with my coat over my head for nine days. You may not have been the guy who steared the ship, but I'll always remember you as the guy who brought me to America. Thanks Bill.
This tribute was added by Jeanne Holst on January 15, 2013
Bill, you will always be missed. We all have great memories of you. You were truly a good man, and lived an excellent life. Love you always. Jeanne
This tribute was added by Michael Habermann on January 14, 2013
Dearest Brother Bill,I see every morning when I awake, your and my hand print impression on a special paper framed with a colored border.
The nurse in the hospital did it for us, while you rested in what looked
like awesome peace. Thanks for awesome memories.Nancy
This tribute was added by Dorothy Gilbertsen on January 14, 2013
Today is the 1st year of your passing. I often think of you and miss you. Dorothy
This tribute was added by Walter Holst on February 6, 2012
Brother Bill, You will be missed -- for all the reminiscing of past times we had together; the loss of your car in Chicago to the German seaman, riding our motorcycles in Red Rock Canyon and our last visit at Christmas where we laughed so loud we had to go outside on the patio. I'll always remember your advice to me: "Keep a positive attitude"! Love, Walt
This tribute was added by Vanessa Prario on February 5, 2012
I remember the great stories you and my father shared when we would get together for backyard bar-b-ques. Each memory is fill with your laughter and enthusiasm for life! You will be missed!
This tribute was added by Jeanne Holst on February 4, 2012
Today would have been your 84th birthday. We all miss and love you. Thank you for the support, the good times and the great stories. Love, Jeanne
This tribute was added by Dorothy Gilbertsen on February 4, 2012
Today, your birthday I am really missing you. I wish I could make your favorite birthday cake, "pineapple upside-down cake,"
Love, Dorothy
This tribute was added by Walt Holst on February 4, 2012
Thinking of my dad on this very special day.
This tribute was added by Tom Berg on January 28, 2012
We only met "Brother Bill" a few times, in Palm Desert, at his home, and once on a Mexican Cruise with the whole family and friends. Because of the colorfuf stories told by Walt, his brother and Dorothy, his sister for over 55 years, we felt we knew him as well. We send our love and prayers to Jeanne and the family. Love, Tom & Dolores Berg.
This tribute was added by Billy Roach on January 25, 2012
"What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us."
Your Brother, Billy "The Kid" Roach
This tribute was added by ROBERT LEE on January 21, 2012
In the beginning it was difficult to show respect towards you. I would always insist on referring to you as Bill, but as I grew and witnessed your personality and concern for me, my mom, and my sister you became more to me than any other FATHER in my life! During my adolescent years I listened and embraced your values on life. Your advice and constructive criticism has made who I am. LvRob
This tribute was added by Jill Burgess on January 20, 2012
It was a pleasure knowing Bill and spending time with him and Jeannie. Blessings to the family. Love from Jill and Ben
This tribute was added by Patricia Kebschull on January 18, 2012
Billy, that is what you always were to me. I was always amazed by your possitive outlook on life. You will be missed, but I will treasure the memories of our times we had together. You will be missed.
Rest in peace now,
Love, Cousin Pat
This tribute was added by Nancy Habermann on January 17, 2012
Brother Bill, You went off to be a merchant sailor, before I was old enough to know you. When you came home after serving in the Army, I was in Calif. When my children, Michael and Sheri were grown, you allowed me to travel with you and your son to Europe.In those precious moments together We bonded and I met Michael. Love you, Nancy
This tribute was added by Dorothy Gilbertsen on January 17, 2012
Brother Bill: You have always been my hero. I admired you even when you were the so called "bad boy", always in trouble at school always the self assured kid. As you got older & saw how big the world was you wanted to see it all and you did. You lived a full life. lol Dorothy
This tribute was added by Lynne Parker on January 17, 2012
Uncle Bill, Your wit, intelligence, humor, many talents, and presence will be missed by all. The recollections and memories you shared with us when we went to Germany were amazing... we will always be grateful to you for that. You never missed my pasta parties, and your photos will be enjoyed by us all forever. Love you, Lynne and Dennis

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