This tribute was added by Randy Cockerham on July 21, 2020
Bill, you were much more than a friend to Tommy and I, you were, are, and will always be our brother. The three of us had more than our share of fun and laughter, tough times as well, and we pulled the booster line off with you at the controls to put out many fires. I'm grateful you were here for the dedication of the new fire station in 2015, something that we always dreamed about. I know we will be joined again in a much better place. Thank you for the precious memories, love, and kindness to me. It was your guidance that gave me the confidence that helped me along to this very day. I love you Bill. See you on the other side.
This tribute was added by William Gatlos Jr on July 21, 2020
In the last couple years you were in our lives a lot of things changed between us and it was beautiful. You told me you were proud of me. Hearing those words meant more to me than you will ever know.
I never dreamed that we would share a Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win that was one of my bucket list items.
The 1st game of next football season is gonna really be hard because I won't be able to call you after the game and talk about the eagles. That's OK though cause I know you, Tommy and the rest of the boys are chillin right now. I love you
This tribute was added by Jennifer Gatlos on July 21, 2020
Daddy, you know I have never been the sappy type. Mom has said I was to much like you on this & many other ways. So I am not going to say good bye. That's for ones you don't in a way expect to see again. But I will say it the way I did every time I last saw you & expected to see you next time. "See you later Daddy, I love you very much❣❣" With a great big hug & a kiss on the cheek. Because I know I will see you again. I don't know when, but I will. Until then I will miss you oh so very much. I will always be Daddy's girl. See you later Daddy I love you so very much❣❣
This tribute was added by Rebecca Rickard Harris on July 20, 2020
Dad.. I don't even know where to begin. I do know that my Sunday's now are going to be so different.. Sundays at dad's. The last few years have been a hard road, endless scans, chemo, and radiation. Boy... they will NEVER have another like you for sure!! You kept them laughing and probably shocked by your no filter personality while on the chemo floor, those around us always laughed and you put life in a place that was pretty hard to be in. You went into remission and beat cancer once. But, unfortunately your cancer was the bad kind. I am so thankful for the time we had been given after your first bout with it, I am thankful that we were given a little more time. Not everyone gets a little more time. You're not here with us to hug, laugh with, argue with, get frustrated with over that darn cell phone, mute those dumb tv commercials (then forget the tv is muted and watch tv with no sound). We will never stop sharing the stories of you shrinking clouds, or shooting fireworks at your neighbors house, having the police called and then shooting more fireworks off! SO many fun times! NO more sitting outside watching your grandkids play in front of your apartment. They loved coming to your place on Sundays to hang out, and go across to the church and play in the grass and have fun. Kylynn, your "CC," absolutely adored showing off for you on her bike, and her scooter. She loved kicking her ball and showing you just how far she could kick it. And you were so impressed by her. Your own little south paw.. just like her Papa. CC wont be able to go to Papas house and get her toys out of her toy closet... we will learn a new normal, I don't know how to even start to do that. Healing with come with time, but till then tears will fall, heartache will remain. You slipped away, and entered into God's care. I love you, and miss you Dad.
This tribute was added by Stephanie Gatlos Johnson on July 20, 2020
Dad, I never understood how hard this time would be. I cant pick up the phone and call you and have you get mad cause you couldn't hear anything on "this dang phone" that always made me laugh. Now all we have are the memories of what life was. I hope you knew how much I truly loved you and I will miss you till the end.
Love Stef

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