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Never Forgotten

December 13, 2022
Hey Buddy, I recall vividly how you made my stay in the 8th pleasant. You made my job easy because you Never had to be told what to  do. to do. I think of you often and the laughs we shared. We will meet  again some day I am sure. Also Veronica,  I never  forget your dad especially that we worked on Christmas Eve.  A rtie Frebnch

Teaching me how to drive

December 3, 2021
I remember Dad trying to teach me how to drive with a clutch. He had this old orange blazer, big tires, and I don't believe it had heat! What I remember is him driving me down Hill Street, to Avenue B stop sign. We switched places. He had a big soda resting on the dashboard. Silly dad! Nervously I followed his directions, placing one foot on the clutch, one foot on the gas, and moving the gear shifter, UGGH! I was so nervous. He told me to start to release the clutch, but all hell broke loose - I did it wrong...soda went everywhere - I think he called it the "Bucking blazer!" but I can't be sure! LOL.... we did laugh and I remember how patient he always was with me, regardless if I caused a slight disaster. Miss you Papa! Love you always. Your little girl, Veronica Leigh

Your second year in heaven bill

June 25, 2019

Well I still miss you bill it just doesn’t get any easier but I still love you all my love your girl jea

Uncle Tony, Aunt Dottie, Little Tony, and Debbie

June 1, 2019

Just wanted to share this with everyone. My dad had a wonderful friend Tony Rizzo who happened to have an even more wonderful family! I called them Aunt and Uncle and to this day consider all of them family. 

We grew up together. Every Christmas season we all got together to exchange presents and both me and my brother used to love going over there. We hated leaving. Me and Debbie always hugged and cried because we never wanted the night to end! 

Thank you to the Rizzo Family - my family - for your kindness, love, support, and friendship over the years. 

Love you all!

Cappuccino Time

June 1, 2019

Every morning on my vacation to Florida, Daddy always got up early in the morning, went out to the garage where he would make his special Cappuccino. Oh he had a setup! Little table with the machine, his favorite Gulliver's Travels Mug nearby, and Italian Sweet Cream in the fridge. He'd make me a mug and we would sit out on the patio where the sun was just coming up. That memory is something I will never forget. I think of those moments and that hurts my heart. I miss it so much. I love you daddy.


October 8, 2018

When I first arrived at the 8th Pct. I met Bill and his welcome to me was  valuable I got to know him real well and his honesty and trustworthiness,was a welcome feeling. I trusted him and knew he was a real man and a ciops cop. Alwyas  there to assist in any way he could I miss him. I cherish our relationship,although it was email and telephone calls. I salute him and what he stood for!!  Arthur French,Sgt.ret.

Happy 2nd Birthday in heaven miss and love you bill love jean

October 7, 2018

love yo

Papa, my fishing buddy and great friend

October 7, 2017

Well, it took me a while to post this as it was tough to travel through the memories.  So...Papa...please forgive me.

The man I knew as Papa was tagged with that name in memory of Ernest "Papa" Hemingway.  Hemmingway's sea stories, his society rebellion, his party-type attitude..."Papa"  Wahler felt he had a special connection with him as he shared many of the same stories, values, and rebellion. He filled me up with "good ole day" stories about his mom and dad, his visits to Maine, his cop stories, his Navy stories, his fishing stories, his political insighfulness, and his love for his family. He was one of the most unique individuals I had met in my lifetime. 

He and I shared a special bond with our similar interests in fishing, politics, music and We could talk for hours on end going through the night with our conversation, then start back up where we left off the next day. He was a person I looked up to, I respected, and loved dearly. He is always going to live on in my heart, with his spirit living within me. 

Papa, I'm going to miss our times on the porch, having that "one last beer" that seemed to go on for hours. You made your memorable mark on this world as well as changed my life forever. I was blessed to know you and to love you. I can't wait until we meet again. I am sure you will have a cold one waiting for me, a pole rigged up for the fish that are biting that day, and one hell of a story to share. Until we meet again, my friend......Cheers!

October 7, 2017
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This is a video I created during the beginning phase of Irma's wrath as she headed for our town. I know Dad would probably NOT approve of me being on the boardwalk with that kind of wind thinking I'd get hit in the head with a seagull or something, but too bad. He would have done the SAME thing! I'm JUST like him! Plus, I thought one of his favorite songs "Volcano" from Jimmy Buffett was totally appropriate for the video, especially as the little sandpiper at the end is beating feet up the sand to safety! Not very different from what we did once we finished the video! :) 

The Story of Dixie Bull

October 7, 2017

My father often mentioned "Dixie Bull". He was going to start a business and call it "Dixie Bull Custom Fishing Rods" at one time. In honor of Dads love of the ocean and all things seafaring, Brian and I decided to buy a boat and name it something special that Dad would have liked. We chose The Dixie Bull and if you read on, you will understand why. 

Today, October 7th, 2017, my dad would have been 76 years old. To celebrate the sailor, the fisherman and the pirate he should have been, we created a decal for the boat and I think you'll agree he would have loved it! 

After reading this, please go to the Video Gallery and view the four videos in order (1,2,3,4). 

Here's the story of this mysterious pirate of long ago! 

Dixie Bull [or Dixey Bull] was an English sea captain, and the first pirate known to prey on shipping off the New England coast, especially Maine. A native of London, he came to Boston in 1631 and started sailing the Mainecoast with a small vessel, trading with the Indians. In 1632, traveling in the Penobscot Bay area, he was attacked by a roving band of French in a small pinnace; or possibly he was present in Castine Harbor when a French force attacked the trading post there. Whatever the details, his ship was captured and all his trade goods and provisions confiscated. 

Fired with revenge, he traveled back to Boston, assembled a crew of 20-25 men, and entered upon a career of piracy to recoup his losses. Ironically, he did not target French shipping, probably because the English traders were wealthier. 

His fame as "the dread pirate" derived from his attack in 1632 on the settlement of Pemaquid, which was then center of the lucrative fur trade in Maine. Few pirates had the temerity to attack a defended town. Sailing into the harbour, with what is said to be three ships, he opened fire on the stockade there, and sacked the town. The booty seized is variously said to have been £55 or $2500.

 Some stories say he joined the French, others that he returned to England, and others that he was hanged in Tyburn. Legend says that he buried treasure on Damariscove Island and Cushing Island in Casco Bay, Maine. 

The legend of Dixie Bull was soon enshrined in ballads, the most famous of them being "The Story of Dixie Bull" and "The Slaying of Dixie Bull". This ballad describes a duel between Dixie Bull and a fisherman from Pemaquid, Daniel Curtis, on an island near that town, in which Dixie Bull was killed, saving the town.

Larry & Dad

September 19, 2017

Larry Stoecker was my dad's lieutenant in the 8th precinct, Levittown, New York where dad was a police officer. Larry and dad hadn't seen eachother in quite a number of years, probably more than 20. Dad flew up from Florida that week and spent a few days with me for we had to go to Grandma Wahler's funeral. We were so sad, did a lot of crying and hugging and reminiscing. When Larry showed up as a surprise, I think they both started crying and laughing. This picture is a favorite of mine because I was able to bring these two old friends together and they rebonded over the last few years by emailing their stories and jokes. I will soon be adding all of those to this website for all to enjoy. Both of them had quite a sense of humor and were alot alike in a lot of ways. I miss them both so much, but know they are sharing their fish tales over the best cold beers Heaven can offer!  

Cappuccino Time

August 29, 2017

One of my favorite memories is of Dad making me cappuccino from the machine we bought him a few years back. Every morning of my vacation there, he would be in the garage whipping up a batch and then tops it off with his favorite coffee creamer in the world - Italian Sweet Cream! Yum! I remember asking for this picture to be taken. I remember thinking to myself why I wanted it, and now, I don't ask myself that. I am just glad I did. Miss you daddy always and forever. Veronica Leigh

August 29, 2017

Dad was only a few weeks passed the day of his stroke and he was so intent on reconnecting with the love of his life, my mom. Here he is kissing her fingers and in so many words told her he loved her.

Last Christmas 2016

August 27, 2017

Dad put a Christmas ornament on my Christmas tree. This picture freezes a moment in time forever for me. I can still feel hugging him and with my eyes closed I silently said how much I loved him and wish he would live forever. I never imagined my life without him. Behind us playing is one of my most favorite shows "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". It's Clarice singing "There's Always Tomorrow...". Yeah.

Names of everyone in photo

August 25, 2017

In the group picture starting from top left row, Jack Milano, Renate, Bob and granddaughter, Nancy Milano, your Mom and Dad, Dave Thiel.

Lower left, Eleanor Thiel, our son Richard and his wife and daughter, our son-in-law Mark.

Jack Milano and Dave Thiel also worked with your dad.

Love, Bob & Renate

The Last Rebel Yell

August 16, 2017

The Last Rebel Yell book was part of the last Christmas gifts I gave him before the stroke. Written by a man named Michael Andrew Grissom. Dad told me all about the fact that he refused to pay $40 on Amazon for a book.

SO, I surpised him when he opened it on Christmas morning 2015. He was so overjoyed, but of course, sent me to my room as he always did by saying it after realizing I went out of my way with something. He was truly happy though and couldn't wait to start reading it.

Over the next few days, I remember he asked me about how he could possibly contact Mr. Grissom as he wanted to send him his own personal thoughts on the books content. I scoured the internet and sent him what I thought was a valid email address. So he attempted, but it bounced back. So I dug some more and found what I assumed to be valid as it was on the site, his home address. I figured, it couldn't hurt to try. 

He wrote to Mr. Grissom, with pen and paper, the old fashioned snail-mail method. Lo and behold, he received a response, although short and sweet, still dad appreciated it very much. 

It was just a day or two before his stroke, and I am so grateful to Mr. Grissom for the respect in responding back to my father. If Mr. Grissom only knew how this was the last lucid writing my father would ever compose, he would have put it in a frame and hung it on his wall - like I would have. 

I will post Mr. Grissom's response letter shortly for your viewing.  

August 10, 2017

For 16 long months, life changed drastically, but one thing that NEVER did, was the love he showed so vividly every day, for his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. We were the foundation of his life, who he was, and what I believe made him survive a tragic event most people don't, because he wanted to live another day to enjoy his family. In a way, it was a miracle we had him for as long as we did and thank God everyday for all the wonderful memories he gave us during this time.

Since his passing, our family has seen on multiple occasions, fleeting butterflies whenever we think of him. I see Monarchs. The rest of the family sees yellow ones. The other day I saw a yellow one by my house around the same time my mom saw a monarch at hers. I do believe his spirit is here with us and appears in the form of his choice.

It came to my memory that the song I picked for our dance together at my wedding was titled "Butterfly Kisses"...   

August 10, 2017

They were married on Saturday, December 12, 1964. This day, 51 years ago, they made a vow, until death do us part. Their marriage was a bond of love and loyalty, and they built a beautiful life together and remained that same loving, happy couple until his passing. 

Happy Anniversary always and forever to the most wonderful couple I will ever know.

Love you both. Veronica Leigh

August 10, 2017

Mom and Dad at my house Christmas. He was so happy and really enjoyed the family together (and snacks!).

Woody's and Sons Barber Shop of Palm Bay, Florida

August 10, 2017

My father would praise Woody's and Sons Barber Shop time and again. Even after the stroke he wanted to go. Although he couldn't say "Ron, would you want to take me to the barber shop today? It was through the simple action of pawing at his chin and looking at me and I knew it was time. He always said there was nothing like a good old fashioned barber shop shave and I took him at least 2 or 3 times over the past year.

Melbourne Beach, Florida

August 8, 2017


August 8, 2017

One afternoon while I was visiting my dad, my mother came in from the backyard and brought my dad a tiny frangipani flower. He took it and cupped it so gently and through the aphasia that held captive the words he really wanted to say, he smiled and spoke words which we pretty much figured to be "I love you mamma, thank you, it is beautiful".

August 7, 2017

The Great Pumpkin

As small children, my brother Billy & I would eagerly and very much excitedly wait for Halloween night every year. Once “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” special was watched, Mom would yell “Come to the window, hurry kids!”. We would race feverishly into the den and bounce ourselves up onto the small sofa that sat under the big picture window that overlooked our back patio. That wasn’t all that was out there!

Over the patio, the shimmering moonlit pool, and the top of the silver chain link fence lie an endless deep, dark forest full of scary, hairy critters, but most importantly, most wondrous of all, was the long-awaited spotting of THE GREAT PUMPKIN!

It would appear out of nowhere. It’s glowing eyes and big-toothed grin beaming through the darkness of Halloween night, bouncing across the fence line to say hello. We jumped and yelled as loud as we could just so he could hear us! Our hearts pumping out of our chests, grinning from ear to ear, all the while oblivious to the fact that Dad was NEVER around when Mr. Pumpkin showed up…ever!

Today, when I think about that time in my life…the child inside me still feels the thrill. See, I think I figured it out. Mom and Dad raised us to believe in the Great Pumpkin, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and even spirits and ghosts.

My quote: “It’s not the belief that’s important, but the memories made from the believing”.  

Thank you Daddy for teaching us to believe. It is not the Great Pumpkin nor is it Santa Claus. It is that 40 year old memory you made for us all that will keep your spirit alive forever in our hearts …and may I also add, makes for one heck of a campfire story! 

Love and miss you, 
Veronica Leigh Wahler Schade

July 28, 2017
July 28, 2017

He Deserved More!!

July 27, 2017

It goes without saying, my father was an amazing man. When we received the small, cheap memorial cards from the cremation facility, my heart sunk and I needed to create something very special from my heart. Brian found this poem online and credit belongs to the author, Delmar Pepper. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece. It is so fitting to who my father was and I could almost hear him saying these words himself.  

I mailed out these cards to everyone I could think of, but if you haven't received one, please send me a note with your address and I will mail one out to you.


Daddy's 75th Birthday

July 10, 2017

That day he was at the LifeCare Center in Melbourne, Florida. We brought him cupcakes and cards and balloons. He was in his glory. He LOVED anything chocolate!

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