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Dear Grand Dad

January 3, 2012
A few days ago, I saw you at the hospital, and you whispered to me that you were tired. Selfishly I asked you not to leave us, and just like always you said I'm not! As I sat and looked into the horizon, I watched the sun setting over the Hudson, the wind blows and I swear I can here your whistle in the distance. (You know the whistle I'm talking about) A slight grin creases my face as I remember asking "Grand Dad" how are you doing that. At 14 we first met, and I was determined to prove to you that I was A man and you couldn't tell me nothing. You never waivered, and just led by example. This I remember through the years you taught us all about how to carry ourselves and many other things like..Use your manners, Don't talk back adults, being a man is taking care of your responsibilities. I remember when I got in trouble, you told me "The Kimbrough last name is not yours, it's mine, and you will not tarnish my name. Always remember what you do reflects on me" He had never spoke to me like that in my life, but it was firm and seared into my brain. Having an answer for every question, Understanding more than I ever knew, Glad to help relieve any form of stress, Happy no matter what there was to do. Placing fake bets in black jack (letting us win) And always with a smile, Trying so hard to make everyone happy, Regardless of an extra mile. Intentions always on the good side, Careful to always say the right thing, Knowing more than I'll ever know, right now I am so lost and confused right now, but here's what I do know, "The Last Name Kimbrough is mine, and I'm gonna make it Shine.........And I know at my toughest moments I have You, smiling down on me ( I hear your whistle again) Love You Grand Dad and It's ok to go home, Forever in my heart and mind!

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