Her Life

The Supportive Mom

You supported and celebrated EVERYTHING that I did. This picture says it all. This was one of my first promotions in the business world.  You were so proud of me.  I was so grateful to have you walk up to that podium beside me.  

I will support my kids just like you supported yours.

The Grandmother

Your grandkids loved you and understood you.  They loved hearing your stories about the Civil Rights Movement and your crazy dog, Shag.  

Justin would always say DON'T FORGET TO FACETIME ME every time I would come see you. You lit up with just the sound of his voice.  They have so many funny stories and memories about their Grandma Ann.  

The Mother-n-Law

You chose Steve before I did! LOL... I remember being in what I thought was a decent relationship at the time, but you must have asked me a thousand times... HAVE YOU AND STEVE CARTER MET EACH OTHER YET? 

We were all in the same company and you saw him at a Convention.  You continued to press the issue... Along with your sister Aunt Jan. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL that you unapologetically stayed in my business.  

You knew the kind of person that I needed in my life and you made sure you let it be known...even when it wasn't popular. Thanks Mom.

The Devoted Wife

Together again!♥️  The two of you were crazy about each other. When Dad passed in 1989, your world was turned upside down. You were so strong and you fought through the pain. 

Ann and Chris Oliver... TOGETHER AGAIN! That makes me smile. 

The Mentor

All of my friends have a story about you helping them through a situation at some point in their lives.

The Visionary

When you got the mic to speak, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone had so much respect for you. You shared stories about the Civil Rights Movement to the young people in the room. You challenged us to pick up where you all left off. 

You would always say...WE FOUGHT IN THE 60's SO YOU COULD HAVE THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT YOU HAVE TODAY. Then you would challenge us to leave this world better for the next generation. Then in true Ann Oliver fashion, when the crowd applauded you would raise your fist in the air and nod.

The Singer

You loved open mic nights! If there was a band and a mic, you found a way to make it to the stage!

The Sister

You were blessed with 8 amazing siblings.

You and your baby sis, Aunt Jan enjoying life.  

Aunt Jan, thank you for being there every step of the way. Mom would listen to you talk to her on speaker for hours. You were there to help me make tough decisions. You were there when I needed to cry.  You called to make sure that I was eating and sleeping, and if you weren't sure, you would call Steve. LOL... THANK YOU

The Daughter

I heard so many stories over the years about how you took such good care of your parents while they were alive. 

I remember you taking care of them when they got sick, making sure people at the VA were taking care of granddad, shopping for them, buying appliances for them, and always making sure they had WHATEVER they needed.  

You were such a giver.

The Fashion Icon

Just a normal work day!

I looked forward to seeing what you would wear to school everyday.

I remember when you decided to start your own modeling business... RARE XPERIENCE PRODUCTION.   So many kids in Montgomery were able to build their confidence on your stage. 

You ALWAYS found the best in others and literally FORCED it out.

The Pianist

Even as your memory began to fade, you still remembered how to play.  

The Guidance Counselor

My mom was a guidance counselor for almost 30 years in Union Springs, Al.  Her goal was to give small town kids opportunities to dream big and go to the best colleges.  

She didn't open doors, she knocked them down.