Online Memorial Can Help You Cope with Loss

Online Memorial Can Help You Cope with Loss

Losing a loved one is, perhaps, the most painful experience we have as human beings. The death of someone important to us causes intense emotional distress – and physical distress for many bereaved people, too. However, we cannot avoid it, and this inevitability of loss means that we all need to find constructive ways to cope with loss in our lives.

Why Coping Can Be So Difficult

Most people think of “coping” as an active response to grief. Many times it does mean taking deliberate steps to deal with something challenging. However, many people begin to cope in entirely instinctual, subconscious, and automatic ways when it comes to death. This is particularly true of the first few days after a grievous loss when difficult emotions, experiences, and thoughts occur rapidly and threaten to overwhelm us. This is when our bodies and minds tend to go on auto-pilot, creating defense mechanisms like withdrawal, avoidance, denial, and even humor. 

Rest assured that these types of automatic coping mechanisms are normal and to be expected. They are the brain and body’s way of protecting us against the threat of overwhelming. While these instinctive responses are normal, it’s important to note that some of them can also be damaging. Instinct attempts to get us to avoid pain and suffering, which can be harmful to a grieving person in the following ways:

  • Painful emotions don’t go away simply because you ignore them.
  • If you’re unwilling to let yourself feel even a small amount of pain, you’ll never be able to create space in your life for your loved one’s memory.
  • Avoiding feeling pain can mean you avoid feeling any emotions about your loved one at all, including joy and love.
  • It can act as a barrier to maintaining any connection to your loved one at all.
  • It can strip you of the opportunity to experience personal growth after loss, as many people do.

It’s challenging to think about active coping when your loss is new, and your pain is raw. Yet consciously choosing positive ways to cope with the loss of your loved one is crucial to learning to tolerate and manage your pain, anger, and sadness. There are many coping mechanisms to choose from, and what works for one person may not be right for another. However, utilizing an online memorial is one healthy coping mechanism that may be able to bring you more peace surrounding your loved one’s death.

What is an Online Memorial?

An online memorial is a virtual space where grievers can collect and share memories about a lost loved one. You can tell stories, share photos and music reminiscent of your special person. You can honor and preserve their life for future generations. These memorials can be shared regardless of where you live in the world and generally require only very modest computer skills. From a practical standpoint, they can act as a collective record and repository of information and images. From an emotional standpoint, they serve as a safe space to grieve together, remember, and honor someone who has passed.

How an Online Memorial Can Help to Cope With Loss

Many times, people facing loss need a point of connection with others experiencing the same thing. An online memorial fulfills this need and provides these benefits, too:

A Single Point of Information-Sharing

One of the most challenging parts of losing someone we love is the necessity of sharing the bad news with so many people and following up with everyone on details about the funeral or memorial plans. When you use an online memorial, you need only share the website with family and friends and advise them to watch for new information there. This can negate much of the overwhelm families feel about sharing necessary logistics when someone dies.

A Place for Everyone to Gather

You can participate in an online memorial from wherever you are in the world, provided you have an internet connection. This can be particularly useful when family members and friends are spread out across the country or the world, especially if they cannot travel to attend in-person memorial services. The simple act of participating in a virtual memorial can leave a bereaved person feeling more at peace for having had the opportunity to say goodbye in a meaningful way.

A Cathartic Outlet for All Emotions

People experiencing loss need to talk about it and to know they are not alone. Sharing your memories, stories, old jokes, or even negative emotions like anger at a loved one’s passing are all ways to move forward in your grief journey and to cope with loss in a healthy way.

A Lasting Tribute

Every person’s grief journey will be unique, but none will be quick. Grief is not a short process, sometimes taking many months – or years – to work through. An online memorial can be a long-lasting and ever-present space in which a bereaved person can find connection, both to their lost loved one and also to others who cared for that special person too.

A Way to Help Others – And Yourself

Grief is very challenging, and there is no handbook to help you through it. However, building a community where it is safe to feel your emotions and finding connection with others can be incredibly helpful for struggling people. You never know just what positive impact you might have on someone else’s grief journey simply by providing an outlet.

Final Thoughts

Only you know which types of coping mechanisms will be right for your unique grief journey. However, if you are looking for an outlet that can serve others, too, an online memorial in honor of your lost loved one may be a helpful step in both practical ways and personal ways as you work to cope with your loved one’s passing.

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