Posted by Shaun Leane on May 7, 2021
As a family we are so saddened by the loss of Carol. She was a wonderful person with a heart of gold. Not only has she taken care of our pets over the decades she took care of us in those sad times when our beloved pets passed on.
For me she was a kind rock who held my hand through some very sad times.
Carol was a truly beautiful Human Being and a soul like hers that shone so brightly, will never dim.
Rest in peace dear Carol
Posted by Indra B on May 7, 2021
Am sure Mrs Hill's beautiful legacy will continue with such a great team of vets and nurses and everyone else who works there. Was so sorry to hear about your loss. I remember fondly when she told me my cat was bossying me at the time. She was so right and it still makes me smile.
Having seen so many people attend the lovely tribute / procession, am sure many will keep her in their heart.

Wishing her family and friends strength in this challenging time.
Indra & Pippa
Posted by Julia Somerville on May 7, 2021
So very sad to hear the news about Carol. A shock, as I didn’t know she was ill.
We’ve been bringing our cats, hamsters and rabbits to Hills Vets since 1982. For all these years Carol has been such a friendly, reassuring and tender nurturer of our pets. She had a wonderfully sunny and humorous manner. You always came out of her surgery feeling that everything was going to be alright.
My deepest condolences to her family and to all you wonderful people at Hills Vets.
I’m sure the spirit of Carol will live on.
Posted by Avon Priestley on May 7, 2021
My wife Lyndia, who looks after Bertie most of the time, and myself would like to pay our respects to Carol Hill. She kept a close watch over our Border Terrier who was suffering from bouts of intestine infections.

More recently she handed Bertie over to Mark who has proved to be as equally caring and professional as Mrs Hill.

We send our sincere condolences to her family and our thanks for all she has done for our Border Terrier.
Posted by Nicolle Farley on May 7, 2021
I never knew your name
We always called you Mrs Hill
And we hung on your every word because you knew what the animals needed

You treated my darling Katto Kat
You said "feed her prawns to clean her teeth"
She lived, because of you, for nineteen years (with a gleaming smile)

And when she was very far gone and couldn't move and then couldn't eat
You came here and gave her a painless end
And curled her up and wrapped her in a towel

And your care and love wrapped us up too
And reached many people, over a long time

And now we have two rescue cats
And we feed them prawns weekly
And they love you too
Posted by Susi Chatterton on May 7, 2021
Carol has been our wonderful neighbour for many years. She is such a loving and beautiful person inside and out. She shines bright and we will miss seeing her with her beautiful grandchildren. We send all our love to her family.
Posted by Pauline Buttle on May 7, 2021
Carol Hill was such an amazing woman and loved and admired by so many. Her kindness, knowledge, support and hugs were legendary. She will be missed terribly. I am so glad we knew her.
Our love to all at Hills and her family.
Posted by Andie de Rougemont on May 7, 2021
I am so sad to hear about the passing of Carol Hill. What a woman! Her kindness knew no bounds, her knowledge was second to none, her sense of humour and practicality was a rare thing. I will truly miss her. My family started to bring our animals to Hills 47 years ago, I was 5!  I have so many amazing memories, it is hard to know which to share. Just 3 years ago one of our dogs Oscar an 11 year old Bichon was diagnosed with liver cancer, my daughter was doing her A levels so we decided to see how he went, When it was time, Mrs Hill and one of her lovely nurses came to my home and put him down, I will never ever forgot just how kind and understanding she was, as you can imagine it was a tough few weeks and without her support it would have been even tougher, I will always be so grateful. My heart goes out to her family and all the people at Hills at this very difficult time.
Posted by Angela Bhatti on May 7, 2021
We are so very sorry to hear of Carol's passing. She was simply a wonderful human being whose professional knowledge, years of practical experience and most of all her kindness and empathy made a huge contribution to many lives. Carol looked after our Burmese cats, first Taj and then Paddy, for more than 20 years and was a wizard at administering worm tablets leaving no room for argument! We trusted her implicitly and she never let us down, going above and beyond with reassuring phone calls and humourous updates. We are so lucky to have met her. Our deepest condolences to her family, friends and colleagues. Angela and Omar Bhatti
Posted by Yvonne Lysandrou on May 7, 2021
Very sad indeed to hear of Mrs Hill's death, she has been our family vet for approx 40 years. We have had several dogs over that time and now my daughter has her dog with Hills. Mrs Hill was always a constant point of reference for us -  ask Mrs Hill, see Mrs Hill, Mrs Hill will know, etc . - she was our veterinary guru. She was an incredible vet and a truly lovely person. Our deepest sympathy to her family. We will say goodbye today outside Hills.
Posted by Ann Eagles on May 7, 2021
Mrs Hill looked after my cats for over 20 years with love & affection, also a large dollop of common sense, which was sometimes missing in other vets. Her home visits to put down one of my cats was treated with sensitivity & love for the animal, I will never forget.
Rest in peace my dear
Posted by Milly Ayliffe on May 7, 2021
Carol was always so understanding when treating my dogs but never more so than when my dog Marley was dying. The first time she met him she said to him "has anyone ever told you that you are very fine" I was so moved by her obvious love for, and connection with animals. As his cancer progressed she was so calm and practical and just kept saying to me he will let you know when it's time to let him go. This humane and pragmatic approach meant so much to my husband and I and we enjoyed our last few months with Marley happy in the knowledge that Carol was there to support us through it.
Posted by Lucy Ellis on May 7, 2021
It was always so reassuring to take an unwell pet to Mrs Hill, she had an extraordinary way with animals, immediately putting them at their ease and pinpointing what was wrong. She always went the extra mile, treating each animal as if it were her own. Her professionalism, kindness and sense of humour shone through. I will miss her very much and send condolences to all at Hill's.
Posted by Malina Szreter on May 7, 2021
Mrs. Hills was an extraordinary woman and we will miss her greatly. She was looking our cats for 20 years and I know that her knowledge, experience and common sense were as unique as her ability to bond with animals. My thoughts go to her family, friends and co-workers in this difficult times...
Posted by Melissa Friedberg on May 7, 2021
My deepest condolences to everyone at Hills and Carol's family and friends. Carol was truly an amazing human being and vet. She took the best, kindest and most compassionate care of my dog Jake. She always knew what he needed. Right until almost the very end she was calling me with advice and suggestions for his treatment. I'm really going to miss Carol.
Posted by Mary Duffy on May 7, 2021
I'm so upset to see the sad news about Mrs Hill. She looked after my five guide dog puppies and was so supportive when we lost puppy Lester to lungworm many years ago. When the dogs became pets she looked after them - along with others in the team - with kindness and competence. I was always sure she put the animal's interest first. I hope you are all coping with her loss.
Posted by merilyn moos on May 7, 2021
She administered to my pets and to me and I wont ever forget her kindness towards them and me when i was ill. My dogs loved her, despite what she had to do to them. She had that 'old-fashioned' way of feeling the animal and talking to it, rather than bouncing straight into technology.
She stayed strong and giving to the end. So very sad that she has died.
Posted by Sue Garland on May 7, 2021
Mrs Hill had the most reassuring and kind presence when she came out late one evening to answer our call when our cat Esme needed to be ministered to one last time. She was so kind to Esme and to us and helped us make a difficult and right decision. We have always been so grateful to her for the peacefulness of Esme's passing. She made a difference to all our lives. Sue, Amaryllis and Sophie Rose
Posted by Jo Golden on May 6, 2021
As so many people have already said,Carol was one of a kind and we were so lucky to have her for all these years. One outstanding memory for me was when one of our cats had to be euthanised. Carol was so sensitive to my needs and could see that I wasn't handling it too well. She took my hand and held it till just before she administered the injection and was so gentle and loving as though it was her own pet. I shall never forget her kindness.
Posted by alison carman on May 6, 2021
a wonderful woman who cared so deeply for all the animals she came across. we will never forget the kindness and compassion shown by Mrs Hills when we said goodbye to our first dog Lilly. It was the hardest day made all the more bearable with the sensitivity and thoughtful words shared in the surgery. We were a mess and Mrs Hill guided us with patience as we sat on the floor of the surgery saying our final goodbyes. Years later she did a talk at the school where my son was a teacher and kindly Mrs hill remembered that day which was a great comfort to us but this news is a very sad loss to the whole community. sending our condolences to the whole family
Posted by Bethany Burrow Atherton on May 6, 2021
We were really sorry to hear of Carol's passing. I'll never forget the time we took her a straggly, tiny, dishevelled cat we'd accidentally adopted and we thought might be a Devon Rex but we weren't sure because he had virtually no fur and as soon as he came out of the box she said "Ooh, I love a Devon Rex!" She sure knew her stuff and her years of experience and common sense shone through in every visit we had with her over the last ten years. Thinking of all her family and friends at this difficult time. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Anna Boggon on May 6, 2021
So sorry to hear the sad news of Carol. She will be sorely missed. I was so impressed with her as a vet, full of wisdom and knowledge, always time to share. And full of good humour and warmth. Sending all my best wishes to the family and work friends in this difficult time. Best wishes Anna, Alfie, Yalla and Buzz
Posted by Shirley Brailey on May 6, 2021
We were deeply saddened to hear that our wonderful vet, Carol had died. There will be a great hole in her family's and friends' lives. We send our condolences to them and the caring and kind staff at Hills Vets.

 It must have been back in the mid seventies that I first took a poorly cat to Carol. Immediately I was struck by her warmth, common sense approach and reassuring manner. Over the ensuing years we have taken a total of thirteen cats for vaccinations and treatment.

 I will always remember Carol standing at the door of the consulting room with a big welcoming smile and a twinkle in her eye as she enquired about the health of the patient. The patient wasn't always that keen to see her but she was able to reassure and calm them as much as she did me.

Carol always went the extra mile, once coming to our home to put our much loved cat, Fenella, to sleep while our other two cats sat either side watching.  She remarked that it was a lovely way to go and what a shame we couldn't do the same for people. This was said with compassion and it was clear that she was sad to see our beautiful cat, who she'd treated since kittenhood, leaving this world. She remembered the cats, not just their illnesses but their quirks and personalities too, accurately summing up each new kitten or cat we acquired. I can hear her now saying, about a half grown stray, a furry bundle
of what I thought was angelic sweetness, 'He's got attitude.' She was right, I was wrong. I think that she was as perceptive about people as she was animals. Carol was a remarkable woman and will be sorely missed by many.
Posted by Pat Devereaux on May 6, 2021
Carol was the most amazing vet and had a wonderful sense of humour. I am so very sorry to hear she has gone. We have been to her surgery with our animals Rosie and Pedro our labradors and Colin and Pandora our cats over many years. She came to our home to euthanise Rosie and more recently Colin. What a truly humane and understanding person. We will miss her hugely.
Posted by Sandra Clark on May 6, 2021
We were so very sorry to hear this news. Carol Hill was so kind to our big old cat whose name she always pronounced in the French way, Hubert, and we will miss her terribly. She was an amazing vet and so empathetic, but also such a warm and friendly person.
Posted by Frances Blackburn on May 6, 2021
Mrs Hill must have been the most loved person in North London. She especially and her ncolleagues have been looking after my dogs and cats since 1983. Her kindness, patience, gentleness ( to both animals and their owners) with that spark of humour made her a unique person and brilliant vet. We will miss her greatly and send deepest sympathies to her family, friends and colleagues.
Posted by Catherine Bousfield on May 6, 2021
I am so very sorry to hear this news. Mrs Hill was so calm, practical and caring when I brought a very cross and frightened cat to see her for annual check ups. To me she was a legend. She made a really stressful situation manageable and so Poppy could have the care she needed. And somehow came out physically unscathed! Thank you Mrs Hill, we won’t forget you, and condolences to all your family, friends and colleagues xxx
Posted by Jonell Elliott on May 6, 2021
I am so very sad to hear this. Mrs. Hills was the loveliest,most caring person and the kindest vet I’ve ever met.My deepest condolences to the family.May she rest in peace xxx
Posted by Angelique Gainza on May 6, 2021
I have been bringing my cats to Hill’s vets for thirty five years and I was always delighted if Mrs Hill looked after us. In recent years I acquired a delightful cockerpoo called Max who hates attending the vets because he gets very anxious and I get very upset if the love of my life cries. Mrs Hill always knew how to deal with both my dog and me and usually that involved her telling me to wait in the waiting room! She was wonderful, a delightful woman and a super vet. She will be greatly missed and I offer my deep condolences to her family, colleagues and personal friends. R.I.P
Posted by Gemma Carolissen on May 6, 2021
My mum & I are deeply saddened to hear of Mrs Hill passing. Four cats over a 30 year period she was always there providing support & guidance and so much more when my father passed away. She is absolute North London legend! Wishing Mrs Hill's family all the best for tomorrow.x
Posted by Ros Davies on May 6, 2021
What a sad loss. I will never forget how kind Carol was to me when I had to have a cat put to sleep shortly after my mother passed away. She made a very difficult situation manageable. I send all good wishes to her family and close friends.
Posted by susan french on May 6, 2021
We used the vets with our cats and I was always delighted when we got Mrs Hill. I loved her manner, her smiley face and great advice. She will be missed.
Posted by Sarah Niblock on May 6, 2021
Our family - human and animal - is deeply touched by the loss of Mrs Hill. We take comfort that she leaves an incredible legacy both in terms of her brilliant care and her creation of such an excellent practice.
Posted by Miranda Barrett on May 6, 2021
What terribly sad news for her family and the practice. I have no doubt that anyone who was lucky enough to know her and experience her uniquely brilliant way of caring/treating/helping/comforting all her patients two legged as well as four, will miss her as much as me. Her kindness and compassion with humour and a down to earth manner so crucial when you are stressing about a sick pet. Very large boots to fill. However such a brilliant lady that all the vets/vet nurses & admin @ Hill’s have a similar outlook to her and it is why they will continue to thrive. It’s her legacy and a mighty one at that. RIP Carol xx
Posted by Tina Baker on May 6, 2021
I feel I've lost a surrogate mum. She was so so kind to me & my furry family for decades. I really loved her. I will miss her.
Love to all the team & family.
Profound gratitude from Tina, Geoff & the cats over the years:
Lili, Harrison, Tiffany, Louis, Bruno, Kevin, Baby David, Pinky, Splodge, Bertie & the foster cats Holly & Billy, Missy & her 7 kittens.
Posted by Elizabeth Atkinson on May 6, 2021
So sorry to hear that Carol has died. We and our animals loved her and we send our condolences to her family.
Posted by Susan Bridges on May 6, 2021
This tribute is written with sadness and gratitude for having had the privilege of knowing Mrs Hill through our dogs. Hill's Vets is one of North London's treasures, and how lucky we were to be told about Mrs Hill and the practice over twenty years ago. We will miss her skills as a vet and for always being kind and wise whenever we visited. 
Posted by julia swift on May 6, 2021
Lovely Mrs Hill was totally animal centred. She had a rapport with animals and an ethos of doing what was best for the animals well-being as her priority.

I felt she had a special understanding and liking of re home dogs. She also operated when only absolutely clinically necessary. This was apparent when a problem with one dog was resolved on the day he was due the operation when one last attempt was made. Success. An operative procedure was avoided. ( and Carol's income was less).

Mrs Hill was unfailingly available even whenever supposedly not on shift or even at the surgery! Mrs Hill would be fully booked. I booked another vet but invariably it was Mrs Hill who opened her surgery door, beamed and called my dog in, always assessing them from the moment she called them to her surgery. She would want phone updates out of hours morning and evening on any worrying current health situation. On one occasion by chance (I wonder if true) she said she was in my area and could examine my dog at his home prior to his RVCS visit, This she did. It was Sunday morning. A truly amazing level of care and dare I add no charge. 

I have also witnessed Mrs Hill having to give dogs treats to get them to leave her surgery!

It is not just me who feels that Mrs Hill and her practice were special. Whenever discussing vets with dog walkers locally or whilst walking on Hampstead Heath the vets name that was mentioned as the most exemplary person and practice and the only one to go to is Mrs Hill.

Mrs Hill was so unassuming but so respected by so many as a vet and as a lovely good person.
Posted by Isabel Popper on May 6, 2021
Wonderful Mrs Hill, whose empathy and understanding of animals were outstanding. We shall all miss her, pets and people alike.
Posted by Marion Kemp on May 6, 2021
Long long ago I met a woman who changed my life, and that of many friends and family, way back in the 1960's, when Carol and Tony lived in Cove. we became friends, they lived in the big old house at the bottom of Bridge Rd, which had been turned into a Vets with living accommodation above. In time Tony moved to Buckhurst Hill, and Carol became full time taking on Tony's roll. Once established in his new surgery, and when a vacancy arose Carol joined Tony, We missed her so much, having spent almost every evening with her, perhaps learning to swim, out and about or just playing cards. We visited very often. In a short time Sarah came along, and Brian and I married, Carol was our 1st daughters Godmother, both of us went on to produce children, which eventually cut down our visits to each other. The move to Muswell Hill and Crouch end surgery. where they settled, was a busy time, but we kept in touch by phone. Carol could talk me down when I was swinging from the ceiling, always full of practical advice, I loved her like a sister. All the knowledge and wonderful kindness has gone to her grave with her, it breaks my heart to know I will never see her again. I can only remember the amazing times we have had over the years. but still cry because when Carol died we all lost the most wonderful person, Rest in Peace my very dear friend, Love to you, Tony and all your wonderful family, Marion xx
Posted by Jenny Lee on May 5, 2021
I am so very sorry to hear aboout Mrs Hill. What a terrible loss to her family and to her wonderful practice. My dear friend Linda Warden (who was Librarian at the Royal Veterinary College) and I took our cats to her for the last 30 years - and Linda for years before that. I lost Linda over 20 years ago, but can still remember how much we appreciated the Mrs Hill and her lovely staff. Linda never said, "Let's go to the vet's", it was always "Let's go to Mrs Hill's" - so that for years I actually though her name was HILLS.

There was one hilarious occasion when we took in an 'adopted' stray which we called "Not Sid" (as he looked rather like Sid, another stray - and one of us would call out "There goes Sid" - "It's not Sid" the other would reply - and the name stuck. But all attempts to have him registered at the Hill emporium as Not Sid failed -
"You can't call him Not Sid!"
"But he IS Not Sid".
"Not Sid is a negative - you can't call a cat by a negative name"
"He answers to his name, he doesn't feel it 's negative"
"We will call him Sid"
"But he is NOT Sid!!!"
"Sid is a nice name"
"But it's not his name, he is NOT SID!"
.We were both helpless with laughter then and every time we remembered it over the years since.

Mrs Hill put nearly all of our cats to sleep at home, in such a gentle, loving way that it was so much less traumatic for the cats and for us than it could have been.

God bless you, Mrs Hill and thank you for being you. Linda always used to say, "When we reach the pearly gates we are going to have so many cats waiting for us". When Mrs Hill arrives I am sure that Muffy, Titus, Spindles, Arthur, Perkins, Not Sid and Susie will be there to say "Thank You" to their caring friend. Hopefully, some day, we will be too.
Posted by Louise Heilbron on May 5, 2021
So sorry to hear the news of Carol’s death. We have fond memories of shared events in grove avenue and at Latymer
Hopefully all the good memories you have will help at this sad time
With all good wishes from the heilbrons
Posted by Leanda Buchschacher on May 5, 2021
Carol, you are leaving a big hole in our lives. For so many years you have cared for all my animals (and me), through every twinge small and serious, giving my son Liam his work experience week 15 years ago.
Climbing in the boot of my car with me to send Bernie to the stars, saying goodbye to Murphy in my garden with the whole family there. Always willing to make things bearable for the animals and their humans.

You were vet, friend, and confidante always ready with advice, encyclopaedic knowledge and oodles of love and compassion. Always remembered, never lost, but gone far to soon. Love Toffee and Treetops, Sonny, Bernie, Murphy and Rio (and the humans) xx
Posted by Rebecca Finkelstein on May 5, 2021
Lovey Mrs Hill, you were an amazing vet who cared so much for all the animals you looked after. You were amazing with smokey and kept him going along with your amazing fiona for way longer than we could have imagined.
Such sad news. You will be missed very much. Love to all her family.
Posted by Dawn Miles on May 5, 2021
It is so sad to think I will never have the benefit of her endless knowledge, intuition and compassion as a vet. The world is a poorer place without her. Looking through the gallery it is plain that she was one of life's good 'uns and cannot imagine how much she will be missed by her family.
Posted by Christine Lake on May 5, 2021
Dear Mrs Hill. How sad I was to hear of her death. She looked after my animals for nearly thirty years and whenever I visited, she was always so kind and understanding that it was always a pleasure to see her. She was straightforward and honest yet always delivered her sound advice with a twinkle in her eye. She was not the kind of vet always on the look out to make an extra buck or two by suggesting unnecessary scans but always had the welfare of the animal at heart. I salute her and the practice she built up. I shall really miss her. My heartfelt condolences to her family, friends and fellow vets.
Posted by Marijke van Beesten on May 5, 2021
It is hard to know what to say. Carol was a shining light of the vet world. She was my first and only vet since I got my first cats back in the 1980's. She was so caring , so good with all my cats that she has seen over the years, however they behaved! Carol would come to my house to vaccinate the feline tribe, and on occasion to put down an ageing moggy. She carried on working despite the cancer, with her usual humour, sense of fun, compassion and terrific common sense. She was always there, would fit me into her very busy day whenever needed. I will miss her so much. Thank you for everything you did for my felines Carol, you will always be in my heart. Marijke and felines
Posted by Fenella Reed on April 30, 2021
What a woman.
The debt our family owes Mrs Hill is immeasurable. We moved into Barrington Road with our 20 year old cat in 1978, went to the nearest vets and so it began. 3 hamsters, 4 rats, 5 cats and 3 dogs followed over the years, all treated with immense compassion, skill, common sense and, thank goodness, a sense of humour.
Thank you with all my heart.
Posted by Lesley Wimpory on April 29, 2021
I had the good fortune to start working with Carol in 1981. I was only twenty, and she was always great to be around. She was an exceptional woman and a wonderfully gifted and intuitive vet. Carol had the remarkable ability to, very swiftly, get the measure of people and situations, and I think this set her apart.

I loved her integrity and pragmatism, her empathy, sensitivity, warmth and wisdom, her great sense of humour and mischievousness, and her positivity, vibrancy and joie de vivre.

Whenever our paths crossed in Muswell Hill she always greeted me with genuine warmth and affection. The feeling was mutual. ‘Hello, Ezzle!’ She would say with a big smile, which in itself was just like getting a great big hug. Like all who knew her, I have so many special memories of her that make me smile.

My dear Carol, you were a bright shining light. I love you and I miss you, but I am comforted by the thought that you are now at peace, and also by the sense that I will always carry a piece of you with me.

Posted by Karen Pieroni on April 28, 2021
I always remember my brother Graeme talking with enthusiasm about Friday nights at Grove Ave, when he started seeing Fiona, it seems everyone was welcomed with open arms. Oliver (my son) came back after helping Graeme out in London and he too had experienced the great feast and welcome of Grove Ave.
Carol was always the heart of any get together, with her beaming smile and laughter. Born to be a mother, a fantastic granny, always in the middle of any party game with the kids.
Carol's kindness shone through. A lovely lady who welcomed us with open arms whenever we were visiting Fiona and Graeme. She was definitely a mother in law in a million to Anna and Graeme, they were great friends.
Carol, you will be missed by all.
Our thoughts go to Tony, Sarah, Peter, Fiona, Anna, Graeme and all the grandchildren. 
Love from us all The Pieroni family x
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