Her Life

Carrie Marie Googins Benn grew up in Palmdale, which she proudly called her hometown.  She was a beautiful child, with the most beautiful and expressive eyes.  She excelled in school and was in the graduating class of the year 2000 at Palmdale High.  Carrie was well loved by all who knew her.  She was a ball of energy.  She loved life and made the simplest of days special.  Her life revolved around her husband, Christopher and children Kombi, 9, Jak, 7, Dominik, 4, and baby Skarlytt Billy Googins, who preceeded Carrie in death in 2010.  Her family was everything to her.  She was blessed to find her soulmate, Chris.  Together they created their beautiful family.  Carrie could take an ordinary day and fill it with fun and laughter with her family.  Just spur of the moment – flying a kite one minute, throwing water balloons the next.  Even at 29, you could see the little girl come out to play and you were indeed fortunate to be her playmate.  Her children were her life.  She loved them so.  Carrie kept her family and friends close to her heart.  She loved her friends and there is nothing she would not do for them if they were in need.  Carrie was a true friend.  She was an honorable woman.  She strove to do her best at whatever she attempted.  Honesty was so important to her.  She believed if people are honest with each other, they could work anything out.  Carrie will always be remembered as a genuine, loving, caring and kind beyond measure.  Carrie believed everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand what that reason is.  None of us can imagine why Carrie was taken from us so soon.  She was at an incredibly happy point in her life, with happy plans for the Googins family future.  Carrie so loved her brother Ron, sister, Heather and Her New York Brothers and Sisters, nieces and nephews.  Family was everything to Carrie.  Carrie was so needed here, but heaven needed her more.  Carrie was preceded in death by sister Toni Ronnee, and daughter Skarlytt Billy Googins.  We can find peace in the hope that our beloved Carrie is once again holding Skarlytt in her loving arms.

Carrie, you will be greatly missed.  You were a wonderful woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.  We all love you.  You were only 29 and you will be forever young.  You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.  ‘Till we meet again.

Terry Benn – Carrie’s Mom.