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One day…

Shared by Shellene Rose on June 27, 2021
I found a $20 bill wrapped in a piece of paper in my mailbox, it was from my Auntie Cheryl. I called her and told her she didn’t ever have to pay me back and she said she wanted too and she had did that weeks ago.  I said, okay, I will give it back to you when I see you, within 30 minutes, she was at my door, we both fell out laughing❤️❤️❤️

Shellene, are you home?

Shared by Shellene Rose on June 27, 2021
Auntie was forever stopping by my house.  I am not one of those people who, if you ring my bell, I would just automatically let you in.  If I wasn’t expecting you, I would not answer the door or let you in !

Auntie would always stop by especially after church.  That bell would ring and by the time, I get downstairs and look out the window by the door, that person would be gone.  I go to the last window and I would see Auntie and you know how fast she walked, then I go to the door and yell her name and here she comes back.  We would laugh and I say, “Cheryl where’s your phone and she would say I called you”, but of course, my phone would be in my purse or by my bed with ringer off, lol.  Never fails, when Momma was here, she would stay with Momma, priceless!  I would always say, “are y’all talking about me and Momma would say “yeah” but Cheryl would always say they were not, and they couldn’t stop laughing ❤️!

Super Auntie!!!

Shared by Angela McCoy on June 27, 2021
I am sure in all families there are special ladies that can be given the title of "SuperAuntie."

Their capes are made from a special blend of a sense of humor, kindness, time, energy, and most importantly, unconditional love for their nieces and nephews. They don't wear their capes to be seen by outsiders, but by us, the sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews who are on the receiving end of their generosity.

As a niece, I appreciated Cheryl being there for us while Momma worked. She was funny and kind. She took us to the playground, zoo, parks, beaches, etc... That was a lot for the 60's and 70's where we actually made our fun instead of this now tech crazed utopia.  

I only know of three (on this side of the family) that I can bestow this honor, and Cheryl was one of them. A hand clap, Amen and a Hallelujah! You wore it well!!! Love ya, Auntie...

Wedding Pics

Shared by Shellene Rose on June 24, 2021
When I got married back in October 2007, I was so caught up and never looked at any wedding pictures as we were married by our beloved Pastor Dr. Arthur M. Brazier in his conference room, we were the last couple that he officially married.  When Auntie was in the hospital, we had to clear out her apartment, I ran across some pictures she had.  I couldn’t believe she had pictures from my wedding, that I didn’t have (lol).  I am so thankful and grateful that she was there to partake in my one and only marriage.  She told me how beautiful I looked, I was like Cheryl, you don’t see all this weight I gained, she said it didn’t matter, it meant Don was a good cook and I was still cute (that’s’ my Auntie)!

Friday, April 5, 1968

Shared by Angela McCoy on June 22, 2021
My fondest memories of Cheryl were thinking she was our ‘big sister.’ All that time she spent living with us, I never knew she was our Auntie until she had moved out and was living her life. How cool was that!!!

Here is one memory of Auntie…

It was Friday, April 5, 1968, the day after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated and Chicago and other cities exploded with rage, rioting and destroying everything. I don’t remember the time, but It was Cheryl who picked me up from school on that faithful day. I was scared, hiding in the bathroom where my teacher found me and handed me off to my ‘big sister’ Cheryl and feeling afraid for my teacher as she tried to remain calm. I could see that she was terrified, and I remember hoping that someone would come get her, too.

Cheryl took me home, which was across the street from Manierre Elementary and told me to be good and stay put, while she went to get Shellene and Kenneth. We lived on the 5th floor of Old Town Garden apartments, near Old Town. From the kitchen window I could see the chaos that was happening in the city.  Pockets of smoke filling the sky just up the street and across the city and the constant sound of sirens resonating in the distance. I was 6 years old alone, scared, and trying my best to be brave. I stayed in that kitchen window (I didn’t move), watching and waiting to see familiar faces from my safe place. And there she was with Kenneth and Shellene running across the street. I was so glad to see them. I was so happy that our ‘big sister’ saved us. Now the wait for Momma. Cheryl made dinner and kept company with us, until Momma made it home safely from work, comforting and reassuring us that things will be alright, and they were. It was you who calmed my 6-year-old fears on that sad and somber day. Thank you, Auntie!!

I don’t think I ever told her that I thought she was my older sister. I liked having her around. She used to make the best blackberry pie with a delicious, buttery crust. She killed it!!

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