her Life

 O Loving Father and Savior, send your angels to carry the soul of your servant CHRISTY, from this earth to the heavenly place of eternal and everlasting life. Let family and friends who have passed before in faith be reunited in joy with the departed. Forgive any wrongs that have been committed and welcome this beloved spirit into the warm embrace of your unending peace. Amen.

She was the mother figure of the house, often refered to as the mediator. She was a good daughter, caring mom, loving wife and a wonderful sister and Friend... 

Adieu, Christy. 




Christy was an ardent/devouted catholic, a member of the readers club in St Anthony's Parish Kumba-Mbeng (Cameroon).



 Christy leaves behind her husband, her six months son, her parents, brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces, friends to mourn her...


 On Wednesday, October 5th 2011, She left Yaounde-Cameroon where she and her husband reside, to go to spend time with her parents and other family in Kumba which is her birth place. She was involved in a fatal car acrash at Ediki, just few miles away from her home town of Kumba which took away her life. The accident was survived by her six months old son.

 She was married to her beloved husband, Mr Taku Godfred, and their union was blessed with a beautiful six months old son that Christy leaves behind.


 She attended government primary school Kumba-Mbeng, Cameroon. She later went to B.H.S  Kumba and CASS Kumba for her secondary and high school education. Until her sudden death, she was a second year student at ENS Bambili.

Christina Acha Degoh was born  on january 1st 1988 into the family of H.R.H Fon Tabi Christopher Degoh and Mrs Tabi E Rose.