Posted by janie cox on November 18, 2013
""♥†Sorry4ur loss...""
Posted by Mammy Degoh Fomenky on October 5, 2012
A year is just like yesterday since you depart from us, you still hold that special place in my heart. sleep well in the Lord, my dearest lil sister Christy. i know the boy is doing just great.
Posted by Elias Enci on October 5, 2012
Today makes exactly one year since you passed on to Glory. We fondly remember you and do pray and hope that you are finding solace in the Almighty's bosom.
How we miss you! How I wish you'll come pay us a visit again.
May God's abundant blessings always be with you as you rest in His will.
Posted by ACHO GODFRED TAKU on October 5, 2012
My Dear Wife, it has been a year and i have not be able to see your pretty and smiling face. However, God knows best and I hope you are seating at his Right Hand. May your soul rest in perfect peace. One thing for sure our Son is in good health. Thank God.
Posted by Yangni Degoh on February 24, 2012
my dear sister i still think feel and dream of you. i hope we shall meet in paradise.
Posted by Yangni Degoh on February 24, 2012
my dear sister, i still think feel and dream of u.why is death so cruel. hope we shall meet one day in paradise.
Posted by lista mande on October 14, 2011
dear i feelso bad hearin this pls i pray u go and rest in his side with peace be bless in ur rest.Iwish ur family find peace to get themselves alive once again
Posted by edith mawoh on October 13, 2011
this is so shocking to me, how can this really happen,OMG my dear friend, small i will really miss u, u never really had enough life, but i know u are having a happy life where you are right now, i love u, but God love u more, RIP my small
Posted by Gladys Njut on October 13, 2011
I remember how your face will light up when you smile. Our lovely little sister with a warm heart, full of respect and kindness, snashed from us. I believe you are resting in peace in the bossom of our Lord. On behalf of Divine, Papi, Goddy and myself. We will forever miss you.
Posted by Ivy Fonkem on October 11, 2011
loved by all,cherished by all but every thing has its place n time.we love u but God loves u more
Posted by Ivy Fonkem on October 11, 2011
we,ll miss u 4ever
Posted by Mrs Rosemary Degoh on October 9, 2011
Gone,Gone,Gone and so did Christy disappear into the thin clouds of heaven.shes in a better place with our father God;watching and praying for us.Thank u christy for u have just reminded us to live everyday like it was our last day.May we not keep crying,but be strong.RIP Christy
Posted by Mrs Rosemary Degoh on October 9, 2011
Sweet Abbuh Christy,im still in denial to accept you being gone.Its surreal to wake up to your passing away.What a remarkable scar you have left in our hearts.A life cut too short.A young son without a mother,A husband without his better half,A mother left to cry,is this life?RIP
Posted by nnoko sii mokube on October 9, 2011
Hi dear how are,she said she is fine and asked how i throw her like that. i said am really very busy now dear i will talk to u later she ok. little did i know that the later will never come to pass. How i wish i talk with you that day my dear friend. ur thoughts are forever.
Posted by nnoko sii mokube on October 9, 2011
The news of your dead came to me like a question with full of sleep in my eyes.When i got the question my eyes dried up like it had never been before and i was filled with shock though i did not believe, when i confirmed it was true i remembered our last chat on Facebook saying
Posted by Akwa Acho on October 9, 2011
Christina you will be for ever remain in our mind always, my condolence to the bereaved family( Degohs family)May you rest in the right hand side of the lord and dwell for ever.We love you sister but god love you more than us
Posted by itonga joseph on October 8, 2011
life has a beginning and an end.we hate the end of life today than those of yesterday.You are going in a hard knock.I imagine how you felt.I mourn as a duty.It pains me much cuz i don't even know what to say now.May God grant you rest.Much memories of Baptist.Cries indeed.....
Posted by fidele mboh on October 8, 2011
i can also remember us learning how to ride a bike on emmanuel njuts bike,then we use to put on our sport wears u had a red colour and i had a green..wey what a world...i will always remember u my good friend.
Posted by fidele mboh on October 8, 2011
see u...the song goes like this.. when christy cam back from 11th febuary mama nakam na tidy tidy eh eh eh tidy tidy.i wish i was home to say good bye..out of side can never be out of a place for us in perfect peace..
Posted by fidele mboh on October 8, 2011
playing douge ball under the rain, i can even remember all the fruit threes we climb to plug fruits especially the guava tree at the side of ur house. we even came up with a child song for u. i remember one 11th febuary when we came back from the field and she was very happy to
Posted by fidele mboh on October 8, 2011
i still cant believe my eyes,is like a dream i can never woke up from,a part of me is broken,all day i have been laying on my bed and all i have is memories of usreturning back from school (kumba mbeng). we were like families living soo close to each other,eating the same food.
Posted by Kate Ekokobe on October 8, 2011
Even thought l did not get to know you in Person, because l got to Baptist when you were no longer there, l heard good and interesting things about you and l had wished to meet you there or one day.So sad the cold Hands of Death have taken you From us.Rest In Peace Dear
Posted by hannah mengot on October 7, 2011
my dearest baby sister, ur passing away is still a dream to me,it will only take a little space to write how much we miss u, but it will take the rest of our lives to forget the way we lost u.OH DEATH WHERE IS THY STING?and where is thy victory?SHAME UNTO U DEATH!!!!
Posted by Matilda Tassah on October 7, 2011
Christy was dearly loved by us, but God loved her most. God's ways are above ours, his thoughts are always above ours and he knows what was best for Christy, may he send his Holy spirit to strengthen all of us who mourn for her untimely death especially H.R.H Fon Tabi Degoh.
Posted by Apollonia Khan on October 7, 2011
Posted by Azwe Linda Tasang on October 7, 2011
Sweady,after a long time i saw you in Buea and all i could hear was your death,Am going to miss u so much coz you where a friend,who always want peace.All which is left is our sweet memory back in school,and how you used to wake me up so we could sing.MAY YOU SIT WITH OUR FATHER
Posted by John E on October 7, 2011
may your soul rest in peace christina. after a long time no see and all i got to hear was ur death. well, God knows why. my condulences to the degoh's family
Posted by nanga ijang on October 7, 2011
It was so hard for me to believe it, not until i got a reconfirmation from mammy. My dear christy, may ur humble soul rest in peace, i mean in perfect peace. I wish i had the chance to tell u a final goodbye.once more christy as u sleep in the lord, may ur soul rest in peace.
Posted by Lovert Ajebe on October 7, 2011
Condolences from the(Enoh and Ajebe)family to the Degoh`s family all through these difficult moments.Petit soeur we shall for ever remember your wonderful smiles.RIP
Posted by Txpx Baron-d on October 7, 2011
Some People Come Into Your Life A Short Time And Leave An Impact Even Greater Than That Of Those Who Have Been There A Life Time...Diz Is To You..My Friend
Posted by Charlotte Emat on October 7, 2011
im very very sorry
Posted by Clive Fomenky on October 6, 2011
Ecclesiastes 7:2-4 (New International Version)
It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart. Sorrow is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart. The heart of the wise is
Posted by Olga Rydz on October 6, 2011
Im deeply touched by this what happen, i even didn`t have chance to meet you but you will stay in my heart and my mind forever I know you in better place right now I also wish to convey sincere condolences from all my family.
Posted by Clive Fomenky on October 6, 2011
The death of a child is beyond tragic.It is the deepest grief and sorrow.Christy we will miss you RIP.
Posted by Maurice Tassah on October 6, 2011
Hallo , Darling you just slide away into the next Room.We shall keep your smiles alive, your dreams and legacy afloat. You shall remain forever green in our hearts.You touched no fly , no stain was on her little Golden heart, She was too pure for this COOL Earth -Tassahs Family
Posted by Awa Tazi on October 6, 2011
If tears cld build a stairway,and memories a lane
We will walk right up to heaven,and bring you home again.But since you have gone to a better place to rest,may your soul rest in peace.And,we know that ur passing will not only leave a void in our lives,but in our hearts.
Posted by Voltaire Larche on October 6, 2011
"Wow!!!!It really hurts when we lose loved ones not to talk of when their departure is precipitated but we are always comforted when we know they are in a better place.all I can say is,I will miss u n that wonderful smile.good bye n rip my personal person"
Posted by darice tassah on October 6, 2011
I am very sorry for this loss and i hope that shes is at peace and in a better place with the lord . Hopefully we will all see her one day its a vacuum in our family , my you rest in perfect peace . we miss you and hope you're with angels now in heave.
Posted by Mwalimu P Bela on October 6, 2011
Condolences from my family to the Degoh's Family.I remember watching you grow up! an examplary angelic girl in the city of Kumba.We listened to your careasing voice reading the Holy Scriptures in our Kumba Mbeng parish for years. Now you can't say even a word. Life o life. RIP
Posted by Degoh Ivo on October 6, 2011
no mater how hard it was for her when she took that last breath, and how hard it is for family and friends we all know she lays in your arms now. We wept, but she will always be with us and in our hearts she will live on.
I love you Christy
Posted by Degoh Ivo on October 6, 2011
Oh well only God knew what was going to happen. How hard can this be, we would not see each other again, I just wonder how hard it was for her when she took her last breath; a fetal end with no goodbye.
Their God
Posted by Degoh Ivo on October 6, 2011
My inconsolable family, our Sister’s life taken right before her eyes and nobody saw it coming. Now some of us will not even see her ever again, not even a final goodbye, not a last kiss. Why couldn’t she walk out just another day?
Posted by Degoh Ivo on October 6, 2011
Kumba Road, A normal daily routine with senseless drivers swerving the road ignoring the lives onboard.
But then it’s what took our sister’s life.
Rest In Piece my dear Sister

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