Shared by Genus Ruppel on December 5, 2011

I couldn't believe when I heard you were gone.Christy your absence has made me realise that nothing really last forever.I will forever love and cherrish you.We all wish to be with you forever but,JESUS need you most.Your spirit will forever remain with us.Prepare a better place for us.Wish da days of Sofati could remain forever.Miss u dear.

sofati story, growing up

Shared by Fidele Mboh on October 8, 2011

christy u were not only one of my best friends but a sister to, i remember our life in sofati, me , you, ngum and bessem.weh christy a girl with such a lovely smile, i have cried untill my tears are all dried. up,,,i love uuuuuuuuu....may ur soul rest in perfect peace..................


yours lovely sis.....NDOH.... 

Travellin Tru the internet World

Shared by Maurice Tassah on October 7, 2011

My Dearest  Daughter  Chistie , hope you answer my inquiries on the internet world as you travel thru this lonely journey . Yes just about  a forth night when i saw the family name . It was so colorfully changed , i looked at you twice but i said this cant be the Deguelle i know tied to France . So great you are sweet heart and you meant Degoh , The  princess from The Kingdom  with Royal blood in her vein.

As i contemplated  you hit me a serious blow below the belt and how i wish my uncle was our middle man to watch the drama unfold , just like a  pilgrim , questions i have are many , answers but fewer than any at all , for who will answer me where you are right now ?

Too good to be true yet its seems so , bleeding hearts , wounded minds , i know not of that expert Doctor in the World that will cure these incurable ulcers and niddles piecing through our souls as we run for a cath of  you . It seems you took but a jet plane with no notice, no luggage , not even my Darling uncle or your bestest and most lovely older sister princess Mammy , or did you wisper in her ears ?

So i say questions are many answers but empty and the blanks unfilled . Just so young on wabling wings , yet her nest was almost done , but you know what , your foot prints remain indelible , your legacy remains  sustainable and your cheerfulness will fill out hearts  with your presence for ever . You just sliped into the next door way , hope you answer me when next we meet on the internet ?

Sweet Jesus please keep her ever close to you as she makes her final steps into your Kingdom . Our angel she will be and with her smiles we shall all smile when  we meet just to part no more .  May she rest in the Bossom of the Lord in Jesus  name  we pray Ameeeeennnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 Maurice Tassah Esq :   For The Fondom of  Tabonchum-Menka 

                                  The Tassahs Family  and  Menka Ebumu Organization .


Why this Premature Exit???

Shared by Elias Enci on October 7, 2011

Dear Christie,

I met you for the first time last Sunday Oct.2 You paid me a visit and kept an exhilarating smile. My every question was given an exquisite smile before the answer. You promised to be Mammy's special envoy at my wedding. You never said "I'm leaving".  You never said goodbye. 

Yet, you were gone before we knew it.

Why this premature exit from this stage when your very exciting role was just about to begin? And only God knows why??? A million times we need you, a million times we cry.
If Love alone could save you, Then you would never die. 
In Life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still.

In our hearts you hold a place, 
That no one would ever fill.
It breaks our hearts to lose you this soon.

A part of us is going with you at this premature exit.
We pray and hope it is God's plan to call you home.
We love you and believe you’ve not gone away. 
You’ll walk beside us every day,
though unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and still very dear. Yes, we love you and you’ll remain with us for love itself lives on, and cherished memories never fade because a loved one is gone.

As long as there is memory, you'll live on in our hearts. 

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; 
But Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

We pray the good Lord to have mercy on you, preserve and grant you Eternal rest at His Bosom.

Adieu Christie until we meet to part no more.  

From ENCI & family 

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