his Life

Dad's Documentation of Christopher's Birth Day

Christopher Johannes Politzki
Was born at 6:43 PM, 19th Nov. 1968 at St. Joseph's Hospital, Denver, Colorado, to Peter John Politzki and Paula Eugene Politzki.
He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 19 inches long. He had a dimple in his chin and tiny red marks at the middle of his forehead, blue eyes and blond hair.
We both expected a girl, since Paula's side of the family favors girls, and were both surprised and very happy to have a son.

Mom's Remembrance of Chris's Birth Day

It was a cold day, spitting snow. He was a beautiful baby, he wasn't all shriveled up like a lot of babies are. His eyes were open right away and he was looking around. There were a couple of movie stars, Van Heflin and John Saxon, in the hospital that day and so mom and baby were sent to the ER instead of maternity at first and everyone was hustling around because of the celebrities. Chris was the first baby boy born on her side of the family for generations.