Shared by rhiannon D'lea on November 15, 2011

i dont have alot of storys to tell about my grandpa but i do remember he always used to make me a sandwich whenever i came over cause he loved to eat he used to say what kind of sandwitch do u want and i would tell him...he was the best grandpa i could ever have he always would make me sandwitches and he would hangout with me he would always sit in his blue rocking chair with cigarett burns on it it was right by the door and the big window where he could look out of and watch the cars and people drive and walk by he would get annoyed of his bird that still is living this very day and still very noisy his birds name is smokey and he has my grandpas voice mastered.i lived with my grandpa with my mom for a while when i was a baby and my mom told him we were moving out and he was really sad he loved the company and being with his daughter and his grandaughter and i loved visiting him....i could tell alot more but thats the most things i want to say.......

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