Shared by Lorena Perez on May 6, 2019

Honestly i don't know what I can say about my Aunt Debi, except that i always felt joy around her. She found humor in the funniest things, and was such a creative and detailed person. She could find any little scrap and turn it into some kind of art. One of my favorites was her wizard of oz garden. She also put so much effort into her gifts, even the wrapping. Everything had a homemade bow, and she even made personalized ornament, crossword puzzle, poem, pictures, etc. One of the funniest things was she took a little Woody doll and kept finding ways to put him in trouble. .. Like tying him to the train tracks with a "help" sign in his hands. We had our own little bond and I'm really going to miss her . 

What I think of every time I think of Debbie

Shared by DONNA WARD on May 4, 2019

My mother and I went from California to New Jersey to visit our relatives. Debbie's dad and my mother were brother and sister. My Uncle Angelo had rented a big old house. Well Debbie was about 3 or 4 years old. And one day we could not find her anywhere. We searched and searched. Finally we found her. She was walking down the street with a big red hat on, a purse on her arm, and high heels. And that is all! SHE WAS BUCK NAKED, JUST STRUTTING HER STUFF. I can't even remember how long we laughed. And that is how I think of my dear cousin. As just a happy, fun loving girl.

Rest in Peace, my dear cousin.

I will always Love you, Donna

College girls

Shared by Crystal Almazan on May 3, 2019

I have so many wonderful memories of my mom it's hard to put into words or just pick one.  My most vivid memories are when we lived together, just me and her, in our apartment on Ball road. It was fun and we were almost like roommates because I was just finishing high school.  We had so much fun together and although we got along famously, the stuborness she had and that she passed to me made us butt heads a lot.  She has called me Crystal Pistol since I was small and she told me it was because of my firecracker attitude.  After I graduated high school, I signed up to start taking classes at Cyress college where my mom had already attended a semester.  We did this for quite a few years and we had a lot of classes together.  We would study for tests together and talk about the annoying things the teacher would do.  I remember taking an art history course with her and there were hundreds of images of different art work we had to memorize.  We made flash cards and would go to Denny's and get salads and coffee and quiz each other.  I will never forget that wonderful experience we shared together.

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