Let the memory of Donald be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on February 7, 1943 .
  • Passed away on May 17, 2010 .

Friends and Relatives,

This memorial website was created in the memory of our friend, Donny Fine who lived life on his own terms.  He made his impression on all of us.  We will always lovingly remember him.

We've spent a lot of time researching Memorial websites. I never found the PERFECT one, but this one seems to be the best.

Please enjoy this site and add to it where you can. Have fun....be creative.

Thanks, Greg Iger


Posted by Alison Nelson on 1st March 2018
Remembering you with love Donny...
Posted by Greg Iger on 8th February 2018
Hey! Missed the birthday, but thinking of you and all your feiends. I love looking at all the old photos. Thanks to this wonderful website. Greg
Posted by Tammy Henry on 7th February 2018
Thinking of you today, my mentor and true friend. I miss the Knickerbocker dinners and treasured guidance. You made a real difference in my life...and taught me more than I ever wanted to know about football. Go Blue!
Posted by John Williams on 8th February 2016
Donny, As always, Rochelle and I miss you at our Super Bowl party, of which you were one-third of the whole team. John
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on 7th February 2016
Don, Parti trop tôt... Mais toujours présent en mon coeur
Posted by Patricia Austin on 7th February 2016
Dear Donald - In a rickety Columbia U elevator, I never thought I'd meet a pal forever...but I did. From Manhattan to Marblehead, we enjoyed dancing, steaks on the grill and, most important, Woodman's in Essex. Each time I go I think of you with a huge plate of steamers and at least a couple of lobsters! My kids and I still speak of you often. You are a legend! With love always, Pat
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on 17th May 2015
Donald, we drank a toast to you at Longhi's in Maui recently. The place isn't what it used to be, but it's a place you enjoyed. However, there are a couple of new restaurants there that I think you would like. Five years... remembering you with love. -May
Posted by John Williams on 17th May 2015
Well, Donny, you are missing a lot of good stuff. First, ARod is found out to be a cheater and now Tom Brady appears to be a cheater, too. So, these guys will no longer be considered among the all-time greats. Anyway, now that I have stirred the pot to get your attention, I wish you and I could have a fun, spirited discussion on these subjects. Rochelle and I miss you. By the way we went to The View hotel at Monument Valley as you suggested. John
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on 17th May 2015
Ne pleure pas devant ma tombe Ne vous tenez pas devant ma tombe en pleurant. Je n'y suis pas, je ne dors pas. Je souffle dans le ciel tel un millier de vents, Je suis l'éclat du diamant sur la neige, Je suis la douce pluie d'automne, Je suis les champs de blé. Je suis le silence du matin, Je suis dans la course gracieuse Des magnifiques oiseaux qui volent, Je suis l'éclat des étoiles dans la nuit. Je suis dans chaque fleur qui s’épanouit, Je suis dans une pièce tranquille. Je suis dans chaque oiseau qui chante, Je suis dans chaque belle chose. Ne vous tenez pas devant ma tombe en pleurant, Je n'y suis pas. Je vis encore Mary Elizabeth Frye
Posted by Betty Wong on 17th May 2015
Don, remembering your visit to my house for a few days and when I got home, I found you in the back yard asleep looking red as a lobster from sun tanning all day. ha,ha You really was in pain. Luckly I had something to help with the sunburn. You can be so funny, sometimes. Betty
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on 8th February 2015
Missing you Donald, and think of you often. Much love.
Posted by John Williams on 8th February 2015
By the way, Donny. Your favorite breakfast place, Silver Spurs, is gone. A tea shop called Teavana, owned by Starbucks, has replaced it. John
Posted by John Williams on 8th February 2015
Well, Donny, we always told each other the truth. So I'm sure you would want to know the latest on your favorite sports guys. First, Alex Rodriquez--who you hoped would erase Barry Bonds from the record book--turned out to be a cheater. And now It turns out that Tom Brady is being called a cheater, too, and deserves an asterisk on his career. I should note that Greg Iger thinks he is innocent. Maybe. Anyway, I just thought you should know. Rochelle and I think of you often. Very often. John
Posted by Greg Iger on 7th February 2015
Donny, Congrats all around for Tom Brady (Michigan) and the world champion New England Patriots! I love this website, I hope you approve of it and all the wonderful wishes from your loved ones.
Posted by Howard Levy on 7th February 2015
We do not judge a song by its duration Nor by the number of its notes We judge it by the richness of its contents Sometimes those unfinished are among the most poignant… We judge it by the way it touches and lifts the soul Sometimes those unfinished are among the most beautiful… And when something has enriched your life And when it’s melody lingers on in your heart. Is it unfinished? Or is it endless?" — Author Unknown
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on 7th February 2015
Another birthday without you. Missed you so ! Love Maire
Posted by Jill Iger on 7th February 2015
Happy birthday, Donny. Missing you. Can't believe it's been almost 5 years. XO
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on 8th June 2014
4 ans déjà... Que le temps passe vite ! Avec Greg et Debbie, on a évoqué les bons souvenirs... Je ne t'oublie pas.
Posted by John Williams on 22nd May 2014
Don't think we have forgotten you, Donny Baby. We have not. John and Rochelle
Posted by Jill Iger on 19th May 2014
We miss you, Donny! You would love Jenny's little chunky baby boy! He's got cute little rolls in all the right places!
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on 17th May 2014
Donald, your ears must have been burning... Bill and I were in NYC recently and had dinner at Knickerbocker. We reminisced about you with Steve. Still missing you... Lots of love, May
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on 19th May 2013
Les jours passent et les larmes laissent place à la nostalgie. Le souvenir de Don sera éternellement présent dans mon esprit. Et dans mon cœur à tout jamais, il gardera une grande place. Maire
Posted by Greg Iger on 19th May 2013
Donny, Jon and I made a trip last week to NYC. We checked out your apartment....your name is still on the door! Of course NYC is not the same without you....but it goes on to be the greatest city in the world. Thanks for introducing it to us. Greg
Posted by John Williams on 17th May 2013
Well, Donny, Rochelle and I continue to miss you, especially when dining at our favorite restaurants, which, of course, were yours. Johnny and Rochelle
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on 17th May 2013
Donald, I'm heading to the East Coast in a couple of days and that always included a visit with you. I miss you so much. You have a special place in my heart. Love you, May
Posted by Sam Purplepaw on 17th May 2013
Hi Donny, You will always be Donny "The Toe" Fine. Save a seat up there for me. Love, Shorm
Posted by Kelly Powers on 24th February 2013
The ultimate college football experience is going to see the maize and blue with Don. I'm so thankful for Don taking me to several games over the years. Always will remember the sportsmanship Don (and all UofM fans) showed after "the catch" vs CU. Don will always be my NYC mentor and friend.
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on 9th February 2013
Don, thinking of you as you would have turned 70! I miss you so much in so many ways, but am thankful for all the great memories. Forever, May
Posted by Greg Iger on 8th February 2013
Donny, another year without your presence.....but you're still with us in man wonderful memories......I added another photo to the gallery....one of your favorites. Greg
Posted by Howard Levy on 8th February 2013
The toughest part of turning 70 is remembering those who did not make it. We miss you, Donny Howie, Oceanside High Scool Class of 1960
Posted by Terry Brennan on 8th February 2013
Thanks for the memories I have from those Michigan football weekends in Ann Arbor and the entertaining dinners we had with my wife, Lorraine, and Karen Fazio in the Village. We all enjoyed sharing those dinners, I'm sure, with a true gentleman. Thanks. Terry
Posted by Jill Iger on 8th February 2013
Thinking of you on your birthday, Donny darling. Was wondering if our little baby girl was going to make her debut on your birthday but I guess she'll make us wait a bit longer. Wish you were here to see my belly and meet her. We would have taken some great photos for sure! Miss you.
Posted by John Williams on 7th February 2013
Just another birthday, Donny. You should have been 70 today. Rochelle and I miss you. By the way, I still think Ray Lewis was better than Dick Butkus. I know you disagree.
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on 7th February 2013
Une pensée spéciale pour toi Don en ce jour... Tu me manques beaucoup !!! Maire
Posted by Amanda Palladino on 11th November 2012
Miss you so much, in our hearts and prayers always. Amanda "mandala" and Maria
Posted by Serena Proudfoot on 12th September 2012
I knew Don when I was young. Whenever he flew out to Bakersfield he would take pictures of our family. One year we all went to Yosemite. It was the only time I visited that beautiful place. I was able to see it through his eyes on camera. I have nothing but fond memories of him. I just learned of his passing last night 9/11/12 as I was thinking of him and goggled his name. You are missed
Posted by Howard Levy on 18th May 2012
We remember. Howie
Posted by Jill Iger on 17th May 2012
Missing you, Donny.
Posted by Greg Iger on 17th May 2012
Hey....I miss you Donny, especially at basketball playoff time. I am accustomed to traveling together during the championship series. Where would we be this year? Yellowstone? Indian Country? maybe New Zealand....Oh I miss you buddy! Go Lakers! Cousin Greg
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on 17th May 2012
Dear Donald... thoughts of you pop up now and again... and, it brings a smile to my face. Miss you, love you.
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on 17th May 2012
Deux ans déjà que tu es parti au ciel... comme le temps passe vite ! La douleur s'atténue mais je ne t'oublie pas pour autant ! Maire de Bora Bora
Posted by John Williams on 17th May 2012
Well, Donny, it's "ALL You Can Eat Night" at El Cantinero. If you can make it there, we are buying. If you can't, we will miss you terribly. By the way, you are right that Derek Jeter deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Watch out for my Orioles this year. Can't believe you left two years ago. Wishing you were here, John and Rochelle
Posted by Ken And Leola Perkins on 7th April 2012
Don will always be dear to our family. He was so kind to our three Michigan grads when they each served stints in NYC. His kindness extended to their friends --- particularly if they were Maize and Blue. I will always be proud that Don gave me a B+ for eating.
Posted by John Williams on 8th February 2012
Well, Donny, Rochelle and I missed you at our annual Super Bowl party on Sunday. It was not the same with just the two of us. By the way, in case no one has told you yet, Brady lost. John and Rochelle
Posted by Mairenui Leontieff on 8th February 2012
Mille pensées vers toi, mon ami ! Tu me manques énormément Don !
Posted by Jill Iger on 7th February 2012
Happy birthday, Donny! Jenny and I did some professional eating in your honor. Miss you!
Posted by Tammy Henry on 3rd January 2012
Worked for Don from 1989 - 1994, and he remained a good friend and trusted mentor until his passing. Miss you Don!
Posted by Alan Bergman on 28th December 2011
I only knew Don for a short time near the end of his life. He and I shared dinners on a monthly basis and had a few outings together, most memorably at Citifield to see a Yankees-Mets game.We always had a lot to talk about; sports, politics, travel, food, whatever. I was actually supposed to meet him for dinner the night he passed away. Still think about him. He was a great guy
Posted by May Toy-Montanary on 20th December 2011
Don... Thinking of you...missing you. Yours was always the first holiday card I received. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Howard Levy on 29th May 2011
Spent last weekend in NYC. Thought of Donny a lot -- and missed him. Howie Levy

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